The number of people who take Cannabis is steadily on the rise as more healing abilities of the herb are coming to light. Marijuana has been proven to give relief to patients suffering from symptoms, especially in illnesses where traditional treatments cannot offer a balanced solution. Marijuana is a Cannabis-based drug that contains over 150 cannabinoids that has numerous health benefits, among them the most popular cannabinoids called THC and CBD.

Not all strains of Marijuana contain THC and CBD in combination; some may contain one of them only. However, Marijuana that contains both THC and CBD in the appropriate composition is effective as CBD reduces the euphoric effects of THC. Due to the varying amount of Cannibinoids, the impact that Cannabis can have on individuals cannot be predicted; hence only recommended or qualified patients can use the drug under controlled or strict supervision. Every Out-Of-State that has legalized Cannabis for medicinal use has a list of qualifying conditions ranging from HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Migraines, PTDS, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Tremors, Nerve or spinal cord damage, Parkinson’s disease, and other medical conditions.

As the popularity of the herb increases, many people are drawn towards Cannabis, but they need to follow the State guidelines for Cannabis consumption, possession, and use. The State of Florida has stipulated rules guiding the use of Medical Marijuana Card Saint Petersburg, especially when it comes to traveling and possession of Cannabis. Yes, when you want to carry Cannabis with you, there are laws that you should be aware of, to ensure you do not break any state laws and risk facing punishment. We, at My Florida Green, have experts that can give you comprehensive knowledge about all the applicable laws sorrunging the use of Cannabis in Florida.Out Of State

Out-of-State Cards: What is it used for?

Residents in Florida are among the millions of people in America. That can legally avail the benefits of Medical Marijuana for medicinal use. The State of Florida legalized the herb for certain patients and health conditions in 2017. The license has also been given to businesses and individuals in Florida. Which allows them to purchase and distribute Marijuana at the Medical Marijuana Centres (dispensaries).

However, patients cannot purchase Marijuana from these dispensaries without their Medical Marijuana Cards. The Medical Use of Marijuana Act, known as Senate Bill 8A, allows Florida residents to own a Medical Marijuana Card and use it to buy the recommended dose of Cannabis from licensed dispensaries in the State. The card is issued after each patient has been assessed by a state-licensed Marijuana specialist. Who has recommended and ascertained that the patient needs to take Medical Marijuana as a form of treatment. In Florida, patients can take their recommended dose of Cannabis. And carry it as long as they have their Marijuana Card on them.

Out-of-state cards are Marijuana Cards that can be used in other states where treatment of patients with Marijuana is allowed. Does this mean a patient with a Marijuana Card from one state can use the same card to purchase drugs in another state? There are many such questions that patients have surrounding the possession and carrying of Cannabis out of state. Some want to know if they are visiting Florida, can they use their card issued by another State? Do Florida dispensaries take Card issued by another state? and many want to know what does the Florida Marijuana Law stipulates.

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Do Dispensaries in Florida Accept Other States Cards?

Florida has approved patients with medical cards to purchase medical Marijuana from dispensary, but they are not accepting out-of-state cards. This means that a patient who owns a medical card but is not a citizen or a resident of Florida. He can’t buy medical Marijuana from any approved Medical Marijuana Centres (dispensaries) in Florida.

Some states accept out-of-state cards from patients, such as Arizona, Washington DC, Maine, Michigan, etc. And the acceptance of state cards by these states positively affects their economy and revenue. This agreement allows patients from other states to buy medical Marijuana from different states. Using their state-based medical card is known as a reciprocity agreement between states. This helps boost economic growth for both states.

However, Florida allows its seasonal residents who visit loved ones in the state. Or come to Florida for their vacation to apply for registry cards. These cards will enable visiting or seasonal residents to buy the drugs they need from Florida dispensaries. But for the seasonal residents to be eligible to apply for the registry cards or the medical marijuana cards. The patients must reside in Florida for up to 31 days. Then you can get marijuana card online.

In addition, the seasonal patients ought to have been diagnosed with one of the qualifying medical conditions. Before they would be qualified to get medical cards. For guidance on obtaining a medical card as a seasonal patient. Please get in touch with experts at My Florida Green to get the support you need. We are answering all your questions in this article, so keep reading and get all the information you need about traveling to and fro Florida with your medical card.