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Why We Started

We would be in complete denial if we did not acknowledge the fact that our sunshine state of Florida and our country is dealing with an epidemic. Synthetic medicine has taken over our communities. Medicine and opiates are over prescribed by clinicians and they are converting good people into addicts, drug addicts.

The constitutional Amendment 2 passed with 71% of voters in Florida supporting Medical Marijuana as an alternative treatment. The people have spoken and now it’s up to the medical professionals to move forward and facilitate this natural medicine for Florida patient’s in need.

With My Florida Green, our patient’s are not numbers. They are people in need seeking a natural alternative to addictive medicines. Our treatment plans and monitoring platform enables a family like atmosphere as we compassionately care about our patient’s.

“If you have a qualifying debilitating condition, then we will facilitate your Medical Marijuana Certification. 

  • My Florida Green has partnered with a reputable board certified physicians in Medical Cannabis who are licensed with the office of Medical Marijuana Use.

  • Our easy to use platform will streamline the process of obtaining your Medical Marijuana Recommendation for your debilitating condition.

  • My Florida Green utilized The Doc App as a virtual online clinic to qualify our patients. The Doc app is a NON Medical Marijuana company owned by the same corporation as any communications with a patient’s previous physicians are done through The Doc App portal. Discretion, privacy, and a positive user experience are the 3 major drivers for our company. We look forward to establishing a long term professional relationship with our patients as they seek an all natural alternative to synthetic medicine.


MFG Value Proposition

We strive to connect our Florida patients with qualifying conditions with the natural healing elements of Medical Cannabis.  Our ultimate goal is to streamline the recommendation process for both licensed physicians and deserving patients with an easy to use online platform ultimately delivering premium care and long term relationships with competitive pricing and over the top customer service. We compassionately care about our patients and their long term health.

To enable the free choice of Florida patients and to open alternative opportunities for pain management  through medical cannabis. The good people of Florida have spoken and now have the right and ability to obtain natural healing. With thousands of registered patients in our network, we are proud to facilitate premium care through our community of exclusive Medical Cannabis physicians.

To provide a safe online environment for both our patients in need, and our elite group of physicians and physician assistants delivering unparalleled service and compassionate care. We follow all laws and legal protocol set forth by the state and Department of Health. Our commitment to you is unparalleled customer service and compassionate pricing.


Medical Cannabis Application 

Submit our qualification exam to see if you qualify for a cannabis recommendation today!