Medical Cannabis And Anxiety

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12 November

Medical Cannabis And Anxiety

Anxiety And Medical Cannabis


What Is Anxiety?

Before looking at the specific connections between medical cannabis and anxiety, it is important to understand the definition.


Anxiety is a sense of worry or fear, and having some level of anxiety in daily life is normal. You might feel anxious before giving a speech or presentation, confronting a problem at work or home, or making a major decision that can have far reaching effects. While anxiety is normal, it is not normal when persistent anxiety interferes with daily life.


Anxiety And Medical Cannabis


Every aspect of life is affected when someone has persistent anxiety. People experience insomnia, loss of appetite, irritability, and difficulty concentrating. Some people will endure panic attacks, periods of sudden and intense fear that is characterized by accelerated heartbeat, trembling, shortness of breath and feeling out of control. Anxiety can also lead to a number of different mental issues including depression, ADHD, eating disorders, and OCD.


Types Of Anxiety Disorders

There are a number of anxiety-related disorders. People with generalized anxiety disorders feel excessively anxious in regards to work, social interactions, and other daily routines.

  • Social anxiety disorder leads to a fear of social interactions and feeling embarrassed about the way you are perceived by others.
  • Separation anxiety causes people to fear the loss of a loved one.
  • Specific phobias are also a form of anxiety – while many people have a fear of heights, public spaces and spiders, these disorders can turn a healthy sense of caution into a paralyzing nightmare.


It is estimated more than 40 million Americans live with anxiety-related disorders – making the drugs that treat these disorders a huge business for pharmaceutical companies. Anti-depressants like Zoloft and Prozac are often prescribed, along with powerful tranquilizers like Valium and Xanax.


Medical Marijuana And Anxiety


However, these treatments come with their fair share of risks. Some people don’t respond favorably and carry a high risk of addiction and abuse. This is why researchers a started looking into how medical cannabis can be used to treat these all-too-common disorders.


Medical Cannabis And Anxiety

While both CBD and THC treatments have proven therapeutic for people suffering from anxiety, physicians are recommending and prescribing the use of high-CBD, low-THC products. Studies have shown that CBD can decrease anxiety by boosting the patient’s serotonin levels in the brain, very similar to how prescription anti-depressants work. Studies have shown that CBD may even help regenerate neurons in the region of the brain that controls memory and cognitive function.

The relaxing properties of high-THC products can also help reduce symptoms, but the psychoactive effects of THC can actually increase anxiety in some patients.


As with any cannabis-based treatment, every patient’s response will be different. It takes time and practice to find the right products to treat your anxiety, but with careful guidance and physician supervision, many anxiety patients will find that cannabis can be and incredibly helpful and a safe alternative to prescription pharmaceuticals.


CBD and THC For Anxiety


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