Although Florida is not one of the states to legalize marijuana for recreational use, the medical marijuana industry in Florida is thriving. Florida dispensaries serve tens of thousands of patients with various mental and physical health problems. However, before you can access legal marijuana in Florida, it helps to understand the Florida Compassionate Care Act.

The Florida Compassionate Care Act is the bill created to legalize medical cannabis in Florida. Although medical patients can access various cannabis products for their symptoms, there are various restrictions. All patients must go through a strict licensing process and there are limitations on who is eligible for medical cannabis. Here’s a guide to the Florida Compassionate Care Act to help.


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What Is The Florida Compassionate Care Act?

The Florida Compassionate Care Act is a bill that was passed in 2014, effectively legalizing the purchase, sale, and use of cannabis for medical purposes. Florida is one of many states to legalize medical cannabis after seeing the wide range of benefits it can have for patients with various health ailments.

However, while medical cannabis is now legal in the state, whether you can use it depends on various factors. To qualify for medical cannabis, you must have a qualifying condition and you must have approval from a doctor. Licensed physicians can put you on the Compassionate Use Registry, which then allows you to buy cannabis from various dispensaries.

The medical marijuana laws in Florida have changed over time, especially when it comes to matters such as the kinds of products you can use. Initially, patients could only access low-THC, high-CBD products, and smokeable products were prohibited. The Florida Compassionate Care Act has since progressed to Florida Amendment 2. Patients can now use a much wider range of medical products.

Who Can Use Medical Cannabis In Florida?

Medical cannabis in Florida is available to any licensed patients on the Medical Marijuana Use Registry. To gain a medical marijuana license (or MMJ card) in Florida, you must have one of the qualifying conditions set by the state. The 2019 Florida Statutes lists the following qualifying conditions:

Before you can obtain a medical card, you must have a licensed physician in Florida approve that you have a qualifying condition and put you on the Medical Marijuana Use Registry.

If your condition is not explicitly listed, you might still be able to get a medical card. The law states that physicians can license patients if they have another condition not helped by other treatments that can be helped by medical cannabis.

How To Get Approved For Medical Marijuana In Florida

If you want to buy medical cannabis from a Florida dispensary, you’ll need to be registered with the Medical Marijuana Use Registry first. Although the Florida government website lets you apply for your medical card online, you must first go through a few steps to be eligible for a Florida medical card.

First of all, you’ll need to gain approval from a licensed doctor in the state. Only certain doctors can approve patients for medical marijuana. These are licensed physicians who have completed a course allowing them to issue recommendations for medical marijuana.

You might need multiple appointments to get a recommendation. You’ll need to present your medical records to your medical marijuana doctor and they’ll also need to personally assess your current health status. If they deem that you have a qualifying condition, you’ll be placed on the registry allowing you to apply for your medical card.

How To Get Your Florida Medical Marijuana Card

Once you’ve been approved by a licensed medical marijuana doctor, you’ll be placed on the Medical Marijuana Use Registry (formerly known as the Compassionate Use Registry). This allows you to apply for your Florida medical card. You’ll receive an email prompting you to sign up and apply online.

The online application for your Florida medical card will require you to enter various personal details. You’ll also have to pay a $75 application fee. Once you’ve sent off your application, you should receive your medical card within around 8 weeks provided that there are no problems. You can then buy various medical cannabis products from Florida.

If you need help getting your Florida medical marijuana card, feel free to contact MY FLORIDA GREEN. We can help you with every step of the process from connecting you with a qualified medical marijuana doctor to getting your MMJ card as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Where Can You Buy Medical Cannabis In Florida?

After going through the hassle of getting approved for medical cannabis and getting your medical card, getting medical cannabis in Florida will be easy. The state has plenty of dispensaries that allow you to buy products as long as you have a medical card.

Some of the popular marijuana dispensaries in Florida include FLUENT, Curaleaf, Trulieve, Vidacann, MÜV, and Liberty Health Sciences, among others. You can find these dispensaries all over the state, making it easy to get the care you need.

While the Florida Compassionate Care Act initially only allowed patients to access low-THC, non-smokeable products, there is now a much wider variety of products available. Patients can now smoke Cannabis Flower as well as using alternative products such as Cannabis Oils, Capsules, Vape Products, and more.

The Takeaway

The Florida Compassionate Care Act is the original bill passed that legalized medical cannabis in Florida. While patients were initially limited to certain low-THC products, you can now access smokable Cannabis Flower as well as a wide range of other cannabis products for medical use.

If you want to use medical cannabis in Florida, you’ll need to obtain your medical card first. This can be a difficult process that involves getting approval from a medical marijuana doctor and applying for your medical card. If you need help making the process smoother, contact MY FLORIDA GREEN.