After a long day, what everyone craves is a good night’s sleep. Getting into bed with a pillow beneath our heads and warm fuzzy blankets surrounding us is just what we need to get rid of the exhaustion of the day. While this thought is what keeps most of us going, falling asleep within a few minutes of our heads hitting the pillow is not as easy as it should be for many individuals.

Having trouble with sleeping through the night is a fairly common problem affecting millions of people worldwide. According to the statistics provided by the National Institutes of Health, more than $70 billion is spent on sleeping aids in a year, with the number going further up during the pandemic. While increasing stress levels and slight physical ailments can cause disturbance in sleep for any person, a large number of the population is being diagnosed and treated for sleeping disorders such as insomnia with the help of psychiatric drugs. However, improving sleeping patterns and getting restful sleep at night can also be achieved with the use of Medical Marijuana.

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In recent years, sleeping aids containing Medical Marijuana have emerged as an effective way to help restore the body’s natural sleep cycle. Studies show that Medical Marijuana pain and stress relieving properties help individuals not only to fall asleep quicker but also in slipping into a state of ‘deep sleep,’ which is thought of as the most restorative part of the sleep cycle. For individuals interested in improving their sleep with Medical Marijuana and are living in Naples, Melbourne, St. Petersburg, or Sarasota, you can apply for a Medical Marijuana Card Sarasota with the help of My Florida Green. The practitioners at My Florida Green are some of the bests in the field and can guide you in getting one step closer to a good night’s sleep.

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How does sleep deprivation affect our body?

Hearing complaints related to lack of sleep is very common nowadays; however, consistent lack of sleep can be dangerous as it can result in sleep deprivation in an individual. Sleep deprivation dramatically impacts physical and mental health as getting proper sleep is as essential for the human body as eating food, and drinking water is to function normally. Sleep enables our body to rest and allows our brain to restore its chemical balance. Other than causing irritation and fatigue, sleep deprivation can also have long-lasting detrimental effects such as memory loss, impaired cognitive functioning, high blood pressure, risk of diabetes, loss of balance, low immunity and other serious symptoms.

Studies have shown that individuals with the sleep disorder ‘insomnia’ are five times more likely to develop clinical depression. Comorbidity of insomnia with depression further aggravates the symptoms of both diseases in an individual, resulting in impaired social, personal, and occupational functioning. The only positive is that treating one illness also helps relieve symptoms of the other, and Ambien have been shown to reduce symptoms of both. My job is the source of my problems with sleep. I often work night shifts and get super-tired. But when I get home from work, I can’t fall asleep. The drug that saves me in such situations is Ambien. It is very effective. I take a Ambien 10mg and spend about 7 – 8 hours asleep. Those who deal with the same trouble should try this drug for sure.

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Linking the science of sleep and Medical Marijuana

Cannabis contains many different natural chemicals that help improve the natural sleep cycle in individuals. The two most essential components that are mentioned when talking about sleep are cannabinoids and terpenes. The cannabis plant contains 200 or more different chemical compounds called cannabinoids which are often the focus of research in the field of Medical Marijuana. The two most commonly highlighted are known as Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). These two cannabinoids, THC and CBD, have a structure similar to the body’s endocannabinoids found in the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and seem to improve sleeping patterns by interacting with the receptors present in the ECS. Cannabidiol is the non-psychoactive component in cannabis and is widely used to relieve symptoms of anxiety, depression, chronic pain and is also used to improve focus and attention.

When CBD is used in lower doses, it increases alertness in individuals, but it can induce sleepiness when taken in higher doses. However, the more commonly used component to treat restless sleep is THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychoactive component of Marijuana which results in the high associated with cannabis. Studies show that THC has sedative properties and makes it easier for individuals to fall asleep. Recent studies also suggest that THC alters the time spent in each stage of the sleep cycle. It increases the time spent in the slow-wave stage and decreases the time spent in REM sleep, ultimately reducing dreaming. By limiting dreams, individuals who suffer from anxiety disorders can avoid frequent night terrors, which include traumatic memories, consequently improving their sleep cycle. Medical marijuana edibles can also help in sleeping disorder.

However, changes in the sleep cycle can be troublesome if not evaluated correctly, making it essential to consult a professional before using any Medical Marijuana product. The right product taken in the right dosage is of vital importance in order to achieve the best results.

How Can You Access Medical Marijuana for Sleep?

There are several Medical Marijuana Products that can be used as sleeping aids such as THC edibles, oils, capsules, pipes, and vaporizers. However, which product works best varies from individual to individual, as the body’s reaction to certain Medical Marijuana products differs in each person. In order to determine the product which best suits your sleeping needs, you can book your appointment with a Medical Marijuana doctor now at any My Florida Green clinic in Naples, St. Petersburg, Sarasota or Melbourne for a quick and efficient process.