As time goes on, research continues to cover more and more beneficial properties of cannabis. Medical marijuana is now used to treat a wide range of conditions and symptoms, including muscle spasms.

Muscle spasms are when your muscles stiffen or tighten, often causing twitches, pain, and aches. These can happen anywhere in the body and be extremely uncomfortable. While practically everyone experiences muscle spasms at some point, those with severe or chronic muscle spasms often seek treatment.

Medical marijuana is often used to treat muscle spasms- especially when it comes to chronic conditions associated with spasticity. Not only can it help relieve discomfort, but it also helps with associated issues.

What Are Muscle Spasms & How Are They Treated?

Muscle spasms are often referred to as muscle cramps or twitches and can occur for all kinds of reasons. Many people experience mild muscle spasms from things such as lack of physical activity or dehydration. However, some people suffer from severe muscle spasticity due to serious conditions.

Conditions such as multiple sclerosis (MS) and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) are often associated with muscle spasms. They can also be caused by degenerative conditions such as dystonia or Huntington’s disease. This is usually due to damage to the nerves, brain, or spinal cord and can result in serious pain and discomfort.

Severe muscle spasms can lead to various complications. Suffers often experience problems with movement and pain that can severely impact their mood and quality of life. In these cases, patients need to seek treatment to help with their muscle spasms.

Various forms of treatment can help with muscle spasms, from physical therapy to oral medications. Medical marijuana has also become a useful alternative treatment for muscle spasms, especially as it can help relieve the physical discomfort as well as helping with many accompanying symptoms.

Medical Marijuana & Muscle Spasms

Medical marijuana is often used to treat physical symptoms associated with pain and discomfort, including muscle spasms. When people experience muscle spasms, the cannabinoids found in cannabis can help due to their analgesic properties.

What’s more, the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis can help by binding with cannabinoid receptors in the body and reducing inflammation. This reduces the chance of muscle spasms as well as helping relieve physical discomfort for users.

Research also shows that cannabis helps decrease muscle spasticity for patients with multiple sclerosis. A clinical trial found that smoking cannabis helped reduce muscle spasticity in patients with MS without any adverse effects. Another study found that over half of the patients reported a reduction in muscle spasticity after using a cannabinoid-infused oral spray.

Medical marijuana is particularly helpful for treating chronic conditions associated with muscle spasms, especially as some traditional medications can lead to uncomfortable side effects. Using medical cannabis can help reduce muscle spasms and related issues with limited risks.

How Medical Marijuana Helps with Muscle Spasm Symptoms

As well as helping relieve muscle spasms and reducing physical pain and tension, marijuana can help with many issues related to muscle spasms. For instance, it’s commonly used to help conditions that result in muscle spasms such as MS, ALS, and dystonia. It can also help with other symptoms.

Those who suffer from severe muscle spasms often experience fatigue as a result of the chronic discomfort they cause. Medical cannabis can help patients sleep better, which helps to reduce their fatigue as well as helping with physical recovery.

Many patients may also feel stressed or anxious due to dealing with the symptoms. Medical marijuana helps as it can reduce stress and anxiety and induce a more positive and optimistic mood in users.

By helping reduce muscle spasms as well as relieving pain, fatigue, and stress, medical marijuana can also help patients live a much better quality of life with improvements in their mood and physical activity.

How To Use Medical Marijuana for Muscle Spasms

Patients suffering from muscle spasms can use medical marijuana in various ways. Smoking cannabis is a popular choice as it can deliver fast-acting relief and there are various strains to choose from. Some users may prefer to vape cannabis, which offers a similar experience but involves inhaling vapor instead of smoke.

There are also various options for users who don’t want to inhale cannabis. For instance, Cannabis Tinctures allow users to take a quick and convenient dose under the tongue. Cannabis Edibles and Capsules are useful options for those who want to consume cannabis orally.

Other types of cannabis products such as oral sprays and even Cannabis Topicals can also be helpful. Those who want to avoid the effects of THC can also use CBD– a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that can also be used in various forms.

How To Get Medical Marijuana for Muscle Spasms

Although marijuana is now legal for all adults in some states, the best way to get medical marijuana for muscle spasms is via your state’s medical marijuana program. This involves getting a medical card that allows you to buy high-quality medical cannabis products from marijuana dispensaries.

Getting a medical card in Florida takes a few steps. You must first visit a qualified medical marijuana doctor who will assess your symptoms to confirm you have a qualifying condition. After that, you can apply for your medical card online and receive it within a couple of weeks.

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Once your medical marijuana card application has been approved, you can buy a range of medical cannabis and CBD products from dispensaries across the state.

The Takeaway

Muscle spasms can cause twitches, pain, problems with movement, and physical discomfort for sufferers. While many people experience mild muscle spasms, severe and chronic muscle spasms are often associated with more serious conditions and require treatment.

Medical marijuana can help patients with muscle spasms in various ways. As well as relieving pain and inflammation, it helps with many of the associated symptoms and complications.

Treat Muscle Spasms naturally with medical marijuana by getting your medical marijuana card. The first step is to schedule an appointment with a medical marijuana doctor. We make it fast and easy!


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