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My Florida Green is Florida's most experienced Medical Marijuana Doctor's service and has been helping qualified patients get the relief they deserve since November 2016. Our statewide network of Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors are helping patients get the education, support, and service needed to get the most from their Florida Medical Marijuana Cards. We also give patients access to the only HIPAA-compliant Medical Marijuana patient management software to ensure your records are always safe, and your Florida Medical Marijuana Card is always easily kept in compliance.

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My Florida Green: proven operators committed to your health, My Florida Green is Florida's most experienced Medical Marijuana Doctor's service and has been helping qualified patients get the relief they deserve since November 2016.

Nick Garulay

Nick Garulay

Founder & CEO

My name is Nick Garulay, and I’m the founder and CEO of My Florida Green. For me, my company is not so much a business as it is an expression of one of my great passions in life. Let me tell you about that.

I have been working in the medical software field for some time, and have been dismayed time and again by the difficulties that physicians and their patients experience in getting medical cannabis into the hands of the people it can most help. In many cases, those affected are among the most vulnerable members of our society: people with disabilities, those who are at the end of life, those who live with chronic pain, and people with serious health afflictions. I wanted to do something about that.

I’m not a doctor, so I can’t help in that way. However, I am a talented technology guy, so I felt I could do something to help. After all, the purpose of technology is to improve a process and make it easier! So, I created a patient management platform to facilitate medical marijuana certifications for both doctors and patients in the setting ofthe complicated process required by the state of Florida. 

I licensed the software to a few doctors back in November2016 and began working with patients by connecting them with doctors licenced to incorporate medical marijuana into their care plan. At that time, Florida law governing the use of medical marijuana was included under the “Compassionate Care Act”, a law that was meant for “terminally ill” patients.

At that time, a doctor had to document an established relationship with a patient for at least 90 days before the patient could be listed on the Compassionate Use Registry. I saw first-hand in the patients that I was connecting with the massive frustration that this cumbersome process created, as these people were at the end of life and suffering considerably from symptoms that could have been eased by medical marijuana. Some gained access, but many did not, as they took their last breath during the waiting period.

I believe that the current law was implemented out of fear of the unknown, and an enduring stigma left over from the disastrous “War on Drugs.” Unfortunately, it’s people who could benefit from medical marijuana who pay the price while society at large and lawmakers come to understand that cannabis can not only treat a condition, but also help a patient heal.

I established a relationship with these patients that went above and beyond my professional interactions with them, and it filled me with motivation to help as best I could. I wanted not only to help them get what they needed, butalso to help them improve their quality of life. The progress I witnessed was incredible, so I went all in.

To be honest, cannabis was never a thing for me personally. I used it a couple dozen times in my 42 years in casual settings, but I never really enjoyed the feeling. THC – the psychoactive compound of the plant – does not agree with me. Having seen first-hand the effect medical marijuana can have on some people who are very sick, I’m grateful that I didn’t let my personal experience with cannabis hinder my ability to recognize that it truly is a medicinalplant.

The software I launched in 2016 is now in the past. I’ve built three more platforms since then, including an app for patients to stay in control of their profile and monitor progress. The data my team has gathered from patients and healthcare professionals have proven invaluable.

My Florida Green is a patient management platform that is licensed to compassionate physicians who believe in cannabis as a medicinal alternative, and are looking for a tool that allows them to facilitate patient engagement, prescribing, and follow-up. The software is also intended for patient use to improve their ability to properly document their response to treatment and better communicate with their physician. Physicians and patients are provided with a robust set of tools and applications that meet their specific needs and improve their contact and collaboration in the patient’s care.

It is our ultimate goal is to improve patient care by streamlining the process, reducing errors, improving communication, and ensuring state law compliance for all physicians who are interested in recommending medical marijuana for patients with debilitating conditions. 

What we’ve developed can pave the way for a new form of healthcare for physicians and patients. After much gruellingwork, I am proud of the accomplishments of my team and my family, who essentially are one in the same. Together we can make a difference for physicians and patients, and I am excited for what the future holds for My Florida Green.

To contact Nick Garulay, feel free to send him an email Nick@myfloridagreen.com

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Nick Garulay

Brandi Perl

Office Manager/Admin

My name is Brandi Perl and I am the office manager at MFG. I grew up in North Carolina and Georgia and have lived in Naples since 2001 (with a few years in DC). I have always had a passion for helping people and the life changing transformations I see our patients experience is the most rewarding part of this job. I have been an EMT and worked in traditional medical offices my entire professional career and bring with me the knowledge and expertise to help you obtain your recommendation. I am here to help you navigate through the MFG patient experience and answer any questions you may have as we help you on the natural road to recovery. 

To contact Brandi use her email brandi@myfloridagreen.com

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Nick Garulay

Michael Perl

Corporate Security

Michael directs corporate and physical security operations. 

Over the course of more than a decade in the U.S. Secret Service, Michael has planned and executed security operations in more than 25 countries, identifying and mitigating threats and vulnerabilities to sitting and former Presidents of the United States.

As a Special Agent with the Secret Service, Michael directed and supervised sensitive investigations involving fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, bank fraud, identity theft, access device theft, counterfeiting, electronic crimes and other white collar criminal acts. 

Michael proudly served in the U.S. Army as a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division. As an intelligence analyst, he supervised, coordinated, and participated in collection management, analysis, processing, and dissemination of combat, strategic and tactical military intelligence. To contact Mike Perl, feel free to use the email below


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Nick Garulay

Irfan Malik

Chief Technical Officer

Irfan Malik is a dedicated IT professional, who has worked with a multitude of entrepreneurs, by making their priorities his own. He grew up with a goal to take initiatives, to value progress, and to guarantee success.  Driven by ambition and consistency, Irfan aims to attain the epitome of exemplariness.

With steady advancement in his career, Irfan felt compelled to do something to aid the masses; something purposeful. After The Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative was passed, and Irfan was made aware of the medicinal benefits of marijuana for people suffering from chronic illnesses, working on this project with Team Green seemed like the perfect fit!

Combining Irfan's development expertise with the Founder's innovative vision, My Florida Green continues to alleviate the struggles of obtaining certified Medical Marijuana. Thus empowering the mission 'Medical Marijuana Made Easy'.

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Nick Garulay

Petr Pokorny

OMMU Admin

Petr joins our team from Czechia. He ensures patient state profiles are complete with the Office of Medical Marijuana Use. His work ethic is much appreciated by both our staff and patients of My Florida Green.

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Nick Garulay

Kristy Coville

Patient Advocate

Kristy brings an incredible light to our team with her spunky personality and compassion for our patients. She guides patients through the check in process and ensures state profiles are complete.

To contact Kristy, use her email Kristy@myfloridagreen.com

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Nick Garulay

Mary Chadwick

Patient Advocate

Mary Chadwick, a Naples, Florida native joins the My Florida Green team as a patient advocate. She has proven herself to be proficient and compassionate for patients in need of assistance. She's usually the first face you'll see when entering our Naples facility. She will help you with completing your state profile and making sure your profile is complete.

To contact Mary, use her email Mary@myfloridagreen.com

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Nick Garulay

Landree Baker

Patient advocate

Landree joins us from Kansas. Her experience in the hospitality industry is welcomed here at My Florida Green as customer service is our number 1 priority. Her duties include patient check in and OMMU profile completion.

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My florida green sets the gold standard in care To provide a safe online environment for both our patients and our physicians to diagnose, get treatment, and access unparalleled care. We follow all laws and legal protocols set forth by the State and Department of Health.

Founder Nick Garulay speaks on My Florida Green helping to make medical marijuana easy

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About My Florida Green

About My Florida Green

MY FLORIDA GREEN was founded to give people suffering from a variety of health conditions fast, easy access to natural medicine that works in a manner synthetic chemicals cannot. Our focus is to deliver premium care and build lasting relationships with our customers by offering the best service in the business. 

We have been helping patients navigate the uncharted waters of medical marijuana in Florida since the passing of Amendment 2 in November 2016 and have already helped over 26,000 qualified patients obtain their Florida Medical Marijuana Cards. We have done this by partnering with the most experienced medical marijuana doctors in Florida and building a world-class HIPAA-compliant software platform that empowers medical marijuana patients with education and makes the certification process fast and easy. 

Experience the MY FLORIDA GREEN difference by establishing care with a premier medical marijuana doctor today!

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