In Florida, we have seen a significant shift in society’s perception of Marijuana’s use for medicinal purposes. Marijuana has long received a harsh and ill-informed judgment from those who oppose it. However, today Medical Marijuana is gaining popularity, and research has established its remarkable healing benefits, especially its advantage in managing psychological health problems. Over the past few years, the medical and scientific fraternity has been greatly interested and invested in understanding Marijuana’s role in addressing many mental health issues, including depression. Although more research and trials are required to fully understand its use, if Marijuana is taken in small measured doses, under the guidance of trained physicians, the advantages outweigh the risk.

Many traditional medicines have been used to treat depression in the past, but not many have demonstrated the results that are seen when Medical Marijuana is added to the treatment. Depression presents barriers that make daily life a challenge for patients and for those around them. Unaddressed and undiagnosed mental health issues, especially depression, are affecting families and causing devastation in society. Medical Marijuana is proving to be a great alternative to traditional drugs and is helping many patients in improving their quality of life. Medical Marijuana has shown remarkable results in improving symptoms as it lessens the severity of the condition and allows people to regain their independence, mobility, and happiness. However, which Medical Marijuana product to consume for depression must be decided by a state-licensed Marijuana physician in Florida

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What is Depression?

Clinical Depression is a prevalent mental health condition, and the World Health Organization estimates that over 246 million people have been diagnosed with clinical depression at some point in their lives. Firstly, we should look at the diagnostic symptoms of depression and then investigate how Medical Marijuana is beneficial in treating these symptoms. The diagnostic criterion of depression outlines the following symptoms, which can range from mild to severe, and many people report suffering from more than one symptom at a time,

  • Constantly having a sense of sadness or a depressed mood
  • Losing interest and/or pleasure in activities once previously enjoyed
  • 5% change in body weight due to change in eating habits
  • Inability to sleep or sometimes sleeping excessively
  • Feelings of constant fatigue and a general lack of energy
  • Having feelings of worthlessness or guilt
  • Difficulty in concentrating on everyday tasks or making decisions
  • Having suicidal thoughts

In many cases, clinical depression is associated with anxiety, poor sleep quality, issues with eating, pain, and other debilitating symptoms. Medical marijuana can help you to improve sleep. Patients cannot control the cycle of sadness, extreme stress and low mood to the point that they cannot have a normal work and family life. Patients who are taking Medical Marijuana  for depression have shown amazing results, and adding Cannabis to their treatment has helped them tremendously in improving their quality of life, and their daily routine.

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How does Marijuana help with improving symptoms of depression?

Higher levels of stress are associated with an increased risk of mental health conditions like depression. Stress may exacerbate underlying medical conditions and weaken individual response systems that process events and build resilience. The researchers have looked at the specific brain chemical known as endocannabinoids. Which plays a vital role in affecting an individual’s cognition, emotions, and behavior. Studies have also established that endocannabinoids’ production by the brain is suppressed by chronic stress. And this manifests in different physiological and mental symptoms. When the endocannabinoid production is reduced, patients feel down, sad, and experience depressive thoughts.

How Marijuana is affecting our body is being studied extensively. Clinical trials focus on its mode of action to ensure we understand its interaction with the body and mind. Marijuana contains many different chemical compounds, and the most commonly used Marijuana derivatives are THC and CBD. THC and CBD can act as natural endocannabinoids in the body. When Medical Marijuana is taken, it helps to restore the normal levels of endocannabinoids. THC contributes to lifting the mood by creating a sense of euphoria. While CBD helps increase and moderate serotonin levels, making people happier, calmer, and more relaxed. Due to these healing properties, Marijuana can help in reducing stress. And improve symptoms of clinical depression, providing a better quality of life.

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Some studies have also established that patients taking Medical Marijuana have reported reduced pain. Better management of stress, less anxiety, and improved sleep quality. However, for Medical Marijuana treatment to be successful. It has to be taken responsibly under the guidance of a trained Marijuana physician. If Marijuana is not taken in the right dose, combination, and frequency. Then it can exacerbate the symptoms of depression, further worsening the condition.

The Takeaway :

At My Florida Green, we are helping qualified patients complete their Medical Marijuana certification. So they can receive Marijuana under the guidance of a state-licensed Marijuana physician.

Advancements in understanding the endogenous cannabis system, neuroscience, and pharmacology of Cannabis have led to numerous proposed uses of Marijuana. With the help of evidence from recent clinical trials, the stigma around using Marijuana in medical capacity is slowly decreasing, and gradually, we can see more people are becoming aware of the great benefits that Valium has in treating depression and other mental health problems. If you want to know about the qualifying conditions or your eligibility, contact our expert today and start your journey with us.