Which States Is Cannabis Legal In?

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20 November

Which States Is Cannabis Legal In?

State’s That Currently Allow Adult Use Of Marijuana


With 2019 almost behind us, and 2020 just around the corner; there has never been a greater number of states that allow the use of marijuana. My Florida Green is here to help you navigate through state laws with our helpful guides. Here are the current states that allow the adult use of Marijuana.


Marijuana Legalization



Marijuana is legal for adults 21 years of age and up. Whether you are a medical patient or not, you can purchase and enjoy marijuana and marijuana related products as long as you stay within the state’s legal possession limits.

Alaska Possession Limit: Up to 1oz of usable cannabis. You may also cultivate up to 6 plants, with a maximum of 3 mature/flowering plants.



Not only does California offer sunshine, beaches, expansive forests and great vibes, it also offers a plethora of cannabis products. California is known as a cannabis Mecca and was previously restricted to medical marijuana only. However, with the passage of Proposition 64, Cannabis is now freely available to anyone 21 years of age and up.

California Possession Limit: 28.5g (roughly one ounce) of cannabis flower and 5 grams of cannabis concentrate. You may also cultivate up to 6 plants (local ordinance allowing).


Marijuana & Cannabis Dispensaries



Colorado is the first state in the union to legalize cannabis. Colorado has set the tone for what to expect when purchasing cannabis for adult use today. Whether you are snowboarding, skiing or camping; enjoy the Rocky Mountain views and enjoy the cannabis.

Colorado Possession Limit: Up to 1oz – Adults may purchase no more than 1/4oz at a time.



Maine is a gorgeous place with friendly, down-to-earth, accommodating locals – and legalized cannabis! Main legalized cannabis in 2016. Whether you have a medical marijuana registry card or not, it is legal to possess and use cannabis.

Main Possession Limit: 2 1/2oz for both visiting patients with a valid medical marijuana card, as well as for adults with a valid government issued ID.



Whether you are looking to learn about colonial history or catch a Red Sox game, you can also enjoy the use of cannabis. Massachusetts legalized medical cannabis in 2013, and with the new legalization, will soon allow adults 21 years of age and up to freely purchase cannabis products.

Massachusetts Possession Limit: 1oz of cannabis flower and 5 grams of cannabis concentrate in public


Legalization Of Cannabis



Not only is Michigan known for having 11,000 lakes and some of the finest craft beers, but also allows for the usage of cannabis!

Michigan Possession Limit: Up to 2.5oz of usable cannabis.



With new legislation, your medical marijuana card is no longer necessary to visit a dispensary. There is also a current push to make it legal to consume cannabis in public bars and restaurants.

Nevada Possession Limit: Up to 2.5oz of usable cannabis.



Not only is Oregon known as the Pacific Wonderland, but it also has some of the cheapest prices per gram for cannabis anywhere in the US. With food trucks a-plenty, a plethora of pristine shoreline and awe inspiring landscapes, what’s not to love?

Oregon Possession Limit: 1oz of cannabis flower, 16oz of solid infused edibles, 72oz of infused liquid, 5grams cannabis concentrate, 4 immature cannabis plants and 10 cannabis seeds.


Whether you are looking for mountains, deserts, rainforests or beaches, you can find it all in Washington, as well as legal cannabis. Washington is the second state to open their doors for the legal purchase and usage of cannabis.

Washington Possession Limit: 1oz of cannabis flower, 16oz of solid infused edibles, 72oz of infused liquid and 7 oz of cannabis concentrates.


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