Terpenes are characteristic elements that have pleasant fragrances in flowers, citrus fruits, and some other trees. It is this quality of terpenes that provides the unique taste and scent that is found in Marijuana. Research has found that terpenes contain cannabinoids vastly different from THC and CBD compounds present in Marijuana. Additionally, terpenes interplay with THC and CBD, resulting in a synergistic interaction responsible for many beneficial effects of Marijuana as a medical treatment. THC and CBD both provide medicinal benefits.

Despite its interaction with THC and CBD, terpenes are solely responsible for the unique aroma of Marijuana, which allows the medical experts to differentiate between the various strands of Marijuana and recommend the best suited for the patient’s medical needs. Our experts have expertise in administering Marijuana, and the Terpenes help them differentiate between different Marijuana strains. Our specialists do an in-depth evaluation of the clients before recommending them for Marijuana use. We have established centers in Naples, Melbourne, and St. Petersburg, where you can get premium Marijuana services.

It is well established that the Sativa and Indica strain have the potential to promote energy and help patients to wind down. But recent studies are trying to prove that terpenes have a significant role in driving the activities of the active components in Cannabis, particularly the sedating and the energizing effects of Marijuana.

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Benefits of Terpenes in Medical Marijuana:

The benefits of terpenes have been established through multiple clinical trials, and their anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-mutagenic, and antitumor properties have been determined. They also have low level of toxicity, making them a suitable compound to be used in food additives and cosmetic products. However, the medicinal benefits of terpenes depend on the number of isoprene units they have, which are either mono, di, tri, tetra, or sesquiterpenes.

What are the different types of Terpenes?

The terpene structure contains various isoprene units, the unsaturation and groups of terpenes vary depending on the nature of these isoprene units. Therefore, they can be divided into groups based on the isoprene units they contain.

  1. Monoterpene- These molecules contain two isoprene units.
  2. Sesquiterpenes- These molecules have three isoprene units.
  3. Diterpenes- These molecules have four isoprene units.
  4. Triterpenes- These molecules have six isoprene units

Each of the above terpene’s structures are found in different Marijuana strands and has immense healing abilities.

Monoterpenes structures have been investigated for their antiviral properties, while a few others have been highly effective in treating cancer and diabetes.

Some types of terpenes are discussed below:

This terpene has a minty taste and is commonly found in geranium, lemongrass, eucalyptus, and parsley. Studies on these terpenes have been identified to have antiviral activities against the H1N1 and H2N2 influenza viruses.


This group of terpenes is commonly found in conifer trees, orange peels, and Cannabis and is the most widely occurring terpenes with antiviral properties. They are particularly effective against bronchitis virus and can be used alternatively with antibiotics. Some other studies have discovered that they have great medicinal benefits for treating the herpes simplex virus and can reduce infectivity to about 96%.


This terpene has a sedative and calming effect on patients, and it can be found in lavender, cinnamon, and Cannabis. It is also observed to be effective against the influenza virus and has been effectively used in reducing the cytopathic effects of the influenza virus. 


These are much larger compounds than monoterpenes and are much more stable in comparison. Medical research has concluded that sesquiterpenes have many uses in traditional western medicine because they contain so many anticancer, antiplasmodial, and anti-inflammatory activities. In addition, sesquiterpenes lactones are able to reduce stomach ulcers in some people and are also present in powerful antimalarial drugs.


They are naturally occurring chemical compounds and have many therapeutic benefits such as antitumor, cytotoxic, and anti-inflammatory. They are also present in anticancer drugs such as taxol, and phorbol.


They have been studied for anticancer, antioxidant, antiviral, and anti-atherosclerotic activities. Many studies have found great potential for the use of triterpenes by diabetic patients as it aims to reduce glucose levels also reduce the sweetness inhibitors in sweet and high-calorie foods.

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What are the different ways to take terpenes in Medical Marijuana?

The medical benefits of terpenes vary based on how the products are consumed.

Inhalation is the most common method of taking terpenes, usually by smoking or, more recently, vaporizing cannabis flowers. In contrast, some terpenes have benefits when they are taken orally, especially for patients with digestive complaints.

One of the most frequently inhaled terpenes is Linalool, the sweet and floral terpene that is well-known for its calming. Anti-anxiety mental wellness properties and the sense of deep relaxation it imparts to the body. This terpene, mainly when used in conjunction with cannabinoids like CBD. It has been found to help reduce and prevent the occurrence of seizures.

Orally consuming Myrcene, the most common terpene found in the cannabis flower, seems to have many benefits for digestive issues. Such as reducing the formation of ulcers and producing protective mucus in the gut. Which forms a defense against digestive problems.

Oral sprays can be used by patients needing an immediate or fast effect from medical Marijuana. And these sprays can contain either CBD or THC components incorporated with other ingredients. When it is administered beneath the tongue. It gains fast entry into the bloodstream and provides immediate relief from the symptoms.

The topical use of terpenes has also been of great medicinal benefits. When applied directly to the skin, it greatly helps in reducing inflammation and has potent anti-fungal activity. The majority of the terpenes have shown antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral properties.

Therefore, terpenes provide a world of possibility for medical relief, and our team of experienced physicians at My Florida Green will likely recommend the best terpenes product. Our professional physicians are available 24/7. Either online or via appointment at the physical office, for the best professional medical marijuana advice.