We appreciate that some people’s negative perception of medical marijuana as a drug has some basis in fact–it can be abused, and it can create problems in people’s lives. So can taking too much Vitamin C, so can doing too much hot yoga, so can lifting too much weights with the wrong form.

Guidance, knowledge, and control from qualified medical professionals is essential to a good experience. Social support communities like MY FLORIDA GREEN’s are also needed to ensure medical marijuana is utilized as medicine and not as a drug that impairs our ability to serve ourselves, our families, and our communities.

High Performance Pot

“I think all athletes—whether they’re NFL or NBA pros or just serious athletes wanting to better their fitness—are learning about the therapeutic potential of this plant,” says Suzanne Sisley, M.D., an Arizona-based physician and psychiatrist affiliated with the advocacy group Doctors for Cannabis Regulation, who regularly treats pro athletes’ sports-related injuries. “Athletes are teaching each other how to do this. It’s like a peer-mentoring process.”

-Dr. Suzanne Sisley

Our recent post Why Chronic Pain Stops with Medical Marijuana details why the medicine is so powerful, how it interacts with our endocannabinoid system, and what people can do now to start getting relief from their physical and emotional ailments.

Marijuana Is Medicine

As medical marijuana athletes and patients of all kinds can attest, when used appropriately marijuana drastically reduces pain, provides incredible women’s health benefits, does wonders to alleviate PTSD symptoms, and helps with a shocking list of other conditions like the ones below:

It’s also worth noting that the majority of our medical marijuana patients here in Southwest Florida are over 50! Not exactly high school kids sneaking away under the bleachers!

Even with those conditions and truths in mind, people are often surprised at how powerful and beneficial the effects of medical marijuana can be for athletic performance.

The Greatest Olympian Ever Believes In Medical Marijuana

Thousands of young swimmers have trained hard, sacrificed, and honed their skills to pursue the success of Michael Phelps. None have succeeded like he has, and few have been labeled as marijuana users.

Now I’m not saying that smokers are likely to break into athletic halls of fame just because of medical marijuana, but the anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, and appetite-stimulating properties of marijuana have profound benefits. Especially for athletes seeking to recover from strenuous exercise, mentally relax after bone-crushing competition, and extend their careers.

NBA Champions like Steve Kerr, UFC fighters like Nate Diaz, and Super Bowl champions like Von Miller all attest to the healing powers of cannabis, and reject the false social stigma that marijuana ruins people’s physical and mental potential.

Fellow UFC legend Bas Rutten is an advocate of the medicine, but cites the need for high quality producers, dispensaries, and doctors–a sentiment we passionately endorse!

“There are so many fake things out there—everybody’s bought stuff that doesn’t work, and it’s a shame,” says Rutten.

Despite major athletes endorsing medical marijuana, the NFL and others professional sports organizations continue to ban the plant, punish players who utilize it, and force injured players into the deadly, addictive world of opiates.

Doctors Endorsing A Better Way

With approximately 5,000,000 sports concussions occurring annually, we face the steady tick-tock of a time bomb as these concussions begin to manifest in CTE and brain health issues.

“There’s already substantial data suggesting that cannabis can promote neuroprotection,” says Dr. Sisley, who will begin a study on NFL players and medical marijuana use for CTE in late 2017.

“And it can be really useful for athletes experiencing multiple head injuries. They could use it as a preventive tool for brain repair.”

Recent studies are also showing that low doses of cannabis can even halt brain damage! Shocking results to people that think all all users of marijuana turn into brain-dead junkies! When used properly, people are finding that this incredible plant is actually good for the brain, body, and human spirit.

Waking Up To Reality

As we collectively wake up from the propaganda, false opinions, and hasty judgements of the past, we are coming to realize that human beings and cannabis plants are deeply connected, profoundly synergistic, and made to work together. At MY FLORIDA GREEN it is our incredible honor to help people who are suffering find relief, live more fulfilling lives, and reduce the often disastrous side effects of synthetic drugs.