For people, and especially women, who grapple with anxiety, depression, or PTSD, the holidays can be overwhelming. Spiraling holiday gift costs, politically-charged dinner conversations, and stressful family members can all be triggers to anxiety attacks, bone-cracking stress, and chronic depression. If you’re one of these people, or know someone who is, you can be confident there is a solution for you. Millions of people are getting rapid, lasting, legal relief from these ailments with their Medical Marijuana Certifications.

Daunting Holiday Challenges Made Easier With Medical Marijuana

While most people look forward to the holidays with joy, wonder, and love, people that suffer from depression, generalized anxiety disorders, and PTSD often find it to be a horrible, draining experience that sends them into a manic downward spiral.

Afflicted people usually have no choice but to white-knuckle through it with tears and heartache, or attempt to find relief in synthetic medications like Valium, Prozac, or Xanax.

For some, synthetic medications are effective and a worthwhile treatment. However their side effects are often disastrous and require risking your mental health to experiment with an ever-expanding mixture of ‘counter-balancing’ drugs to combat the side-effects. Even when they are effective, it’s often nothing more than placebo-driven!

Medical Marijuana: 5,000 Years of Proof vs. 50 Years of Propaganda

Did you know that people around the world have used cannabis as medicine for nearly 5,000 years?

Until the drug war of the 1960’s and 70’s, Cannabis was a healing plant utilized for nearly countless ailments. If you’re new to the cannabis world here are a few facts to consider:

If you want to know literally every cannabis benefit that’s ever been studied, you’ve got your work cut out for you. Over 25,000 individual listings can be found on!

Once you’re educated on the scientific proof of medical cannabis, you can be comfortable and confident in your decision to proactively treat your emotional and physical needs.

If you’re concerned about “getting high” and just want relief, you’re among the vast majority of our patients who treat themselves with “micro-dosing.” By carefully measuring the dose, strain effects, and product profile, patients are able to get the relief they need while still being engaged in life, deeply involved with their families, and active in their communities.

Why The War On Medical Marijuana?

The origins of the modern war on drugs go back decades, the evil of the modern ‘War on Drugs” truly took form with the Nixon administration and men like John Ehrlichman.

It’s hard to forgive people like John Ehrlichman for the crimes they’ve committed against the people. Over the last fifty years of his cruel, ignorant, corrupt drug war, how many deaths have occurred? How many violent gangs have been funded? How many good lives have been demolished? Was it worth it?

Compare that with the 5,000 years legacy of medicinal cannabis.

“Medical Marijuana Helps Me To Breathe!”

Many people drag themselves through the door in the middle of lung-crushing anxiety attacks. They walk like they have black holes in their chests and under their eyes, unable to cope with the physical and emotional stress they’re experiencing.

“I’m passionate about helping patients with medical marijuana because I’m helping myself with it. I treat my PTSD and anxiety with medical marijuana and it delivers a spark of healing that is profound, rapid, and lasting. When combined with mindful techniques like meditation, spiritual fulfillment, and conscious breathing, medical marijuana enables profound positive shifts in quality of life,” says MY FLORIDA GREEN’s Founder Nick Garulay.

At our statewide clinics, Floridians who deserve medical cannabis certifications are transforming before our very eyes everyday. When they utilize their medical recommendations and follow their treatment plans, the amazing power of medical-grade cannabis takes effect.