Medical Marijuana’s legalization in many states in the United States has drastically changed how people perceive the use of Cannabis within society. The use of Marijuana has been a controversial social issue in recent years, and a focus of debate with polarised opinions on both sides. However, recent research, physician testimonials, and patient experiences are helping to shatter these perceptions and are shining a light on the remarkable benefits of Marijuana treatmentResearchers have discovered various benefits to the legalization, including improved social justice, safety, public health, raises in tax revenue, lower criminal justice expenditures, and economic stimulation.

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The social impact of Marijuana’s legalization is believed to have benefits for all ages, races, and social classes. The perception that Medical Marijuana causes more harm than good is rapidly changing, even more so after Marijuana’s legalization. Research and clinical trials have established that when used in controlled and small quantities, Marijuana’s benefits outweigh the risks. The legalization process also allows for careful monitoring of Cannabis consumption and reduces uncontrolled use.

Is Marijuana Safer Than Traditional Medicines?

Medical Marijuana has proven to be safer than some synthetic and traditional drugs that are used to treat and manage serious and terminal conditions. Many pharmaceutical drugs can be addictive and can lead to organ damage after prolonged use. However, Marijuana possesses less risk of dependency and fewer side effects. Many who are now healthy Marijuana patients were once under the grip of an addictive pharmaceutical drugs. Medical Marijuana has helped these patients escape the illness of addiction to prescription pain medications, particularly opioids.

Marijuana’s action in the body is being studied extensively, and the discoveries are unraveling its natural healing properties. When patients take Marijuana, the cannabinoids present in Cannabis attach themselves and repair bodily systems from within. Research suggests that Medical Marijuana treatment has the ability to decrease and eliminate many debilitating symptoms. Marijuana treatment is safer because it is non-addictive and contains compounds that encourage healing on a cellular level.

social impact

Social Benefits Seen With Medical Marijuana Legalization:

Since Medical Marijuana was legalized, laws and guidelines surrounding its use have been implemented and are monitored to control its use. Since this measure was put in place there is a slower increase in opioid analgesic overdose mortality. Research suggests that States in the U.S. with more legal Marijuana dispensaries and centers had lower rates of opioid-related deaths. It also helps to manage depression. Opioids belong to the class of drugs that include pain relievers such as codeine and morphine, heroin, and synthetic opioids such as fentanyl. The American Medical Association has collected data that has shown that in the States where Medical Marijuana is legal, the reported deaths from other opioids like morphine and heroin decreased by 20% after one year of legalization, and by almost 25% after two years and had a significant decrease in the death by 33% in the first 5 -6 years.

Furthermore, the states with legalized Marijuana have recorded a 23% decrease in opioid dependence or hospitalizations caused by opioid use and a 15% decrease in opioid treatment admissions. As a result, cannabis-related deaths have also significantly decreased since legalization. The American Journal of Public Health has done many

studies and has published data from a recent study, which states that there has been a significant decrease in suicide in young men since the legalization of Marijuana.

Researchers have analyzed, across many studies, how the legalization of Medical Marijuana has helped the States improve their social justice system. Data from these studies, including information gathered from the law enforcement agencies have shown that Medical Marijuana legalization helped reduce some crime rates, like fewer arrests made for assault and abuse. This decrease in cases and assaults, in turn, has a tremendous social impact, as it has resulted in law enforcement having more time to focus on other issues. Hence, this helps the law officers to focus on solving crimes and improving the day-to-day lives of citizens.

economic benefits

Economic benefits of legalizing Medical Marijuana :

commercial availability as it comes with many economic benefits, such as increased jobs and investment opportunities. The opening of Medical Marijuana dispensaries, centers, and nurseries is creating more jobs. According to a report by New Frontier, the impact of legalized Marijuana can create 1 million jobs by 2025.

Different states have been pushing for the legalization of Marijuana since 2012. Today, many states allow adults over 21 years to purchase, possess and consume marijuana legally. However, to buy Marijuana in Florida, you need to go through the legislation and regulations to apply for a Medical Marijuana Card.

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The Takeaway :

Hence, the social impact of Medical Marijuana legalization is tremendous, and all the studies and research done have shown that the States have significantly benefited from the legalization. The legalization has had a positive social impact which has translated into economic prosperity. With the normalization of Cannabis, the stigma around this natural and alternative treatment is quickly diminishing. Today, patients feel more in control of their bodies by exercising their right to use medicinal Cannabis. With strict monitoring and following regulations, the Marijuana industry can continue to benefit the U.S. economy for years to come.