Cannabis has been hailed as a miracle herb by many owing to its remarkable healing benefits. As research into various Marijuana’s healing abilities increases, more and more new studies establish its benefits, hence increasing its use as an alternative treatment option. Today, there are many different preparations and products of Marijuana, ranging from edibles, drinks, topicals, soaps, balms, oils, pills to vapes, to name a few, each product bringing its own benefits and route of action.

Cannabis soup is a new way of consuming Marijuana; it is a delicious and a nice blend of broth and Cannabis. Other ingredients, proteins, vegetables, and spices can be added to make it more flavourful. The recipes available to make this incredible healing preparation are endless, and it carries immense medicinal properties. It is an excellent way of taking Cannabis and is especially beneficial for cold and influenza symptoms.

But how much Cannabis should be added to the soup; is a question best answered by an expert. There are different Marijuana derivatives available today, which can be overwhelming for the patients. Hence, you can take the expert recommendation from our specialties that are available to talk to new patients. We have established centers in Naples, Sarasota, Melbourne, and St.Petersburg, where qualified patients get expert help from our team. They are helping thousands of patients complete their Marijuana certification, and help them obtain their Marijuana Card.  

Ideally, a dietician should guide you in this process of preparation of Cannabis soup. If you are looking to speak to one, contact our experts, and they will arrange an appointment with one of our dieticians. Our experienced nutritionists and dieticians can recommend the exact amount and strain of Cannabis you should have in your soup.

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How and why is Cannabis soup better for the cold?

Cannabis Soup, like any other preparation of Marijuana, is made up of the main active ingredients, THC and CBD. If it is made up of the same components, you would wonder why you should make and drink a soup when you can smoke or vape Cannabis. Well, the answer is very simple. When you consume Cannabis by smoking or vaping via the respiratory tract, it is likely to irritate the already inflamed airways and nasal passages. This can deteriorate your symptoms, and you may not get the desired effect.

However, by taking Cannabis in a soup or other edibles, it is ingested by the digestive tract, bypassing the respiratory tract. Warm soup can help relieve symptoms of sore throat, body pains, congested nose, and cough, which are all associated with the common cold. By adding Cannabis soup to your treatment, you can recover faster and get relief from the symptoms. Many of us manage the common cold infection with ibuprofen and Tylenol, but it only helps with the body pain and fever. However, the cannabinoids, THC, and CBD have been shown to possess pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, and they can induce sleep, helping in the recovery process.

Marijuana helps with Headaches and Migraines

As an anti-inflammatory agent containing controlled amounts of THC and CBD, Cannabis can help open the sinus passages that are usually clogged, making it easier for the patients to breathe during the cold. This also allows the patient to get better sleep. Many patients suffer from severe headaches and migraines aside from body aches, stuffy nose, and restricted airways during a cold. THC is known to be an excellent alternative for reducing headaches, and migraines, improving the patient’s life significantly.

However, as explained earlier, you must consult a specialist before adding Cannabis soup to your treatment of cold and influenza. When Marijuana is taken without guidance and recommendation from an expert, it can carry a risk. Our physicians are experienced and can provide guidance on the amount of Cannabis you can use in preparing soup and other edibles.

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What are the other benefits of taking Cannabis Soup?

Vitamins and Minerals: 

Cannabis is a flowering plant containing some vitamins and minerals available in green vegetables. Some of the vitamins and minerals in cannabis leaves are Vitamin K, C, Iron, Calcium, Folate, and fiber. It helps increase stomach movement and lowers cholesterol levels in the body. When you consume the recommended amount of Cannabis in your soup, all these extra benefits can enhance your healing process.

Cannabis reduces nausea and improves appetite.

Many patients feel nauseous and unable to eat when they have a cold. This makes them weak and reduces their strength and immunity. However, when Cannabis is added to the treatment, it reduces the feeling of nausea and improves appetite, so the patient can eat and get better quickly. This is an excellent advantage of taking Cannabis, as it improves the active symptoms of cold and helps the patients manage their diet and sleep. All these remarkable healing effects improve the patient’s recovery process.

How can our experts help you?

We have a team of experienced specialists that have been trained in administering Marijuana for various health conditions. We help qualified patients complete their certification to add Cannabis to their treatment of influenza and other illnesses. You can visit our center and speak with our team if you are in Naples, Melbourne, and St. Petersburg.