Marijuana has changed medical treatment and improved the prognosis for countless patients throughout the state of Florida. If you reside in the sunny and beautiful city of Sarasota, you must have been hearing discussions surrounding the use of Medical Marijuana for medicinal purposes. Since the legalization of Marijuana, Sarasota is becoming popular for patients seeking relief that the newly legalized Medical Marijuana has to offer. The State of Florida allows qualified patients to consume Medical Marijuana to treat a range of physical and mental symptoms.

With many Medical Marijuana dispensaries and clinics opening up, including My Florida Green’s offices in North Cattleman Road Sarasota, there is a lot of choice for those looking to learn and explore the remarkable benefits of Medical Marijuana treatment. Our Marijuana experts at My Florida Green are helping new patients get certified for a Medical Marijuana Card in as little as a couple of weeks.

A Medical Marijuana Card in Sarasota gives qualified patients the privilege to purchase and consume Marijuana for treatment purposes. The Medical Marijuana Card application process becomes easier with the help of our experts. If you are in Sarasota and want to seek Medical Marijuana treatment, you can call our Sarasota clinic to speak to our Marijuana experts. Our experts can address your concerns and inhibitions by answering your questions and by giving you access to our patient testimonials. You will be able to see how Marijuana is contributing to the comfort of many patients suffering from chronic debilitating conditions.

The first step in the Medical Marijuana certification process is to check if you suffer from a qualifying condition, which you can do with a free eligibility check  on our website. If you qualify, you have to consult an experienced Marijuana physician who can start your registration process. We have a network of the most experienced Marijuana physicians in Sarasota, Florida. Our physicians will do a comprehensive evaluation of your medical condition, will review your past and current symptoms and illnesses, including your current treatment regime.

What are the passing conditions for Medical Marijuana use in Sarasota? 

To receive Medical Marijuana treatment in Sarasota or in any other city in Florida, you must show proof of permanent or temporary residency in Florida. In addition to establishing your residency, you also have to have a diagnosis of a qualifying condition, which needs to be confirmed by a state-licensed Marijuana physician. Our website has a detailed list of qualifying conditions, including terminal cancer, chronic pain, headaches and migraines, intramuscular disorders, HIV & AIDS, and some mental health conditions. It also helps in managing PTSD.

Aside from these conditions, any other illness of the same kind or class as or comparable to those in the list of qualifying conditions can be allowed for Medical Marijuana treatment, if verified by a Marijuana physician. Hence, you must see an experienced Marijuana physician in Sarasota for a detailed in-person evaluation to verify your condition.

What are the steps of a Medical Marijuana Card in Sarasota, Florida?

Medical marijuana card.

The initiation of the Marijuana certification process starts when you book a consultation with a qualified physician. At the first initial appointment, the physician will ensure that you understand the certification process and conditions of approval. Once your physician determines that you qualify for Medical Marijuana treatment, they will forward their recommendation to the Department of Health of Florida. At My Florida Green, our physicians are giving Marijuana recommendations most suited to the patient’s needs, symptoms, and lifestyle. They do a thorough examination of each patient’s condition, as each case is unique, before determining if Marijuana treatment can be beneficial for them. Once patients receive their Medical Marijuana Card and have started treatment, they continuously monitor the dose to ensure the success of their Marijuana treatment.

After receiving the recommendation from your physician, the Florida Department of Health will send you all the information you need to complete your registration. The registration process requires that you upload some documents to complete the application, which includes a copy of your state-approved photo ID, like your drivers’ license. You may also need to give your social security number and your birth certificate. Your physician might also request proof of residency; hence it’s good to take these documents to the appointment. If you have evidence of residency, you need to ensure the address on the document corresponds with the address registered with your drivers’ license. Such discrepancies can cause minor delays leading to frustrations. However, if you take assistance from experts in My Florida Green, your Marijuana certification journey will be stress-free. Our experts are extremely knowledgeable and assist qualified patients at every step of the application process, ensuring success.

If you are a seasonal or temporary Sarasota resident, you will be asked for certain additional documents to prove your Florida residency. These incorporate however are not restricted to:

  • A deed or monthly mortgage statement
  • Proof of residential address from the person with whom you’re staying and a supporting statement
  • A utility hook-up or work order dated within 60 days before registration in the medical use registry.
  • Mail from a financial institution, which is not more than two months old. These may include checking, savings, or investment account statements.
  • Any other documentation that can give evidence of residential address as determined by department rule.

Once you have completed the documentation, the next step involves payment. The Medical Marijuana Card requires a payment of USD 75 to complete the certification process. In a few weeks (usually between 7 and 21 business days), you will receive an email approval, which you can use immediately to legally purchase Medical Marijuana products from licensed dispensaries in Sarasota.