Since the legalization of Medical Cannabis in different States in the US, there is a growing need to develop safer and better Marijuana products that meet the demands of the thriving Medical Marijuana industry. Today, a myriad of Medical Marijuana products allows different routes of administrations with bespoke Marijuana combinations to bring maximum benefits to patients. Every clinical case and patient present with unique symptoms; hence, an experienced Marijuana physician is required to determine which Marijuana product, strain, route, and delivery method is most suited for you.

Medical Marijuana is a natural herb that contains active components with medicinal healing properties. Like other pharmaceutical drugs, these active components are extracted and used to make Medical Marijuana products in different forms and combinations. The two most common and used components, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD) in Medical Marijuana are mostly used to make different Cannabis products.

Medical Marijuana on Sick People

The selection of the most suitable Marijuana product depends on the severity of the patient’s symptoms, medical condition, and personal preference. For instance, some patients do not want to smoke, so they prefer Medical Marijuana pills, capsules, or oils to take them discreetly. At the same time, the physician also plays a vital role in selecting the best Medical Marijuana product for you. Medical marijuana inhalers are also effective for breathing problems.

Medical Marijuana.

The increase in Marijuana users has also led to the development of Marijuana centers in Florida offering services to people who are seeking Marijuana treatment. As one of the oldest and most trusted Marijuana centers, we have offices in Naples, Sarasota, Melbourne, St. Petersburg, and other locations in Florida. Our compassionate and experienced Marijuana experts help patients complete their Marijuana certification to get their Medical Marijuana Card without any delay. If you want to start your treatment, you can fill out an intake form, and one of our experts will call you right away. We are helping qualified patients obtain their legal Card to avail the benefits of Marijuana by adding a suitable Marijuana product to their treatment. We focus on providing value-based, patient-centric, premium service to all our clients and ensure that they understand the Marijuana treatment and products before they take the first step.

In the following discussion, we are listing some of the most common Medical Marijuana products available for your benefit.

Medical Marijuana Concentrates:

Cannabis concentrates are Medical Marijuana products with concentrated THC or CBD components extracted from the plant through chemical processes such as cold ethanol extraction. This process can preserve some naturally occurring elements like terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids present in Cannabis. These concentrates contain a very high concentration of THC or CBD derivatives. Depending on the technique used, these may appear as hard solid, like balms or liquid wax. They should only be taken with a physician’s recommendation because of their high concentration. They deliver high amounts of the active component into the body within minutes; hence they should be taken carefully. Your physician can prescribe these Medical Marijuana products in extreme cases where the patient needs immediate relief from pain or other severe symptoms. If you take the concentrates without your physician’s advice, you can exacerbate your condition, leading to harm and increasing the risk of unwanted effects.

Medical Marijuana edible .,

Medical Marijuana Edibles

Most patients prefer Medical Marijuana edibles because they are easy to consume as they are infused in food. These Marijuana edibles are produced by adding Marijuana to food and drinks. Medical Marijuana edibles can contain high amounts of active components of Cannabis in different combinations. Medical Marijuana edibles have a different mode of action; hence they cannot be prescribed to anyone, only your physician can determine if you should use them. Marijuana edibles take a long time to affect users compared to other faster forms like smoking and inhaling Marijuana, hence; they are better for people who need longer-acting effects, like for insomnia and chronic pain. In contrast, edibles may not be the best choice for people who need fast-acting relief from conditions like headaches.

Products containing Marijuana have the potential to interfere with other medications that you are taking for your illness. It can increase or decrease the strength of other medications. Hence, it is important you do not self-medicate and seek the advice of one of your physicians to guide you. The best Medical Marijuana product for your ailment should be determined by an experienced physician who has expertise in dealing with Marijuana patients. Our physicians are well experienced and trained in administering Medical Marijuana to patients. We ensure all our physicians and specialists are aware of all new Marijuana research. And all available products, to offer sound medical advice to their patients.

Marijuana inhale .

Medical Marijuana Inhalers

These Medical Marijuana inhalers are the most recent product available to patients and is gaining popularity. They are a discrete mechanism as they look like the normal inhalers used by asthmatic patients. These forms of Medical Cannabis give fast relief, accurate and discreet dosing. Marijuana products could either be made of THC, CBD, or a combination of both active components. Cannabis inhalers deliver fast, efficient, and effective relief every time you take a puff. When you breathe from a cannabis inhaler, CBD and THC. It go right into your lungs and into the bloodstream, much like oxygen. Because of this direct path, the effects are almost immediate.

Medical Marijuana .

Medical Marijuana Oil

Medical Marijuana oil is extracted from active components from the herb, which can contain the active components of Cannabis. These products are made with a base or carrier oil. Such as coconut oil which is missed with the extracted oil from the Marijuana plant. These oil forms commonly called CBD oils contain high proportions of CBD. They help in stress management, nerve pain, and anxiety.

CBD oil is becoming very popular because of its remarkable benefits. It has been made into various products to cater to people’s preferences. The strength and concentration of the CBD oil vary in each product. Which is why you should work with your physician at all times to get the correct percentage of Marijuana strain. If you take higher doses thinking you will get a higher effect, you will do more harm than good. Your anxiety levels could increase, alongside nausea, vomiting, and even mood swings.

My Florida Green – your partner in healthier Marijuana treatment

Your physician in My Florida Green clinic will ensure you get the best Marijuana product for your symptoms. They will recognize your preferences but note that your physician will not allow a Medical Marijuana product that is perceived to do more harm than good for you. They will reach a perfect balance between the Marijuana dose and the effect you desire.