Born and nurtured in the vibrant borough of Brooklyn, NY, Jason K. Castro, Esq.’s journey is one that seamlessly blends resilience, dedication, and a tireless commitment to justice. His formative years echoed his inherent spirit of competitiveness and discipline, particularly evident when he immersed himself in the rigorous world of Greco Roman wrestling. His tenacity in the sport saw him clinch a coveted 4th place nationally, paving his way to the esteemed Clarion University of Pennsylvania.

However, it was the harrowing aftermath of 9/11 that spurred a deeper calling within Jason. Heeding the nation’s call to service, he enlisted in the US Army Reserves and was soon amid the challenging terrains of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The streets of New York then beckoned him, where he donned the uniform of a Police Officer, serving the community that raised him. But the broader canvas of justice beckoned. Jason realized that to make transformative changes and champion justice on a larger scale, the courtrooms would be his next arena. This insight led him to St. John’s University, where he secured a BS in Criminal Justice. His academic pursuits then carried him southward to Naples, Florida, where he joined the Ave Maria School of Law, graduating in 2015.

Upon his induction into the Florida Bar in October 2015, Jason embarked on a legal career that would see him advocate for clients across a spectrum of issues, from the intricacies of civil litigation and family disputes to the complexities of contract law. Parallelly, his entrepreneurial spirit found a new avenue in Southwest Florida’s property market, where he ventured into vacation rentals.

Yet, what truly sets Jason apart is his forward-thinking approach. Recognizing the tectonic shifts technology was inducing in every field, Jason was among the early adopters who seamlessly integrated modern tools into legal consultancy. This enabled him to stay connected, providing timely and efficient solutions to his clients, irrespective of physical boundaries.

In recent years, Jason’s focus has sharpened towards a pressing issue – medical marijuana and its place within the framework of the Florida constitution. His association with My Florida Green isn’t just professional; it’s profoundly personal. Deeply believing in the therapeutic and holistic benefits of medical marijuana, Jason has been a vocal advocate for patients’ rights. His commitment to this cause was further solidified in March 2023 when he took the reins as the in-house counsel for My Florida Green. In this pivotal role, Jason isn’t just a legal anchor for an organization; he stands as a beacon of hope for countless patients. He endeavors to ensure that the rights of patients and the sanctity of the constitution are upheld, advocating for a balanced and just approach to medical marijuana’s use and distribution.

With a passport stamped with tales from across the globe, the heart of a dedicated husband and father, and the mind of a sharp, compassionate advocate, Jason Castro, Esq. is more than just an attorney. He’s a guardian of rights, an upholder of the constitution, and a testament to the power of dedication.