Medical marijuana is now legal in 33 states across the United States. However, many users find it hard to get their medical cards. Getting approved for medical marijuana is often a tricky process that involves many steps, and without guidance, it can be hard to know where to start. Fortunately, there are services that help you with this process, including MY FLORIDA GREEN and Veriheal.

MY FLORIDA GREEN is a Florida-based Medical Marijuana Certification Center that helps connect patients in the Sunshine State with marijuana doctors to make the process of getting access to medical marijuana that much easier. Veriheal offers a similar service, albeit with some important differences. Here’s a comparison of Veriheal vs. My Florida Green.


If you’re a patient in Florida who believes they can benefit from medical marijuana, then MY FLORIDA GREEN can help you. It’s one of the first and longest-running Medical Marijuana Certification Centers in Florida and has helped tons of patients get access to the care that they need.

Patients in Florida can use the MY FLORIDA GREEN website to check whether they qualify for a medical card and how to get it. They can also apply to be connected to a qualified medical marijuana doctor in the state. MY FLORIDA GREEN helps you through the entire process to make it as quick and pain-free as possible.

With low pricing, connections to many qualified professionals, and a wealth of helpful educational guides for Florida residents, MY FLORIDA GREEN offers all kinds of services for those in need. The service currently has a 5-star rating on Weedmaps as well as many positive Patient Testimonials.

What is Veriheal?

Veriheal is a healthcare technology company that provides a simple digital platform to help patients in need get access to medical marijuana. By connecting patients to doctors online, it can make the process of getting a medical marijuana card and getting access to medical products much easier for patients.

Their system allows patients to simply provide a basic medical history via their website and get connected to a licensed medical marijuana doctor in their area. They have a wide network of doctors who are all 100% HIPAA compliant so that patients can rest assured they get quality care.

While Veriheal helps patients in the state of Florida, it also provides help to patients in other states where medical marijuana is legal, such as Connecticut, Hawaii, and Illinois, among others. As well as helping connect patients with doctors, it also provides helpful resources such as a dispensary map to make it easy for patients to find dispensaries near them.

Veriheal vs My Florida Green Locations.

Veriheal vs. MY FLORIDA GREEN Locations

Both of these services can help patients with the process of getting approved for medical marijuana. However, one of the main factors you’ll want to consider when choosing between the two is the locations they provide. Each service takes a slightly different approach which may impact your decision.

MY FLORIDA GREEN focuses specifically on patients in Florida. If you’re a Florida medical marijuana patient, this service is tailored to your needs and can help you significantly. My Florida Green currently has physical locations in Melbourne, Naples, Orlando, Sarasota, and St. Petersburg, but it can also help patients in other parts of Florida.

Veriheal helps patients in various medical marijuana states. This includes states such as Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Florida, and others. The process starts with an online application before they connect you to a doctor in your area. Patients in Florida have a choice between the two and may prefer MY FLORIDA GREEN for its focus on Florida, but those outside the state will find Veriheal much more useful.

Veriheal vs. MY FLORIDA GREEN Pricing

Another important aspect you’ll want to consider before using one of these services is the pricing. Fortunately, both of these services offer fair pricing for patients and both can help you get your medical card without breaking the bank.

MY FLORIDA GREEN strives to be the most affordable option in Florida, offering patients plenty of value for their money. You can apply for free, but you’ll need to pay $199 for the face-to-face doctor’s examination. This covers your certification and you’ll even get individualized treatment plans. What’s more, it offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

Veriheal also starts at $199 which covers your medical evaluation, face-to-face consultation with a marijuana doctor, and certification. There’s also a group option priced at $379 that allows both you and a friend or family member to benefit from the service.

Veriheal vs. My Florida Green Pricing.

Veriheal vs. MY FLORIDA GREEN Resources

Along with helping connect patients with medical marijuana doctors and speeding up the process of getting their medical cards, MY FLORIDA GREEN and Veriheal also offer other extra resources via their websites. This includes things such as guides on medical marijuana dispensaries, products, and more.

Veriheal offers a Cannabis Central page that covers the latest news on the medical marijuana industry as well as guides on medical marijuana. It also has educational pages on things like qualifying conditions and frequently asked questions for patients. One of the most helpful features is the dispensary map which helps patients find dispensaries across the country.

Similarly, MY FLORIDA GREEN has various educational guides on things like Qualifying Conditions and a detailed breakdown of Florida Dispensaries. It also has a page that allows you to check the status of your medical card. These resources are especially useful for those in Florida, but can also be helpful for those outside the state.

The Takeaway

Veriheal and MY FLORIDA GREEN are both highly-rated services that help connect aspiring medical marijuana patients with certified marijuana doctors. They also both offer a wealth of resources for anyone who’s interested in medical marijuana. You can get medical marijuana in fast fed form.

The one you should choose largely depends on what you’re looking for. Veriheal helps patients in various states get the help they need with a streamlined service. However, those in Florida will likely prefer MY FLORIDA GREEN as it offers a service tailored specifically to those within the state with connections to some of the top marijuana doctors in Florida.