Medical marijuana is now used to treat a wide range of physical and mental conditions due to its beneficial properties. One such example of this is the use of medical marijuana for muscular dystrophy.

Muscular dystrophy is a type of disease that results in severely weakened and damaged muscles. While it can vary in severity, it often results in patients losing control of their movement and reflexes in addition to various other accompanying symptoms and complications.

Many patients with muscular dystrophy now use medical marijuana in conjunction with other treatments to relieve their symptoms and live a better quality of life.

What is Muscular Dystrophy & How is it Treated?

Muscular dystrophy doesn’t refer to a single condition, but rather a group of genetic diseases that severely impact the physical ability of sufferers. It’s caused by abnormal, mutated genes interfering with the body’s process to form muscle, resulting in patients losing control of their weight, movement, and reflexes.

There are various types of muscular dystrophy. For instance, Duchenne muscular dystrophy is common among children and causes difficulties with walking, reflexes, posture, and bone thinning among other complications. Myotonic dystrophy causes myotonia- a neuromuscular condition that makes it hard to relax your muscles and often affects your eyes and facial muscles.

Other forms of muscular dystrophy include Becker muscular dystrophy, congenital muscular dystrophy, facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHD). While symptoms vary, all types of muscular dystrophy involve severe physical discomfort often accompanied by impairments to your cognitive ability and mood.

Muscular dystrophy is often treated with steroids, physical therapy, surgery, and various medications. However, patients may also wish to use medical marijuana in conjunction with other treatments to help with symptoms.

Medical Marijuana & Muscular Dystrophy

Medical marijuana often helps patients who suffer from painful and physically uncomfortable conditions, including muscular dystrophy. The cannabinoids in marijuana interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system and can have a positive impact on your body and mind.

An animal study on the effects of cannabinoids on Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) found that cannabinoids such as CBD and CBDV could potentially prevent muscle degeneration in sufferers. Although the study was carried out on mice, this has promising implications for humans with muscular dystrophy.

Research also shows that cannabis is useful for similar conditions. For instance, cannabis is often used to help with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). A study on using cannabis for ALS found that cannabis helped sufferers due to its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, and neurotrophic properties.

Many users find cannabis especially helpful for its ability to help with pain and physical discomfort. Cannabis can help swiftly relieve chronic pain and reduce muscle spasms, both of which can help with various forms of muscular dystrophy.

How Medical Marijuana Helps With Muscular Dystrophy Symptoms

As well as helping reduce physical discomfort and potentially preventing muscle degeneration, medical marijuana is useful for alleviating many of the common side effects and complications that come with muscular dystrophy.

The pain-relieving and muscle-relaxing effects of cannabis are especially helpful. However, patients with muscular dystrophy can also benefit from the mental perks of marijuana. For instance, marijuana can help reduce depression, anxiety, and stress – all of which can plague those who suffer from severe muscular dystrophy.

Medical marijuana also helps with sleep problems. Sleep is important for the body’s recovery and by reducing stress, pain, and making it easier to get a restful night of sleep, medical marijuana can be especially helpful for muscular dystrophy patients dealing with insomnia and other sleep issues.

Marijuana is also known for its powerful appetite-boosting effects. Patients with muscular dystrophy often have a hard time putting on weight and muscle due to their condition. By making eating more attractive and enjoyable, medical marijuana can help sufferers improve their overall health and quality of life.

How To Use Medical Marijuana for Muscular Dystrophy

Patients who want to use medical marijuana for muscular dystrophy have plenty of options. There are various effective ways to consume cannabis, all of which can help with muscular dystrophy and its symptoms.

Smoking cannabis is a particularly popular option as it provides potent and fast-acting effects. Users can choose from various cannabis strains such as physically-relaxing indica strains or uplifting sativa strains. Vaping is another popular option- this allows patients to inhale smooth marijuana vapor without any burning toxins.

There are various alternative options for patients who don’t want to inhale anything. Cannabis Tinctures are a popular choice as these allow you to apply a measured dose of cannabinoids under your tongue for fast-acting absorption. Cannabis Edibles and Capsules make it quick and easy to get a fixed dose of THC orally.

Those who want to avoid the psychoactive effects of THC can also use CBD products. These provide many of the same benefits as THC but won’t get you high. CBD products also come in various forms, including Tinctures, Capsules, Edibles, and Vape Products.

How To Get Medical Marijuana For Muscular Dystrophy

Although some states allow anyone aged 21 or over to purchase marijuana for any purpose, the best way to get medical marijuana is through your state’s MMJ program. This involves getting a medical card that allows you to buy high-quality marijuana products from dispensaries.

Getting your medical marijuana card in Florida involves a few simple steps. First, you must visit a qualified medical marijuana doctor to assess your symptoms and approve you for treatment. You can then apply for a medical card online, which you should receive within a couple of weeks.

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Once you’re approved, you can buy medical marijuana products from dispensaries across the state. You’ll also have access to a wide range of CBD products.

The Takeaway

Much like with many other serious conditions, medical marijuana can significantly help with muscular dystrophy. Muscular dystrophy sufferers who need an alternative way to deal with pain, cramps, and other complications can use medical marijuana safely and effectively in various ways.

Treat Muscular Dystrophy naturally with medical marijuana by getting your medical marijuana card. The first step is to schedule an appointment with a medical marijuana doctor. We make it fast and easy!


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