As the legal Cannabis market matures in many States in the US, stakeholders, especially consumers, are looking for new alternatives to vapes, oils, creams, and edibles. Today’s Cannabis consumer has a myriad of options, and recently Marijuana-infused beverages have emerged as a new exciting choice for many patients. The advent of Cannabis-infused drinks and beverages has opened the door to many fresh and different concoctions with exciting flavors. These include flavored drinks, sparkling waters, juice, coffees, tea, mocktails, and tonics, just to name a few.

Marijuana-infused drinks are a new way of taking Cannabis and keeping up with the daily recommended dosage, especially for those who prefer to take soft drinks, soda, or teas instead of other available forms. They are becoming increasingly popular as most patients believe that Marijuana drinks are the most socially acceptable and mainstream method of taking Cannabis. However, some patients have doubts regarding the effectiveness of these drinks, especially if they are taking Cannabis for a severe medical condition.

Studies have shown that Marijuana drinks can provide fast relief compared to edibles; hence can be taken. Some marijuana drinks contain a high dose of the active compounds; THC, CBD, or a combination of both. Even though they are described as the most social method of consuming Marijuana, you still need a physician’s recommendation to ensure you take the appropriate dose and do not take a dose that might aggravate your medical condition.

If you are looking for a physician with expertise in administering and diving Marijuana recommendations, you can contact our specialists. Our experienced experts can help you at each step of the Marijuana certification, from an eligibility check to getting your Marijuana Card.

Marijuana component

What is Marijuana-infused Drinks?

Technological breakthroughs in the recent past have allowed manufacturers to create more palatable Marijuana-infused drinks to appeal to the growing demand. Marijuana drinks can contain either THC, CBD, or both as the active component, all explicitly produced for diverse diseases, especially made to taste good. Nano-emulsification has played a pivotal role in creating these beverages, and it is used to break down the particles in Cannabis. These particles are then mixed with an emulsifier. This allows the Marijuana component to dissolve in water, hence making a homogenous liquid.

How are Marijuana beverages different from other products?

an excellent alternative by offering a familiar, discrete and refreshing way to those with chronic conditions. These beverages are giving a unique option to many patients because:

  • It is a convenient and precise method for administering accurate Marijuana doses.
  • They are available in unique, flavorful, and refreshing options.
  • It is available in combinations ranging from CBD-dominant to THC dominant and a balanced formulation to suit every individual’s medical needs.
  • They are suitable for patients who do not want to smoke and have difficulty using inhaled medical Cannabis, pills, and oils.

However, which formulation will suit your needs to be decided by an experienced Marijuana physician. We have experts giving new patients in Naples, St. Petersburg, and Melbourne a bespoke Marijuana prescription to decide which cannabis-infused beverage may be right for them.

What does Marijuana drink contain?

Most of the Marijuana drinks available contain either CBD or THC in different potencies. CBD infused drinks contain 15 to 30mg of CBD, but the exact amount can differ with each drink. The dose of THC in drinks needs to be carefully monitored as it is a psychoactive agent. Any attempt to consume THC-infused drinks without a specialist’s advice can be risky and may lead to unwanted adverse effects.

THC and CBD-infused drinks manage many health conditions, like other products, and hold many medicinal properties. CBD drinks can be taken to manage chronic pain in cancer patients, depression, anxiety, and seizures. THC drinks are taken to manage pain, sleep disorders and other debilitating symptoms.

These THC and CBD-infused beverages are coming in the form of terp-packed sparkling water and flavorful sodas. An assortment of infused energy drinks, and juices, all of which come in very popular flavors. These can be added to your Marijuana treatment if your treating physician determines they will benefit you.

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How can you get a recommendation from an experienced physician?

Adding Marijuana-infused drinks to treatment requires a Medical Marijuana Card and an experienced physician who can verify your condition. We have established centers in Naples, Melbourne, and St. Petersburg, where any qualified patient can initiate the process of Marijuana certification. Find the best medical marijuana doctor in Florida.

We use a secure digital platform that enables our passionate experts and specialists to help you navigate your journey. We empower all our clients to take control of their health by giving them full visibility of their treatment. Through an innovative and interactive digital solution, making each step of their journey stress-free.

Our experts assist you in completing the Marijuana certification in the following easy steps:

Consultation with Doctor

Speaking with a Marijuana expert is the first step, which allows a qualified physician to evaluate your condition before going to the next step. Our physicians carefully explain to each patient how Marijuana treatment works and things you should expect when you get started. All questions are attended to before they recommend enrolling you on a Medical Marijuana treatment plan. They will initiate your registration if they determine that Marijuana will help you and start an online application.


Some documents are required to complete the online Marijuana registration. After gathering information during consultation, your physician will complete these steps with you. You will need to have your drivers’ license, a passport photo, a copy of your utility bill, or a proof of residence, as proof of your identity and address. You will need to include your social security number and birth certificate at some point along the application process. These steps are put in place to ensure only qualified individuals receive Cannabis. And monitor that it does get into the hands of people who can abuse its use.

Approval and Delivery

Once you have successfully finished all the online form requirements and paid the fees. You shall get an email within a few weeks informing you of your application’s approval. Sometimes, the application can also get rejected, and this happens when you do not provide the right documents. Hence to avoid this situation, you should take help from our experts and they will help you at each step of your journey.

You can contact us by calling the numbers on the websites or filling out the intake form, and one of our qualified patient advocates will reach out to you for the next steps.