Medical Marijuana has provided a powerful avenue for individuals seeking alternative and natural treatments for medical conditions, including mental health disorders. The perception that Medical Marijuana causes more harm than good is rapidly changing, even more so after Medical Marijuana legalization in 2016 in Florida. Marijuana legalization has been life-changing for many patients, who have seen a significant improvement in their quality of life after adding Cannabis to their treatment. Recent studies have established that when used in controlled quantities and under the guidance of a qualified physician, the benefits of Medical Marijuana treatment outweigh the risks.

The role of Medical Marijuana as a possible alternative treatment for patients who have post-traumatic stress disorder – PTSD is currently being explored. Numerous patients in Florida are presently viewing at Medical Marijuana as a choice, particularly the individuals who have not tracked down any help from customary medicines. However, adding Medical Marijuana to your treatment plan involves a step-by-step certification process to get a Marijuana Card Naples. If you reside in Florida, you should consult our experts at My Florida Green. They are helping new patients in Sarasota, Melbourne, St.Petersburg, and Naples in their Medical Marijuana journey, assisting them at every stage of the certification process

What is post-traumatic stress disorder? 

Everyone faces stressful incidents and trauma of some form in their life, but most people can move on and live a normal life after going through a traumatic event. However, for some, it becomes a constant part of their life that they cannot forget. Some people get affected far more than others, which makes it harder for them to recover from a stressful life event. The emotional and mental stress that patients with PTSD experience takes a toll on their mental, physical and emotional well-being.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) mainly affects the mental cognition of a person. The condition is characterized by sleep disturbances, nightmares, anxiety, and depression. Treatment for PTSD works to restore a patient’s normal thinking pattern, a process called cognitive behavioral therapy. This treatment option improves symptoms and restores the patient’s self-esteem. However, treatment with CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and traditional drugs take a long time to show their effects, often leading to non-compliance and frustration in many patients. Medical Marijuana terpenes can also be used to treat depression.

The mechanism through which Medical Marijuana improves the condition of PTSD patients is still being studied. However, its well-known effect on the human endocannabinoid system enables Marijuana to enhance the stress response, reduce anxiety, improve the quality of sleep, and help replace old memories with new ones.

If you need more information on the remarkable benefits of Medical Marijuana on PTSD and want to hear about our patient’s successful experiences, you can read the patient testimonials on our website. Our experienced patient advocates are always happy to answer your questions to ensure you get the information you need about Medical Marijuana treatment, benefits, and different Medical Marijuana products.

How does Marijuana help reduce anxiety and improve sleep in patients with PTSD?

marijuan help reduce anxiety

Patients suffering from PTSD are often anxious, and this fear and anxiety can get triggered at the slightest provocation and stimulation. Feelings of agitation and anxiety are associated with the endocannabinoid system, which directs the body to respond appropriately to events, inciting emotional responses. Research studies have shown that THC, one of the active components in Medical Marijuana, activates the CB1 receptor of the brain and central nervous system, hence affecting the emotional response. When a patient adds Medical Marijuana to their treatment, it produces a soothing sense of calmness and a feeling of contentless. This effect and feeling masks the anxious feeling many patients of PTSD experience.

Insomnia is a symptom of several mental and chronic health conditions and is seen in patients with PTSD as they often experience recurrent nightmares. Patients with PTSD frequently have difficulty falling or staying asleep; they awaken easily, often waking up many times throughout the night. They relive the agony of the incident by recurrent episodes of nightmares and flashbacks, adding to the patients suffering.

Patients who take Medical Marijuana for PTSD have reported improved sleep patterns and better sleep quality, as Cannabis helps to restore their natural sleep cycle. Recent clinical trials have revealed that some Medical Marijuana strains are specifically designed with components that help solve insomnia. Studies have shown that THC is the active component that helps induce sleep in PTSD patients. THC helps to reduce the amount of REM sleep many PTSD patients experience, such that their nightmares and unpleasant sleep experiences are reduced.

However, if Medical Marijuana is taken without proper guidance and in large doses frequently, it can result in some unwanted effects leading to altered sleep patterns, anxiety, fear, and panic in some patients. It is very important that patients suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder schedule an evaluation with an experienced Marijuana physician. If you get verified by a physician and get approval for a Medical Marijuana Card Sarasota, you can add Medical Marijuana to your treatment plan. If you do not have access to an experienced Marijuana physician, you can contact our experts, and they will schedule your evaluation with the most experienced Marijuana physicians in Florida. Our physicians will ensure you take the right Medical Marijuana strain, combination, and dosage with the most suitable route of administration to guarantee a successful treatment.

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