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Once you’ve registered with My Florida Green via The Doc App, you’ll probably want your Medical Marijuana Card approval as quickly as possible. This article will show you how to do that. What to do after you register for your Medical Marijuana Doctor appointment.

After you register with us, you will receive two emails from the State of Florida’s Medical Marijuana Use Registry. These emails contain your login information for the state registry. With the login details from these emails, you’ll need to login to the MMU Registry website, pictured below.

The first email will be your registration email, it will look similar to this:

                    The next will be your password reset, it will look like this:

This email has your temporary password, you can accelerate your approval by logging into your state profile, creating a new password, and completing the steps below.

How to complete your MMU profile

If you see your photo from your driver’s license pre-loaded in your state profile, do not replace it. This will slow down your approval.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll be prompted to upload proof of residence. This is usually your driver’s license.

Seasonal residents, or those without a state driver’s license, can upload pictures of your utility bill, lease, property tax, or voter’s registration documents. Once they’re uploaded, you’ll be asked to “sign” the page at the bottom by typing your name.

Once you do that, a new button will appear prompting you to pay the state’s $77.75 processing fee.

If this process is confusing or difficult, don’t do it. We can take care of this during your doctor’s visit. And remember, don’t stress! We are here for you and will make this all easy for you.

To see if you, your friends, or your family may qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card please click this link and fill out the brief form.