Since the legalization of Marijuana Naples uses in the state, the demand for Marijuana Cards in Florida continues to grow with each passing day. Medical Marijuana Cards are essential for patients permitted to take Cannabis for medicinal use. Dispensaries in Florida only allow patients to purchase Medical Marijuana if they have a legal Card. Some patients find the process of acquiring a medical card rather tiring and challenging but continue to opt for it for alternative treatment with Marijuana. If you have been reading about the medicinal marvels of Cannabis and want to try the herb for your health condition, but don’t know where to start and whom to ask for help, look no further. We are giving you all the information you need in this article to guide you on how to get your medical card without any hurdles.

The surge in Marijuana Cards is coming after many scientific studies and trials have established the medicinal benefits of this remarkable herb. Medical Marijuana can effectively manage and reduce symptoms of many severe illnesses and serious health conditions. The healing properties of Cannabis are linked to the natural compounds that it contains natural, known as cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are the main chemicals in Marijuana. The two main cannabinoids commonly found in Marijuana products are known as THC and CBD. THC is known to be the psychoactive agent in Cannabis that made the drug wildly popular in the past. It is the component of Marijuana that produces the ‘high’ feeling. In contrast, CBD is a non-psychoactive component and provides many benefits, such as pain relief without causing a high.

Medical Marijuana Products Contain Different Strains

However, most Medical Marijuana products contain different strains of THC and CBD in various compositions, specific to the purpose of the drug. The combination of THC and CBD makes it possible for CBD to reduce the psychoactive effect of THC, thereby allowing the therapeutic effect of the drug to manifest, relieving patients of their symptoms and improving their overall wellbeing.

If you want to apply for a Marijuana Card, continue reading this article to learn more about the application process. We at My Florida Green are compassionate about your plight and are available to assist you in getting your medical card and completing your certification in our stress-free service.

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What is the Best Way to Get a Marijuana Card?

While the process is reasonably straightforward, getting a physical examination done first is essential. You are only eligible to apply for a Marijuana Card once you have a diagnosis from a qualified physician. Then, all you need is to get your medical records from your physician and book an appointment with a qualified Medical Marijuana doctor. Once you are certified and registered online, your Marijuana Card is ready for you to use. Your Marijuana Card allows you to purchase the prescribed Cannabis products at the closest dispensaries. You can get your medical card within a few days if you can complete the process on time and give the required documentation. You can call our centers in Naples, Sarasota, St. Petersburg, and Melbourne to book an appointment with our licensed doctors for an evaluation.

As mentioned, the first step is to acquire your medical records from your physician before proceeding to book an appointment with a licensed Marijuana specialist who will assess your medical condition. Knowing that you can only book an appointment with a Florida-licensed physician is pertinent. Finding licensed doctors might sound like a difficult task, but it is quite simple.

The certification process involves you providing proof of residency in Florida. An I.D., driver’s license, passport, or photo identification can all pass as proofs of residency. Once the Marijuana specialist confirms that you reside in Florida. The next stage is to determine whether you are eligible to receive Cannabis medications, i.e., if you have a qualifying health condition. A Marijuana physician can ascertain by carrying out a medical examination and asking you some questions. Please note that this is a physical examination. And you must be physically present in the same room with the Marijuana expert.

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What are the Steps to Get a Medical Card Online in Florida?

During the evaluation with the Marijuana physician, you will also be informed about the benefits and risks of taking Cannabis. It is good that you share your concerns and ask the physicians to clarify the risks. And benefits of using Marijuana for your condition. You will be required to sign a consent form towards the end of the examination. This standardized form is a new precautionary measure in Florida.  And contains information regarding the dangers of smoking marijuana, such as near oxygen tanks, etc.

Once you are declared a qualified candidate for Marijuana use, you will be certified to own a Marijuana Card. And your information will be entered into the Florida Marijuana Use Registry by your physician. This will enable you to apply for your Florida medical card yourself. With your name and details in the registry, you can submit a completed application form for a medical card to the Office of Medical Marijuana Use.

Application for the Florida Medical Marijuana Card costs $75, and you may have to pay between $150 and $250 for your first visit to a Medical Marijuana Sarasota specialist for the evaluation. If your application is approved, you will receive a confirmation email. Otherwise, the DOH will require you to reapply. Immediately after you receive the medical card, you can proceed to purchase Medical Marijuana from any dispensary in Florida. However, you should note that the Florida Medical Marijuana Cards are only valid for 210 days. And require a re-certification every 70 days to avoid invalidation. If you need any more information any concerns, do not hesitate to contact our experts at My Florida Green.