With Florida’s passing of Amendment 2, qualifying patients have the potential to get their Florida Medical Marijuana Certifications to treat a number of qualifying conditions. This creates an incredible opportunity for patients to access to Medical Marijuana in Florida. Patients are getting access to a potentially life-changing treatment for a variety of qualifying medical conditions.

To help qualifying patients gain this access, My Florida Green has created an easy-to-use website that connects patients to doctors and can help patients get approval for Florida Medical Marijuana from a qualified physician in just 3 easy steps.

Facilitating The Doctor/Patient Relationship For A Streamlined Path To Medical Marijuana Certifications

MY FLORIDA GREEN was founded to help patients connect with a qualifying physician for a Florida Medical Marijuana Certification as quickly and efficiently as possible. More than half the states in the US allow for some use of Medical Marijuana. In Florida’s state-approved program there are different laws, parameters, and qualifying conditions. Florida also has it’s own application process for Medical Marijuana Certifications.

Navigating the path from initial inquiry all the way to a Florida Medical Marijuana Certification can be a confusing process of forms, documentation, and red tape. This is particularly true at the start of a new program. Florida at the very beginning of its journey to legal medical usage of cannabis. In some states, patients waste weeks or months with phone calls, collecting the right documentation, visiting physicians, and applying for a card.

Sometimes, a patient is turned down for a Florida Medical Marijuana Certification because they didn’t follow all the steps. We ensure they are followed in the order that the state mandates.

My Florida Green streamlines and facilitates the path to Medical Marijuana in Florida:

Marijuana Florida

  • My Florida Green has a network of licensed physicians positioned across Florida
  • Our easy-to-use platform will streamline the process of getting a cannabis recommendation for a qualifying condition

3 Easy Steps To Get Your Certification:

  1. Establish Care– Patients simply choose their local doctor and fill out our custom-built, secure, HIPAA-compliant online application. You’ll have a profile created in less than five minutes
  2. See The Doctor – Once you’re qualified for a Florida Medical Marijuana Certification we will email you. This email will schedule your medical marijuana evaluation with a licensed Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors.
  3. Receive Your Approval– The final step will be an in-person examination with one of our licensed Medical Marijuana Doctors. They will make a medical marijuana recommendation if the patient qualifies

How Much Does It Cost To Get My Certification?

Registering with My Florida Green is just $199 for the doctor’s visit.

What About Privacy?

MY FLORIDA GREEN does not retain any medical information. Any medical information that is passed on to participating physicians by My Florida Green will be done so within HIPAA guidelines.

MY FLORIDA GREEN Is The Face Of 21st Century Medical Marijuana Healthcare

MY FLORIDA GREEN currently has over 3,000 patients registered – and counting. We are partnered with premier physicians who are licensed with the Office of Compassionate Use.

These are physicians who have a solid reputation and are interested in a long- term, professional relationship with both MY FLORIDA GREEN and the patients they serve.

MY FLORIDA GREEN is a modern solution that quickly delivers Medical Marijuana Certifications and keeps patients comfortable. Whether you are in Naples or Tampa. We eliminate patient overflow and long wait times at the doctor’s office. We’re committed to helping qualifying patients get their Florida Medical Marijuana Certifications. And we have compassionate physicians who are experienced in the use of medical cannabis products.

The face of modern medical care is changing and MY FLORIDA GREEN is leading the way. Qualifying patients can gain access to Florida Medical Marijuana Certifications and the medicines they need to live a better quality of life.