The debate on the medicinal benefits of Cannabis has been brewing for decades, with many in favor of using it as a treatment option and many who are still skeptical about the potential risk it may have on certain patients. However, the increasing adoption of Marijuana as a healing agent is changing the narrative and expanding its use in the medical fraternity. In Florida today, if a patient is qualified and eligible for using Marijuana, they have to see a specialist experienced in administering Marijuana.

Physicians are at the heart of the Marijuana certification and treatment process, as they have to verify patients who can receive Cannabis as an alternative medicinal agent. They evaluate each case to ensure that Marijuana will not risk their condition in any way and also determine which Cannabis combination, strain, and route of administration will be most beneficial for them.

Our Services to the Patients of Florida

Patients in Florida have trusted our services for many years as we have access to an extensive network of state-licensed Marijuana doctors across all clinical specialties. Our value-based care keeps the health of our clients at the heart of our service, and we ensure everyone gets the help they need. Our experts carefully examine each patient’s health condition and give them access to specialists if they need to see one depending on their ailment, and they give the best attention and monitoring to ensure successful treatment.

If a physician is not experienced in Marijuana products and strains, they might recommend a dose that is not specific to your needs, thus defeating the purpose of the treatment. Hence, having an expert, who can understand your health, symptoms and can determine the best product for you, is pivotal to the success of your treatment. We have different specialists, all experienced in providing Cannabis treatment plans tailored to each case. We have established centers in Sarasota, Naples, St. Petersburg, and Melbourne, which are available to take new patients. You can start with an eligibility form on the website, and one of your patient advocates will contact you.


Why do you need to see a Marijuana Doctor?

Marijuana can be used for many conditions; these qualifying illnesses range from serious, terminal diseases to autoimmune conditions. Qualified patients can take Marijuana for pain, epilepsy, seizures, depression, skin disease, anxiety, so many other diseases. States have developed a list of qualifying medical conditions that can receive Marijuana treatment, and this list is not exhaustive. As new research studies discover more potentials of Marijuana, the treatment possibilities will increase. And the list of qualifying conditions can grow.

Since these conditions can cause serious implications to a patient’s life. Every patient must go to a specialist before using Marijuana. Even if you are suffering from an illness on the list, and are eligible for Marijuana treatment. You cannot simply start taking Marijuana. You will need to speak with a physician to determine the severity of your symptoms, your underlying health, family history, and current treatment to eliminate any risk.

Our experts conduct an in-depth and comprehensive analysis of a patient’s condition before recommending any treatment. This is why their recommendations are always beneficial because they evaluate what needs to be given. And how it should be taken to ensure the patient gets maximum relief from debilitating symptoms.

How is Marijuana able to manage Health Conditions?

Marijuana naturally contains chemicals that have an impact on the human endocannabinoid system. Scientists, through various studies, have discovered. That the brain is the control panel for all different body activities, emotions, and healing. The brain controls most of these activities through chemical communications with the nervous system. The neurotransmitters or chemical communication channels transmit messages to the appropriate receptors in the brain. The active components in Marijuana. Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and CBD are able to impact the cannabinoid receptors, hence affecting the healing process.

Other components that are found in Medical Marijuana include Cannabavarin, Cannabielsoin, and Cannabinol; together, they work to manage pain and improve the general quality of life of the patient. These different chemical components of Cannabis can manage symptoms of many serious conditions. CBD is known for its inflammatory action in addition to its effect on tremors and anxiety. THC is known for improving sleep, reducing nausea and vomiting, and promoting appetite. They have many other medicinal benefits; you can read more details on our website. 

Marijuana Use

How can Patients use Marijuana for Treatment?

Even though Medical Marijuana can be used to treat various medical conditions, it is not freely accessible to all. A compulsory registration exercise is required in all the states that have approved Medical Marijuana treatment. All patients must have a Marijuana Card to be able to receive treatment. Only an experienced physician can help patients get the card. They are the ones that can start the application process, hence they are the gateways to getting the Marijuana Card. You need professional supervision to avoid marijuana addictiveness.

First, they evaluate all patients needing the treatment to ascertain that they qualify for the treatment. Moreover, An experienced physician continuously checks the patient’s medical history, current illness, and other underlying conditions. That might impair the treatment with Medical Marijuana. After they have checked all these, they proceed to start the registration. And once it is approved, the patient gets the Medical Marijuana card before commencing treatment.

Avail our Efficient and Stress-Free Service

If you want to have efficient and speedy delivery of your Medical Marijuana Card, you can use the services of our experts and get your card within weeks. They will ensure you provide the correct information on the application so there are no unnecessary delays in the process.

Moreover, Our experts ensure your certification journey is entirely stress-free, and you get the Marijuana Card without any hindrance. You can call our offices today and schedule an appointment.