If you want to get a medical marijuana card in Florida, you’re going to need some help. Although the Sunshine State now serves over 306,000 patients via a wealth of medical dispensaries, you have to go through a few steps to get your medical card first. The first step is finding a qualified medical marijuana doctor, and MY FLORIDA GREEN and Emerald Medical Center are two services that can help you with this.

MY FLORIDA GREEN is one of the first Medical Marijuana Certification Centers in Florida, helping qualified patients get their medical cards quickly and easily. Not only that, but various resources are provided to ensure you get the care you need. Similarly, Emerald Medical Center is a Florida Medical Center with a network of marijuana doctors and advisers. So which should you use? Here’s a comparison of the two services.


Although there are now hundreds of thousands of medical marijuana patients in Florida, there are still tons of qualifying patients across the state who don’t know how to get their medical card, where to get marijuana, or what kind of products they should use. That’s where MY FLORIDA GREEN comes in. This all-in-one Medical Marijuana Certification Center can help with all your medical marijuana needs.

MY FLORIDA GREEN has been operating since November 2016 when the state’s Medical Marijuana Program came into action with Florida Amendment 2. MY FLORIDA GREEN is now one of the longest-running services for Florida patients who need medical marijuana certification. For a reasonable cost, residents of the state can get help with the entire process from getting their first medical marijuana doctor appointment to finding the right dispensary for their needs.

With a wide network of qualified medical marijuana doctors across the state, MY FLORIDA GREEN has helped people of all ages and backgrounds get the help they need, as can be seen from the many glowing Patient Testimonials. Anyone looking for help getting their Florida medical card can find various helpful resources and services.

What Is Emerald Medical Center.

What Is Emerald Medical Center?

Another service that can help Florida patients obtain their medical card and access medical marijuana is Emerald Medical Center. Emerald Medical Center was established in 2017 by Dr. Robert Brueck. After doing diligent research on the benefits of medical marijuana, Dr. Brueck sought to make it easier for patients to get quality care with medical marijuana.

Emerald Medical Center now connects patients with a network of qualified Florida medical marijuana doctors, allowing them to book an appointment, get approved for medical marijuana, and ultimately get their medical card. The service also offers expert advice for patients who want to know where to get medical marijuana and what kind of products can help them.

Whether you’re a current medical marijuana patient who needs help with recertification or a brand new user who wants to find out if they qualify, Emerald Medical Center has a service that can help you. Their easy patient registration form allows Florida residents with the advice and resources they need to get their medical cards.

Emerald Medical Center vs. MY FLORIDA GREEN Locations

When choosing between MY FLORIDA GREEN and Emerald Medical Center, one of the first things you should consider is where you’re located. Although both of these centers can help people all over Florida with advice and resources on how to get a medical card, they currently have limited locations in the state.

MY FLORIDA GREEN currently has centers in Melbourne, Naples, Sarasota, and St. Petersburg. With a range of doctors on the east and west coast, all you have to do is find the doctor closest to you and you can start the process of getting your Florida medical marijuana card.

Emerald Medical Center currently has office locations in Fort Myers and Cape Coral, so patients from these areas will likely find this service more helpful. With the current complications regarding the COVID-19 crisis, Emerald Medical Center also offers Telehealth appointments for patient recertifications.

Emerald Medical Center vs. MY FLORIDA GREEN Pricing

There are a few costs you’ll need to deal with before you can access medical marijuana in Florida. You’ll need to pay for your medical card application, but you’ll also need to pay for your doctor’s appointments to get approved in the first place. Both of these services try to minimize the cost so you can get your medical card as smoothly as possible.

MY FLORIDA GREEN strives to be the most affordable medical marijuana option for patients in Florida. A cost of $199 covers your face-to-face examination, allowing you to get your initial certification and an individualized treatment plan. There’s also a money-back guarantee and consulting with the service is free.

Emerald Medical Center costs slightly more, although you’ll still be getting access to quality care. An initial consultation costs $249, covering your appointment, detailed education on medical marijuana treatment, and assistance with completing your State of Florida online license registration. Veterans and first responders get a discount, bringing this price down to $199. Recertification costs just $149 ($124 for Veterans and first responders).

My Florida Green vs. Emerald Medical Center Resources.

Emerald Medical Center vs. MY FLORIDA GREEN Resources

Both MY FLORIDA GREEN and Emerald Medical Center can help connect you with a qualified medical marijuana doctor and give you the help and guidance needed to get your medical card as soon as possible. However, they also offer other services and resources to sweeten the deal.

Patients all over Florida will likely find many of the resources on MY FLORIDA GREEN useful. For instance, an in-depth Florida Dispensary Guide breaks down everything you need to know about all major dispensaries in Florida including locations, products offered, and patient ratings. There’s even a Beginner’s Guide and Medical Marijuana Educational Videos.

Emerald Medical Center offers a concise list of dispensaries for Florida medical marijuana patients as well as a Video FAQ and a series of guides via their blog. While you can find a lot of useful information from both of these sites, MY FLORIDA GREEN offers more in terms of resources for patients.

The Takeaway

If you’re looking to get your medical card, MY FLORIDA GREEN and Emerald Medical Center are both worth considering. MY FLORIDA GREEN offers a lower cost and currently has more locations with centers in Naples, Melbourne, Sarasota, and St. Petersburg. Although patients in Fort Myers and Cape Coral might find Emerald Medical Center useful, My Florida Green comes out ahead.

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