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Get Your Florida Medical Marijuana Card in 3 easy Steps

Get Your Florida Medical Marijuana Card in 3 easy Steps

My Florida Green helps qualified patients easily obtain their Medical Marijuana ...

Get Your Florida Medical Marijuana Card in 3 easy Steps

When you complete our easy and secure registration, you'll be directed to a medical histo...

Get Your Florida Medical Marijuana Card in 3 easy Steps

In an average of 10 days or 2 weeks your Florida Medical Marijuana Card approval will arrive ...


Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most medicinal compounds in the cannabis plant. It's been utilized as medicine for thousands of years, and recent studies have proven it's unique ability to heal naturally by encouraging homeostasis.

My Florida Green recommends Revita Oil as preferred vender for Premium, Full Spectrum, Lab tested and Reputable CBD Oil.


Patient Management

We use The Doc App, a feature rich, technology driven platform that streamlines your visit with a certifying physician by building a well rounded medical profile around your current condition. Schedule your appointment through our custom built application and document your progress with our easy to use, state of the art technology. The robust features in our software empower patients to heal.

Imagine a simple to use application that can enable your physicians office to access realtime patient data through our feature rich platform? Regardless if you are on desktop, iPad, laptop, or even your personal device, you are in control of your profile.




The use of the Cannabis plant, aka "Medical Marijuana," dates back nearly 10,000 years to ancient China. Until recent decades it has been revered as a sacred plant in medicine, textiles, food and so much more. At our Medical Marijuana certification centers across Florida, we are helping patients acknowledge the reality of Medical Marijuana's power to heal. We've seen thousands of lives, families, and communities transform.

The age of synthetic drugs must come to an end. We are losing hundreds of thousands of lives and causing damage to millions more who are involved through family and friendships. With Amendment 2, you now have the right to access a natural, safe, proven alternative.




Have we become numb to the warnings on drug commercials? Are we blind to the horrific death and injury rates from synthetic drugs? We must snap out of "Big Pharma's" televised trance. One patient at a time, we are committed to changing the world for the better and ending the tragic history of legalized chemical poisoning.

Medical Marijuana is helping millions escape the trap our government and "Big Pharma" has created. My Florida Green is here to help patients become educated, certified for Medical Marijuana, and to provide access to all delivery methods with NO RESTRICTIONS! Are you ready for a natural alternative?

Founder Nick Garulay speaks on My Florida Green helping to make medical marijuana easy


How do I qualify for medical marijuana?

Are You Eligible For a Florida Medical Marijuana Card?


 According to Florida’s Amendment 2, you may be eligible for a Florida Medical Marijuana Card providing you suffer from the following symptoms:

Additionally, Amendment 2 allows Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors to certify patients for a Medical Marijuana Card after diagnosing them with “other debilitating medical conditions of the same kind or class.” When debilitating, these may include: 

Establish Care

(Required for New Patients)

  • Start your MMJ Certification here
  • 24/7 Online Scheduling
  • Qualify and Request Your Appointment
  • Skip The Waiting Room and Paperwork


(Established or Existing Patients)

$ 199.00

  • 7 Month Certification
  • Premium Care with Licensed Physicians
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Individualized Treatment Plans
Jon C.

This place is amazing. The front office staff is very friendly and knowledgeable, and the doctor is very very good as well. they were able to handle all of the paperwork through the Florida Department of Health. I highly recommend using this doctor's office.

Jeremy M.

Please go see these guys and get educated for yourself...I used the CBD Revitaoil they offer DO NOT PASS UP THE FREE SAMPLE. My back was so messed up I could barely walk in there. They gave me a free sample and it helped relieve the pain tremendously...complete google review available here.

Rick Murphy

The team at My Florida Green were so helpful through the entire process. They are so willing to share their wealth of knowledge and expertise and answer any question I had. I felt like I was talking with friends and we didn't even meet yet. They truly are a cohesive team of professionals with a goal for helping people overcome any obstacle people like myself may encounter both before and after receiving the card. Thanks so much!

Janet Englebrecht

I was extremely impressed with the entire staff at My Florida Green. It’s obvious they are educated and care about each and every patient. Their professionalism is top notch and I highly recommend anyone seeking truthful, honest answers about medicinal marijuana, see Nick at Florida Green. They are the best!

Deborah Hancock

Went to My Florida Green and met Nick, what a great guy, felt like we had known him forever. Nick guided us through the whole process and was so informative on the complete story of CBD and Medical Cannabis. We left feeling like there is hope beyond the typical pills that are normally issued when you mention an issue to your Neurologist. Don't understand why neurologists will not discuss or give their thoughts to Medical Cannabis and the many benefits that can be had by using them. Imagine That!!!! Thanks "My Florida Green"

Laura Priolo

I have been a customer of My Florida Green since last year. Nick and his team have been so helpful and informative! I truly appreciate all of their time and effort on my behalf! They made the process so easy. I can't thank them enough!

Renee Walsh

The staff at My Florida Green are highly informed and educated about Medical Marijuana and CBD. They have a professional appeal, but also connect in a down-to-earth manner with thier patients. My experience there was reassuring and heart warming, as I witnessed patients coming in, some even desperate, for healing, and I could see how they were genuinely cared for. The process was simple enough for a complete newbie. I even have called a few times and stopped by when additional questions arose and my questions have always been met with caring attention. The staff goes above and beyond to help! I cannot recommend them enough!

David Raffa

Excellent service and very helpful! Considering how poorly the state implemented the medical program I’m not sure how many people would still be trying to cut through all the red tape if it weren’t for My Florida Green. They make the process simple and painless with the bulk of it done online from the comfort of your home! You also get several discounts for dispensaries which, if taken advantage of, almost completely offset the initial cost which is great!

Benjamin Grelle

I was so relieved to find these guys. I recently moved here from California, and needed a Medical Marijuana card. They walked me through the whole process and got me my card.
Thanks so much guys.

Jack Bills

I’ve had a great relationship with My Florida Green. They were there for me when I was going through the process to get my card. Answering all my questions before and after I acquired my card. They feel a lot like family.

Stacey Lynch

The staff is so friendly, caring, and knowledgeable. They take the time to listen to you and ease any concerns you may have. Go the extra mile to help you and honestly are compassionate about your health and situation. So glad I found them!!!!

David Burke

My Florida Green is incredible! I first heard about the them through a friend. Nick is knowledgeable, generous and genuinely cares about your health and well being. I learn more and more every time I talk with him. The office easy to find, comfortable, and Dr Vacker is a pleasure to work with.

Nita Bunting

My Florida Green provides professional care, up-to-date information, and continued guidance. My renewal was handled seamlessly, and I know others do not have the same level of service from other providers. A great company!

Timothy Ruger

Florida Green is a miracle. The cbd oil has helped me with pain management with no side effects. The staff is great. They make you feel comfortable, and try to help with questions that I had.

John Russell

I went there with chronic pain from arthritis, due to a kidney transplant all I can take for pain is Tylenol which doesn’t do anything for arthritis. The folks at Florida Green made the process quick and simple & gave me great information as what to do and what to order. An excellent service made painless.

Jeff Black

Good organization to deal with. They provide an easy path to obtain your medical recommendation and apply for your Medical Marijuana ID card. Then they provide friendly reminders to maintain and renew your ID.

There is no one better in Brevard County, hands down.

John Beall

My Florida green is the best Medical marijuana doctors office in the state of Florida.. Hands down... They're caring and passionate as well as Very knowledgeable with the medical marijuana... the staff there are great and Doctor Vacker is awesome he takes time to listen and is truly compassionate.. Honestly you couldn't ask for a better doctor....
(I would highly recommend anyone I know to My Florida Green)...
Once again thanks to all the staff and Doctor Vacker for all the help yall have giving me....

Amber Unsworth

Super easy process. Everyone was very friendly. I would have never tried the CBD oil on my own had it not been for the free sample they give you to try at your appt. It eased my anxiety within a few minutes and the inflammation in my neck. I was blown away at all of the things it helps with. I have been recommending all my friends and family here.

Melissa Perez

Definitely an eye opening experience. I cried when I left because I can’t believe we’ve finally reached this point. I can take CBD and have help with my anxiety. I am so thankful they were so close to my home and so polite and professional. Everyone who works here truly is knowledgeable and cares for your wellbeing. Couldn’t be happier.


I love the CBD oil. It helps so much with my fibromyalgia, anxiety, & depression. I really feel the difference now especially since my bottle finished a few weeks ago and I haven’t yet bought my replacement. It is a lifesaver with no harmful side effects!

Levi Wheaton

My Florida Green is on it! Very well organized, they streamline the process considerably. Their CBD oil (Revita Oil) forgive me if that's the wrong name, is one of the best I've encountered yet. Definitely recommend their services!!

Justin Fore

So glad there's a location in Naples now! Everyone there is great, kind, and knowledgeable! Great experience and highly recommended!

DJ Ramo-G

Always an amazing experience at my florida green offices. Dr. Vacker and the great staff are always there to make sure you get the best quality care available. Thank you for all you do!!!

Guy Verdi

A very professional and organized opérations here felt very comfortable And relaxed when going though the process ,, thank you for making my situation a better one .

Jack Stevens

I received and renewed my medical card from My Florida green. The whole staff is extremely helpful and personal. They really care for there patients.

Sarah Brown

I have been using Revitoil CBD for some time. I've tied other CBD oils and they do not compare to the quality & positive effects of Revitoil CBD. This stuff makes my life bearable, my Osteoarthritis symptoms are tamed by Reviaoil. Thank you Nick, Mac & Brianna The My Florida Green Team !!

Chris Webb

Excellent place, friendly and happy to answer any questions and concerns. I "highly" recommend it.

Neon Sean

NIck is the BEST ! I have been all over the country, and this team makes it so easy! They guided me and helped me through the whole process and even called me back right away with a question I had about refilling my prescriptions ! I have a very bad stomach condition from multiple surgeries that went wrong and they have helped me tremendously ! I would refer anyone in the state of FL to contact Nick and the team, DO NOT waste your time anywhere else ! Deal with the PROS in FLORIDA ! I consistently see them on the forefront of technology and education and their care is above and beyond for their patients ! TOP NOTCH TEAM !!! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO ! SEAN

Denise Rodriguez

Super informative and amazing staff members! You already feel like part of the fam when you first walk in. Any questions that they have or any help you may need they are there for you

Steven Stephens

Very happy with Florida Green, Had a Epidural Injection For Pain Dr. Hit My Spinal Cord with Needle, Now I Can't Walk and Dealing With A Lot of Pain. The Florida Green Crew Set Me Up With The Right Medical Marijuana Products, Now My Pain is Controllable And Now LESS PAIN MEDS And LESS PAIN, Thank You So Much. Steven Simon

Rick Villuci

I’m a veteran USMC... The VA does NOT condone or permit the use of MJ to treat anything!! So... when I moved to Florida I began looking for releif from my PTSD symptoms via MJ... Reached out to My Florida Green to get help and was blown away... super organized, incredibly knowledgeable... these guys and gals are the real deal!! If you’re looking for assistance getting legal in the state of Florida, go to these guys!! You won’t be disappointed!
Simper Fi!!

Tony LoSchiavo

There really here to help and always super friendly you can tell everyone involved really has there heart in this. They help me and now there on to helping many people that I have sent including my mom with chrones disease .

Ben Griggs

You and your team and My Florida Green are doing something very special to help so many people! Thank you for all your help.
Wishing you nothing but the best!

Denise Peterson

My Florida Green is amazing! I'm so glad I went with them to get my MMJ card. Nick is so passionate, so knowledgeable, and so generous. I learn more every time I talk with him. The office is bright and comfortable, and Dr Vacker is a pleasure to work with. I am learning to use MMJ to manage the symptoms of my Multiple Sclerosis. Who knew I could enjoy relief from fatigue with a Sative?! I highly recommend Nick and his fabulous staff when you are ready to tap into the nealing power of cannabis!

Linda Jaikes

The staff was very friendly and informative. I felt very very comfortable coming in. I came back for my follow up and once again was greeted like a family friend. I recommend My Florida Green to anybody and everybody!

Lisa Fitzgerald

Awesome place. Nick was very helpful and educated me on the benefits of Hemp Seed Oil to balance your system. I wanted a natural alternative to help alleviate stress and anxiety. Would highly recommend.

Diana Tarpley

Super easy process. Very helpful and friendly staff.

Jeremy M

Just wanted to share my experience with this team. When I seen My Florida Green Team, I did not have a full diagnosis of my condition from my doctors however I needed pain relief as soon as possible and something that can help me further down the road. The doctor was very enlightening and knowledgeable. Please go see these guys and get educated for yourself on what can help. I used the CBD Revitaoil they offer DO NOT PASS UP THE FREE SAMPLE. My back was so messed up I could barely walk in there. They gave me a free sample and it helped relieve the pain tremendously by the time I finished my appointment and SMILING!! BTW we later found out I have a tumor in my spine. If this helped with a Tumor can you imagine what other ailments these recommendations are going to help you with?!?! You can look at all my posts I do on google and I only do them if I truly know and feel that a company is doing right by the people or has a service that will benefit you. Thanks My Florida Green on helping me get product for going through this Chemo I don't think I could do it with out your doctors recommendations!

David A

My Florida Green provided a great and easy experience. Looking forward to getting off the pharmaceuticals and getting a natural alternative. *&^% the pharmaceutical companies!

Alma Thomas

Office staff is amazing you can tell they truly have a passion and truly care!!!

Rick A

My Florida Green made the process of getting my medical cannabis card very easy. I am on my way to getting the relief I need!

Chris Wood

chris here in Palm Bay! very happy I Chose My Florida Green. thanks

Josh Stancliff

Place is great staff is hard working and friendly helpful people waiting to get my card thanks for y'alls help highly recommend

Miranda Hartlieb

Every detail of my experience with My Florida Green has been nothing but excellent !!!! Cheers to finally seeing a difference in my health and pain management!

Derek Chorlton

Wonderful place to visit, wonderful people who work there. A great experience.

Serbian Sauce

Special thanks to Nick and staff, for helping me today. It was truly an enjoyable experience. I have been waiting a long time for this. I appreciate you guys.

Marilyn Green

I have spent over 50 years suffering with the constant and unrelenting pain of Fibromyalgia. In the last year, we are all reading and hearing more about medical marijuana. My husband kept telling our kids: I want mom to try some med. mari. We all laughed for a long while but then we began hearing from people who were connecting with or knew people who were having startling results with the products. When we returned to FL this fall, I promised to actually follow through with some of the long research that my husband had done. The more we talked around, the more positive results we were hearing about several people who had started here to qualify and receive their marijuana Card. I made an appointment to talk with the people at My Florida Green here in Naples. They convinced me that I was the perfect candidate for the benefits to be found with using medical marijuana. One product that they could sell to me to get started (you don't need a license to purchase) is the MBD Oil that comes mostly from the hemp plant. I used the oil tincture as
prescribed and, continued on with my normal routines. Here is my testamonial on this product! After about 5 days of use, my pain was actually beginning to lessen - I was actually not consumed in thought about how miserable I felt. My husband could not believe the change!! I felt so much better - my energy level had increased and, I truly felt better about my overall being. After not playing golf for the past 3 years because of my pain, I have actually played three 9 hole rounds in the last few days - unbelievable. I continue to feel stronger, nearly pain free with
past levels and, have long- lost energy that allows me to stay 'involved' in daytime projects for the first time in years!! Everyone at My Florida Green here in Naples has been so helpful and so pleasant to deal with. Their ONLY reason for doing what they do, is to help people like me!! They have all the knowledge to help anyone who is willing to listen and learn about this 'wonder drug' - medical marijuana!! My life has made a MAJOR turn-around in less than 3 weeks. I am loving the 'new' re-vitalized me - I can't urge you strongly enough to make an appointment at My Florida Green, meet the wonderful people working there, and begin to find out how wonderful it is to feel really well again!!! If I am doing so well after such a short time, I can't wait to get my license and have the additional benefits of the medical side of marijuana. Marilyn W. Green Naples 12/3/17

Lou Vlasicak

Under promised and over delivered complete imformation about Medical Marijuana. The staff is polite and professional. Thank you My Florida Green

Jeffrey Pesce

Very knowledgeable and friendly.



A Step-By-Step On How To Renew Your MMJ-Card

Step-by-step instructions for renewing your Medical Marijuana (MMJ) Card in Florida



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About My Florida Green

About My Florida Green

MY FLORIDA GREEN was founded to give people suffering from a variety of health conditions fast, easy access to natural medicine that works in a manner synthetic chemicals cannot. Our focus is to deliver premium care and build lasting relationships with our customers by offering the best service in the business. 

We have been helping patients navigate the uncharted waters of medical marijuana in Florida since the passing of Amendment 2 in November 2016 and have already helped over 26,000 qualified patients obtain their Florida Medical Marijuana Cards. We have done this by partnering with the most experienced medical marijuana doctors in Florida and building a world-class HIPAA-compliant software platform that empowers medical marijuana patients with education and makes the certification process fast and easy. 

Experience the MY FLORIDA GREEN difference by establishing care with a premier medical marijuana doctor today!

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