Knox Medical, now known as FLUENT, is one of the leading dispensaries in the state of Florida. Knox Medical started out with a single dispensary in Orlando. Since then, they’ve opened up many successful dispensaries across the state, rebranded, and even expanded into other states.

The company has a clear focus on creating high-quality cannabis products for medical use. They now serve tons of patients in the Sunshine State, and with more dispensaries soon to open, there’ll soon be FLUENT dispensaries available to everyone in Florida. So what should you expect from FLUENT and where can you find their dispensaries? Here’s our Knox Medical Florida Dispensary Review.

About Knox Medical/Fluent

Knox Medical was one of the first dispensaries to gain a statewide license in Florida to sell medical cannabis. The company actually originated right here in Florida, initially with a single dispensary in Orlando. They can now be found all over the state, although many of their dispensaries are now under a new name.

Back in early may, Knox Medical underwent a rebranding to FLUENT Cannabis. Their products and many of their dispensaries are now under the FLUENT banner. You can find them in various parts of Florida, including popular cities and smaller towns. The brand creates a range of their own cannabis products and aims to provide care to medical marijuana patients.

In addition to many new FLUENT stores opening up across Florida, the company is also expanding into other states such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Texas. They’re also planning operations in other countries such as Canada and Puerto Rico. As such, FLUENT is one of the leading companies in the medical marijuana sector and Florida patients are well-served by their dispensaries.

Knox Medical Product Range

You can find a huge range of products at Knox Medical dispensaries. Their FLUENT product range consists of all kinds of ways to consume cannabis. In addition to their own strains of flower, they also produce various THC and CBD products to suit every kind of user.

Indica strains include Lyra and Polaris, which are great for those who need relief for chronic pain and stress or need to counteract insomnia. Sativa strains such as Baldor and Subra are also available for those who want mentally-stimulating effects to counteract issues such as anxiety, depression, and fatigue. These are generally available both as loose flower and in pre-rolls.

Those who want to consume THC in a different way can choose from a selection of vape cartridges and tincture drops, available in indica, sativa, and hybrid. Alternatively, you can also use THC capsules for a straightforward and convenient way to consume THC.

Users who want medical benefits without getting high can choose from their CBD products in their Zeltor and Perla ranges. These are available in all kinds of consumption methods, including flower, pre-rolls, cartridges, tincture drops, topicals, capsules, and even suppositories. Alternatively, you can also get blended products with varying ratios of CBD to THC.

All in all, the brand offers a very impressive range of products. No matter how you prefer to get your cannabis treatment, there’s something suitable for you.

Best Fluent Products

With such a huge range of FLUENT products, patients have a lot to choose from. The best choice for you depends on how you prefer to use medical marijuana and the kind of symptoms you’re trying to relieve. Here are some of the best FLUENT products.

Versa Tincture Drops – FLUENT Versa drops are designed to give you full-body relaxation. Patients suffering from chronic pain can benefit greatly as this. It can also help with issues such as stress, migraines, and insomnia. Versa is also available in vape cartridge form.

Baldor Flower – Baldor is one of FLUENT’s best strains, offering a hybrid of strong sativa effects along with a soothing indica body high. It can help with a range of physical and mental issues but is best for things like anxiety, depression, stress, and fatigue. It’s available as flower, but you can also get it in the form of tincture drops or vape cartridges.

Perla CBD – Perla is a high-CBD strain cultivated by FLUENT which provides medical relief without overwhelming effects. You can get it all kinds of forms including flower, tincture drops, topicals, and suppositories.

Knox Medical Florida Dispensary Locations

You may be able to find some dispensaries still branded as Knox Medical, although many have now rebranded to FLUENT. Either way, the brand has many dispensaries up and down the state. They also plan to open more soon, so it’s likely every Florida patient will soon have access to a FLUENT dispensary.

Current locations in Florida include Melbourne, Jacksonville, Lake Worth, Orlando, North Miami Beach, Clearwater, Fort Walton Beach, Gainesville, St. Petersburg, and Tallahassee. There are also new FLUENT dispensaries opening soon in Cutler Bay and Kendall.

FLUENT now serves many medical cannabis patients in Florida. New dispensaries are constantly opening and FLUENT even has a couple of dispensaries out of state, currently in Hanover, PA and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

How To Get Cannabis From Knox Medical/Fluent

In order to buy cannabis from one of the many FLUENT dispensaries across the state, you’ll first need to get a Florida medical card. Florida has one of the most successful medical marijuana programs, and if you have one of the qualifying conditions in Florida, you can get a medical card in a few steps.

Patients must visit a qualified medical marijuana doctor in Florida in order to get approval for their medical card. They’ll be able to approve you based on your health status and medical records. If you qualify, you’ll be entered into the Medical Marijuana Use Registry, which will allow you to apply for your medical card.

You’ll receive an email allowing you to apply online for your Registry Identification Card. You’ll need to fill in your personal details, provide proof of residency, and provide a passport-style photo for your medical card. There’s also an application fee of $75. You’ll need to renew your application every 90 days.

Once approved, you’ll receive a temporary Identification Card via email and your physical card will be mailed to you. You can then buy medical cannabis from any Florida dispensary, including the many FLUENT dispensaries across the state. Now, Major League Baseball also removed marijuana from ban substances.

The Takeaway

Knox Medical, now known as FLUENT, is one of the most prominent chains of dispensaries in Florida. If you’re a medical marijuana patient in the state, you can go to one of their many dispensaries and buy a range of products. Whether you prefer raw flower, THC Oils or CBD products, there’s something available for every patient at fair prices.

If you need assistance in getting medical cannabis in Florida, can help you get your Florida medical marijuana card. Simply register online and we can connect you with a Florida medical marijuana doctor and make the whole process of getting your medical card as smooth as possible.