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Who is My Florida Green?

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Established in November 2016 with the passing of Amendment 2, My Florida Green is one of the first Medical Marijuana Certification Centers in Florida to facilitate certifications for patients with qualifying debilitating conditions. Since then, we’ve built a custom Medical Cannabis software specifically for Florida that handles the entire certification process from establishing care, to patient intake, education, and the actual doctor visit.

We’ve worked hard to build an exclusive network of reputable physicians who are licensed with the Office of Medical Marijuana Use and that actually know what they are talking about. All My Florida Green physicians follow the same protocol. We offer the maximum dose per day and we give our patients access to all products available by the licensed Medical Marijuana dispensaries here in Florida. Our physicians recommend, they don’t prescribe because every patient is different. There is no specific strain, specific dose or delivery method that treats a specific condition.

And remember, there have been ZERO deaths ever caused by Marijuana overdose.

With a database compiled from official case law and clinical studies and data, we’ve built a solid platform that qualifies patients under all debilitating conditions including “like, kind, or class” which means if you have anxiety, it is of “like, kind, or class” to PTSD and you qualify!

We now have locations in Naples, Sarasota, St. Petersburg, and Melbourne. We guarantee a positive user experience and overall satisfaction or your money back! Our description is direct and to the point because we believe in honest, compliant, and compassionate service. We look forward to establishing a long lasting professional relationship with you as patient advocacy, health and wellness, and overall self improvement are our priorities

Establish care and get started today.

If you have a qualifying condition, we will facilitate your Medical Marijuana Certification

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Our secure, compliant, easy to use platform will streamline the process of obtaining and maintaining your Medical Marijuana Certification for your qualifying condition. With thousands of registered patients in our network, we are proud to facilitate premium care through our community of exclusive Medical Cannabis physicians.

My Florida Green gives patients access to The Doc App platform as a secure HIPAA-compliant intake form to qualify. Discretion, privacy, and a flawless patient experiences are the major drivers for our company. We look forward to establishing a long term relationship with our patients as they obtain a natural alternative to synthetic medicine that works.

Our Mission

My Florida Green exists to give people in need fast, easy access to natural medicine that works in ways synthetic chemicals cannot. We deliver premium care and build long term relationships with over the top customer service. We compassionately care about our patients and their long term health.

Our Vision

To enable the free choice of Florida patients to alternative medicine. The good people of Florida have spoken and now have the right and ability to obtain natural healing. 

Our Commitment

To provide a safe online environment for both our patients and our physicians to diagnose, get treatment, and access unparalleled care. We follow all laws and legal protocols set forth by the State and Department of Health.


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We strive to be Florida's most affordable medical marijuana option. Patient access to medical cannabis is our #1 priority. Our physicians work tirelessly to maintain a streamlined practice that keeps costs low for patients.


Establish Care

This covers all of the support, processing, and state-required registration forms you may need during your certification process.

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This covers your in-person Doctor's visit, as required by state law to become certified.

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