Post-traumatic stress disorder is a part of the various anxiety disorders. It is usually characterized by highly stressful, frightening, and traumatic events. Post-traumatic stress disorder can develop after a distressing events. Such as a road accident, violent attack or assault, serious health issues, or extreme situations. PTSD can manifest itself at any time after the distressing event. Its symptoms might appear immediately after the event or can occur weeks, months, or even a year later. PTSD has been studied, and researchers have found this information. That 1 out of 3 people will experience PTSD after a disturbing life-altering event. But it is still unclear why it affects only some people.

It is a debilitating mental health condition and has devastating effects on the person and their loved ones. A person with post-traumatic stress disorder is often plagued by reliving the traumatic and distressing event by having nightmares and flashbacks, leading to isolation, irritability, and guilt. The person may also experience problems with sleep, often complaining of insomnia and having difficulty concentrating on everyday activities.

The growing acceptance and availability of Medical Cannabis and the significant percentage of PTSD patients. Who do not find relief from available traditional therapeutic treatments. They led to a growing interest to use Marijuana as an alternative choice. However, there is still an ongoing debate on both the potential therapeutic effects and risks of Medical Marijuana, the often chronic and debilitating nature of PTSD and the lack of treatment alternatives, have led many experienced physicians to prescribe controlled doses of Medical Marijuana to their patients. Since, it is not yet determined which Marijuana product, in what dose and frequency is best for PTSD, each case needs to be carefully evaluated and the Marijuana dose needs to be monitored.

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Miedical Marijuana Card in Florida State

Since the legalization of Cannabis in Florida State, patients have the option to add Medical Marijuana to their treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder, as it is on the list of qualifying conditions for Marijuana use. However, you need to apply for a Medical Marijuana Card to legally consume, possess, and purchase Marijuana. If you need more information on the certification process of the Marijuana Card, you can contact our experienced patient advocates and specialists. Our experts are helping more patients every day to get an appointment with our Marijuana physicians. We are using an advanced and secure digital platform that is empowering patients and helping them navigate their Marijuana journey. At My Florida Green, we strive to help patients get relief from their symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder by using the miraculous healing plant.

Medical Marijuana is also slowly gaining popularity amongst the general public, as research shows excellent results in patients taking Cannabis for PTSD. Marijuana shows a remarkable ability to manage symptoms of anxiety disorders, depression, mood changes, in addition to a post-traumatic stress disorder, improving the overall quality of a patient’s life. However, more quality studies are needed to completely understand its mode of action. Medical research has found that people who have been diagnosed with PTSD have compromised endocannabinoid system, which gradually results in acute to low levels of anandamide in their body. So, to explore how Medical Marijuana can be beneficial for treating the symptoms of PTSD, we must dig deeper into the components of Medical Marijuana to see how they affect the endocannabinoid system.

What is Medical Cannabis?

Medical Marijuana has many chemical compounds, and the two most common components are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Both components work together to replicate the anandamide in the body, and they do this by binding to the active cannabinoid receptors inside the brain. Many medical studies have proven that Medical Marijuana drastically reduces the activity in the amygdala. Which is responsible for the sensory experience of fear and anxiety, thus leading to feelings of being insecure. When taken in low controlled doses, THC reduces feelings of fear and anxiety in situations that are likely to trigger fear and stress. Many clinical studies and trials have concluded that Medical Marijuana significantly diminishes the intensity of symptoms of PTSD. Studies have also highlighted that Medical Marijuana reduces the recurring thoughts of the distressing event and helps the person to have decreased irritability, anxiety, and flashbacks of the incident.

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How does Medical Marijuana help manage PTSD?

Medical Marijuana facilitates the extinction learning process of the traumatic event, which means that it helps the person learn to replace the memory of the incident with subsequent good memories. This extinction learning process dramatically helps the person to overcome their “fight” or “flight” reactions. They can better overcome the event and return to activities without fear.

The most common and debilitating symptom of PTSD is insomnia. Patients suffering from PTSD are unable to sleep due to recurring flashbacks and haunting memories of the traumatic incident. Not being able to sleep further adds to their stress and anxiety, and they are unable to perform at work, focus on studies or have a normal social life. People who have PTSD have reported that after taking Marijuana. They were able to fight the night terrors, anxiety, and constant flashbacks of the event that made it hard for them to sleep.

The synthetic derivation of THC, nabilone, which is seen to enhance sleep. And reduce nightmares, is being used for the treatment of PTSD. Medical Marijuana furthermore curbs the series of anxiety, depression, and a persistent low mood in people with PTSD. Therefore, it is incredibly beneficial to treat the anxiety-related symptoms in patients. There are many medical marijuana products that lift their mood and reduce stress to come out of the vicious cycle of PTSD symptoms.

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Which Medical Marijuana product is best to use in PTSD?

Choosing the right Medical Marijuana product is a careful process involving an experienced Marijuana physician. Ideally, a trained physician should know which Marijuana strain, combination, and the dose is needed for each case. However, if you do not get the right product, you may not get the adequate dose to improve your symptoms. Hence, finding the right Medical Marijuana physicians becomes crucial to your treatment. We have a large network of experienced Marijuana physicians who are seeing new patients every day. And have the requisite expertise to recommend the product most suited for their patients. They have developed these expertise overtime by treating thousands of patients in Florida.

CBD oil helps patients with PTSD in a unique manner, it focuses to reduce  responses that produce anxiety, depression, stress, and many of the other symptoms associated with PTSD, thereby:

  • Blocking memory to reduce flashbacks
  • Improving natural sleep cycles
  • Regulating stress hormones
  • Improving extinction learning as mentioned earlier.

Lower doses of THC and CBD together are also known to give a sense of soothing calm, a relaxed feeling. Ultimately reducing the overall fear response and masking the haunting memories. THC considerably calms the person’s nervous system and makes the body crave a good sleep pattern.

How is Medical Marijuana changing the lives of many suffering from PTSD?

Since PTSD can create havoc for many patients, many turn towards alcohol as a crutch to numb the feeling of fear and anxiety. Many falls into the cycle of abusing alcohol and prescription medications in an effort to block the pain. In this situation, helping these patients to manage their symptoms becomes a challenge. But with Medical Marijuana, there is some hope. Medical Marijuana, by reducing the nightmares, flashbacks, and anxiety. Helps patients feel more secure in themselves, and they do not feel the need to numb their feelings. They are able to function better and live a more productive life.   Thus, Medical Marijuana is proving to be an excellent treatment alternative for people with PTSD.

However, to add Marijuana to your PTSD medications, you need to get our assistance to ensure your certification is approved without any hurdles and you receive your Medical Marijuana Card in a smooth and efficient process.