Medical Marijuana & Migraines

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26 November

Medical Marijuana & Migraines

Medical Marijuana and Migraines


Migraines can be debilitating and tough to treat. If your pain, nausea and sensitivity to light or noise doesn’t improve with over the counter or even prescribed medications, is there any other option to ease the symptoms?


For some, marijuana may be the saving grace they have been looking for to remedy migraine relief. Research has shown that it not only can help ease migraine symptoms, but possibly keep them from even starting.


Marijuana Legalization


Easing the Pain

Inside your brain, as well as other parts of your body, you have a network of cannabinoid receptors. These are very small loops of protein that affect how you feel pain.


Marijuana has naturally forming compounds that are call cannabinoids. When used, these cannabinoids go to work seeking out these receptors. They change how the receptors work by calming down pain signals. THC is the cannabinoid in marijuana that gets most of the attention as it is what makes you feel high or relaxed. However, another product of cannabis is called cannabidiol (CBD), this will not make you feel high but may help ease the pain.


Does It Work for Migraines?

There have been several studies into this. In one study from the University of Colorado, 121 patients who suffer from regular migraine headaches used marijuana daily to help prevent and subdue migraine attacks. Roughly 40% of them reported that the average number of migraines they suffer from each month was effectively cut in half.


The patients in the study used different types of marijuana, but mostly used inhaled products to ease a migraine currently in progress and found that it greatly helped ease the pain. Edible cannabis products did not seem to be as effective as the inhalants.


Marijuana Legalization



Marijuana is legal for medical use in more than half the states in the country. Each state has different laws pertaining to how much you can purchase and how much you can have on you. While this may seem confusing with each state having different laws, My Florida Green is here to help you navigate through it and obtain the proper Medical Marijuana Card to help ease the burden of migraines.


 Contact us today to join the Florida Medical Marijuana Movement today!


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