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My Florida Green: Proven Operators Committed to Your Health

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Founder & CEO, Nick Garulay

Nick Garulay grew up outside of Boston, and moved to Naples, Florida when he was 18. He first worked as a server while chasing his dream of buying and selling exotic cars. His first love was the Porsche 928, Tom Cruise’s famous car from Risky Business. After his first successful trade, he got a taste of success and went all-in buying and selling premium automobiles.

Over the next 20+ years he built his passion into a $30-million auto trading platform. But he found that the success was hollow, and there was no fulfillment. It was at this point in late 2016 that he was introduced to the marijuana pioneer Tripp Keber on a trip to Colorado. After learning more about the positive impact that Medical Marijuana can have for patients and communities he knew the time was right for an advocate to step up for Florida patients in need.

When Amendment 2 passed, Nick went to work to help the people of Florida get the care they deserved. Since then, My Florida Green has helped thousands of patients get certified for Medical Marijuana. Medical Marijuana Made Easy is our mission, empowering patients with Medical Marijuana is what we do.

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VP of Patient Access, Mac Strong

Mac Strong brings over a decade of experience in technology marketing, design, and business development to My Florida Green. He’s worked for some of the fastest growing companies in the world, and began his career working with a Florida-based software private equity firm. It was here that he met Nick Garulay in 2007. After working together on a series of projects, Mac moved to Colorado in 2013 to continue his work in the software industry.

In 2016 he was recruited back to Florida and soon found that the lifestyle his work afforded was no longer worth the cost. He knew there had to be a more fulfilling career where his effort would make a bigger impact in people’s lives. He reconnected with Nick, heard about My Florida Green, and immediately got involved.

Mac now helps spread the good news of the healing powers of Medical Marijuana to all Floridians, while guiding My Florida Green’s technology and patient outreach strategy.

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Director of Compliance, Brandi Roberts

Brandi Roberts is the Director of Compliance at My Florida Green. Brandi grew up in North Carolina and Georgia and has lived in Naples since 2001. She has led medical compliance teams for her entire professional career and is also a trained EMT. Brandi’s attention to detail and deep medical records experience ensures that My Florida Green patients are always in compliance.

As our patients already know, Brandi will help you navigate the challenges of Florida’s Medical Marijuana Use Registry system and answer any questions you may have on your natural road to recovery. Brandi’s commitment to positive patient outcomes and medical expertise ensures that My Florida Green patients always get the very best care and support.

Why Partner With My Florida Green?

My Florida Green is Florida’s most experienced Medical Marijuana Doctor’s service and has been helping qualified patients get the relief they deserve since November 2016. Our statewide network of Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors are helping patients get the education, support, and service needed to get the most from their Florida Medical Marijuana Cards. We also give patients access to the only HIPAA-compliant Medical Marijuana patient management software to ensure your records are always safe, and your Florida Medical Marijuana Card is always easily kept in compliance.

Our exclusive network of expert Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors are licensed with the Office of Medical Marijuana Use and follow the same protocol. We offer patients the maximum dose per day and we give our patients access to all products available by the licensed Medical Marijuana dispensaries here in Florida.

Our physicians recommend, they don’t “prescribe.” Every patient is different, and to find your favorite products, dispensaries, and dosages, experimentation is needed. There is no specific strain, specific dose, or delivery method that treats a specific condition–each patient must find their own. There will likely be many different strains and delivery methods that will help you.

During new patient visits, we advise everyone to “start low, and go slow” until you find what works. And remember, there have been zero deaths ever caused by Marijuana overdose, so be careful, but don’t be afraid.

To see if you qualify, just click here and we will connect you with our expert Medical Marijuana doctors in Naples, Palm Bay, Davie, Sarasota, and St. Petersburg. We guarantee a positive user experience and satisfaction or your money back! We believe in honest, compliant, and compassionate service and look forward to establishing a lasting relationship with you as patient advocacy, wellness, and self improvement are our priorities.

Establish care and join The Green Movement today!

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Medical Marijuana Certifications Pricing


$99 will establish care as we build your medical profile and register you with the Office of Marijuana Use.


$199 will cover your physical evaluation, this is your actual in person Doctor’s visit and is required by law in order to become certified.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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