How To Get Your Florida Medical Marijuana Application

If you’re interested in submitting a Florida Medical Marijuana Application, we can help you navigate the process as quickly and easily as possible.

Patience is required since the state has made the process difficult and frustrating. However help is here with My Florida Green. We have partnered with Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors and custom-built a software platform to help make the process easy, fast, and fairly priced.

Check out the below walk through of our simplified process.

It is important to follow all the steps of the process to ensure that your application is not declined.

We’ll go through the steps and ease your mind, we make this much easier than the state has tried to make it.

Talk To Your Doctor About Your Florida Medical Marijuana Application

Your primary doctor may or may not be on board with Florida Medical Marijuana and may or may not have completed the certification process required to provide a Florida Medical Marijuana Application. If they have, chances are they are waiting for the rules and regulations to unfold and are not participating in recommendations. Don’t panic, there are options.

The state does require that you have a relationship with a physician who is licensed with the Office of Compassionate Use before gaining access to your state issued Florida Medical Marijuana card. If your doctor is not marijuana-friendly or is not licensed with the Office of Compassionate Use, at least you’ll have record of your visits and diagnosis which will be required to obtain your Florida Medical Marijuana recommendation.

Document Your Diagnosis

The State of Florida requires a documented diagnosis of a qualifying condition to be considered for a Florida Medical Marijuana Card. If your primary care physician isn’t a registered Florida Medical Marijuana Doctor with the state, simply ask for your medical records including your diagnosis.

Keep in mind that your entire medical history is not necessary for your Medical Marijuana Application. Keep it simple!  These records can be used to help establish your doctor/patient relationship with a Florida Medical Marijuana Doctor.

Qualifying conditions:

Amendment 2 gives the recommending physician the right to determine if a condition is debilitating. Therefore, it’s important to have your conditions documented as mentioned in the second paragraph above.

Example: If you have been diagnosed with Crohn’s or PTSD you will need the diagnoses as a documented record from your previous physician. If you are looking for a diagnosis, we suggest seeing a primary care or family physician in order to obtain proper documentation.

Establishing A Doctor/Patient Relationships With MY FLORIDA GREEN

Now, if your primary care physician isn’t certified and/or registered with the office of compassionate use, you do have options. To find out if you have a qualifying condition to establish this new relationship, a simple online form is all you need to fill out.

You are more than welcome to search the list of licensed Florida Medical Marijuana physicians here. What you may discover is that most are waiting to see how things unfold with the Senate or they are willing to accept you as a patient for a hefty fee. Now it’s totally up to you who you choose to recommend Florida Medical Marijuana as your alternative treatment, however MY FLORIDA GREEN has created a simple user friendly patient access portal which utilizes The Doc App as their premier HIPAA complaint partner. Take a deep breath as it’s not as confusing as it seems.

You’ll need to create a HIPAA-compliant profile to establish your new doctor/patient relationship.

Florida Medical Marijuana Application

If you already know you qualify, you can skip all the jazz above and choose your local doctor and create an online profile here to get started. Keep in mind that this is a virtual clinic and should be taken seriously. Your initial consultation will be completed via video chat with one of our medical professionals so please put some clothes on.

Providing you have answered your medical questions and have uploaded your diagnosis into your profile you’ll be registered with The Office of Compassionate Use. From there, they’ll prompt you to complete the medical marijuana card application which should be received via email once you are registered.

Following this evaluation, you’ll be scheduled for an in-office exam (face to face exam) with our board-certified marijuana physician who is licensed with the Office of Compassionate Use. This 90-day face to face visit doesn’t typically last longer than 15 minutes.

From here, a treatment plan will be created for you and you can ask the doctor any questions you might have.

Submitting Your Florida Medical Marijuana Application

You will be taken care of like family. We know you have conditions and have been through enough. We created My Florida Green for patients looking for an alternative to synthetic medicines as we believe it is your right to choose.

You are creating a HIPAA-compliant profile in a secure online platform. This should be considered a doctor’s visit. Be prepared to answer medical questions, just minus the sick people coughing on you!

After filling our your Florida Medical Marijuana Application, you are going to see a licensed Medical Marijuana physician in-person, and should have your approval letter within 2-4 weeks.

It Isn’t As Hard As It Appears

Once you have access to medical marijuana you will realize that it is worth the wait. Yes, you’re likely to be a little frustrated with the waiting period, we definitely understand that. That is why My Florida Green has created a process that doesn’t have you running all over town or wasting entire days sitting in a doctor’s office. We want your pathway to medical marijuana to be as smooth and easy as possible.

Our platform was built with positive user experience and patient satisfaction in mind. Let’s get your application started so that your access to medical marijuana happens sooner rather than later.

Here are some helpful notes from the Office of Compassionate Use:

  • When submitting a Registry Identification Card application, please allow 10-14 business days for initial processing. Processing time may be delayed if the application is incomplete or payment has not been received.
  • All applications must be submitted to the Office of Compassionate Use, and must include a full-face, passport-type color photograph, and a registration fee of $75. Compassionate Use Registry identification cards remain active for one year.
  • Once a card application has been approved, the patient and legal representative may receive a temporary card from the Office of Compassionate Use. A patient must have an approved card application prior to filling an order at a dispensing organization.

Keep in mind you must have a Florida Medical Marijuana recommendation by a licensed physician with the office of compassionate use to processed with your Medical Marijuana Application.

The sooner you get started, the less of the wait. We are here to help make it happen!