Although recreational use of marijuana is still illegal in Florida, its medical marijuana program is thriving with over 306,000 medical marijuana patients according to recent statistics. However, if you want to become a medical marijuana patient in Florida, you need to go through the process of getting approved by a marijuana doctor and getting your medical card. Canna Doctors and My Florida Green are two of the services that can help you with this.

These are two of the longest-running companies in Florida that help connect patients with medical marijuana doctors for all kinds of qualifying conditions. If you’re interested in getting your medical card, then it’s well worth applying via one of these services as it makes the whole process smoother and easier. However, when it comes to choosing, some important factors set them apart. Here’s a breakdown of Canna Doctor vs My Florida Green.


My Florida Green is a Medical Marijuana Certification Center in the state of Florida. The service has been running ever since 2016 when medical marijuana became legal in Florida. Since then, it’s helped patients from all walks of life get their Florida medical cards as efficiently as possible.

Using My Florida Green is simple. The easy-to-use website allows you to see whether you have one of the qualifying conditions for medical marijuana in Florida and you can then apply online for them to connect you with a certified marijuana doctor. You’ll then have a face-to-face evaluation with the doctor to get approved for your medical card.

This service is offered at an affordable price and, if you don’t happen to get your medical card, there’s a money-back guarantee to protect you. My Florida Green has successfully helped many Florida patients, as seen by its 5-star rating on Weedmaps and positive Patient Testimonials.

What Is Canna Doctors.

What Is Canna Doctors?

Canna Doctors is another service that helps connect medical marijuana patients in Florida with qualified medical marijuana doctors. Patients can book an appointment online and they’ll help connect you with a medical marijuana doctor so you can get your medical marijuana card as quickly as possible.

Much like My Florida Green, Canna Doctors has been helping patients in Florida ever since 2016. The process is simple and anyone with a qualifying conditions can easily apply online, provide their medical records, and get an appointment with a marijuana doctor. They also offer a renewal service.

Canna Doctors is a reliable service with positive customer reviews. However, with higher pricing and a somewhat outdated website, it might not be your first choice. The Canna Doctors website is much more straightforward and not much is offered other than information on how to apply, but it’s still worth considering.

Canna Doctors vs. MY FLORIDA GREEN Locations

If you’re a Florida resident who’s interested in getting approved for medical marijuana, then both MY FLORIDA GREEN and Canna Doctors can help you. However, when it comes to picking between the two, there are a few factors you’ll want to consider. For instance, it helps to know which locations they serve.

Canna Doctors currently only allows patients to book appointments in two locations- Tampa and St. Petersburg. Patients in these locations can easily find the information they need and apply via their online service, although you might want to consider using MY FLORIDA GREEN instead.

My Florida Green serves patients in St. Petersburg as well as three other locations- Naples, Melbourne, and Sarasota. With a wider range of locations that will likely expand in the future, this is a great option for Florida patients.

Canna Doctors vs. MY FLORIDA GREEN Pricing

When deciding which service to use out of Canna Doctors and My Florida Green, you’ll also want to consider pricing. Both of these services can help connect you with medical marijuana doctors but you’ll need to pay for your appointment and certification. So which one offers the best value for your money?

A new patient evaluation via Canna Doctors will cost you $220. However, there are some caveats. Veterans get a discount, allowing them to get their evaluation for $30 less at $190. They also offer a package deal, allowing you and a friend or family member to apply for $340. They also offer a renewal service for $160.

While these are decent prices, MY FLORIDA GREEN offers much better value. Your face-to-face evaluation with a doctor costs just $199 when you use MY FLORIDA GREEN. What’s more, this also covers your certification and you’ll even get an individualized treatment plan. A money-back guarantee is also offered to all patients.

Canna Doctors vs. My Florida Green Pricing.

Canna Doctors vs. MY FLORIDA GREEN Resources

While both of these services are useful for those who want to get approved for medical marijuana in Florida, you might also want to look into what else they have to offer. In terms of extra guides and resources, there’s one clear winner here.

Canna Doctors focuses mainly on the service itself of setting up patients with doctor’s appointments. While they offer a list of qualifying conditions and information on the process of getting a medical card, there’s not much else the website has to offer.

MY FLORIDA GREEN, on the other hand, has a range of in-depth guides, blogs, and even videos on everything you need to know about medical marijuana. Along with detailed information on qualifying conditions, the site also offers a detailed Medical Marijuana Dispensary Guide so you know where to get medical marijuana in Florida. Users who are new to medical marijuana can also benefit from the Medical Marijuana Beginner’s Guide.

The Takeaway

The process of finding a marijuana doctor in Florida, getting approved, and getting your medical card can be costly and time-consuming. Luckily, these services help make the whole process much easier. Both MY FLORIDA GREEN and Canna Doctors can help patients get approved for medical marijuana in Florida, but one choice stands above the other.

Although Canna Doctors offers a straightforward website to help patients, MY FLORIDA GREEN offers better pricing, more locations, and much more detailed information for potential medical marijuana patients. If you’re looking for the best way to get your Florida medical card, then you can start right here below.

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