Now that I’m certified for medical marijuana treatment in Florida, how do I maintain my Medical Marijuana Card?

In Florida, once a medical cannabis patient has been certified for treatment and added to the Medical Marijuana Use Registry, state law requires them to have an in-person appointment with their certifying qualified physician once every 210 days or 7 months. Please note that a failure to have your follow-up visit and corresponding recertification will result in a lapse in your ability to receive medical marijuana treatment.

How do I schedule my 7 month appointment?

With My Florida Green, scheduling your 7 month appointment is easy. We have built a streamlined approach to help you keep track of this important milestone and easily schedule your follow-up visit on time. To this end, we use our custom built patient management platform, The Doc App, to guide you through the process.

The Doc App Desktop View

What do I do next?

In addition to having an in-person appointment with your physician, you will also need to renew your card. For instructions on how to do this, please read our Step-by-Step Renewal Guide.

How does The Doc App help me maintain my certification?

30 days before your medical marijuana certification expires, you will be sent a reminder to schedule your 7 month appointment. This will be sent by email and as a text message to your cell phone. We suggest that you make sure that emails and text messages from The Doc App are not getting filtered in such a way that you don’t see them. You don’t want to miss the reminder to schedule your appointment. To schedule your appointment, just click the link in the email or text message, and choose your date and time.

How can I log into my patient profile?

You can log into your patient profile through a web browser or on the app itself. Go to TheDocApp website and log into your profile using your email address as your user name. If you don’t know your password or have forgotten it, select “Forgot your password?” to reset it.

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What if I don’t have The Doc App?

If you don’t have the app, you are missing out on an easy to use application that will help you maintain your patient profile, document your renewal progress and more. The Doc App will help you:

  • Maintain your patient profile
  • Stay ahead of your medical use expiration: Look at the red button in the upper right
  • Monitor and document your progress
  • Schedule your appointment: Use the red PLUS button
  • Find dispensaries closest to your location using the frequently updated dispensary locator
  • Use the patient diary to keep track of your treatment and log the products that work best for you
  • Rate dispensaries
Patient Progress Chart
And we’re always working to make the App even better. There are many more features yet to come!

How can I help improve the recertification process?

Please participate in our questionnaires. They are sent via email, text, and by way of notifications through the app. Our software will build a success story around your profile. It is our ultimate goal to build enough data around your success to re-certify our patients through the app, once it becomes legally viable. The more data we can collect, the better documentation we can build around your profile. We are so incredibly proud of everyone who has participated in our Medical Marijuana program – the progress has been incredible!

DO NOT FORGET to RENEW YOUR MMJ CARD with the Office of Medical Marijuana Use.

Medical Marijuana Use Registry ID Card Example

Medical Marijuana Made easy is our credo. Unlimited support with 5 star customer service is what we do. Happy Healing!

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