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14 May


We’re grateful to have amazing bonds with our Florida Medical Cannabis patients. We share a lot of hugs, big smiles, and tears in our offices.


Many of you come to us a last resort. You’ve lost hope in a system that doesn’t seem to care. Your doctors push more and more drugs without knowing or caring about the side effects. If that’s been you, you know just how brutal those effects can be.


We see people everyday who were hopeless but now have life in their bones. They have color in their face and energy in their smile. They can handle life with more humor, grace, and love than they thought possible.


Because of our work, with a Florida Medical Marijuana Card, they can access a natural medicine to treat life’s emotional and physical pains. It’s an incredible honor.

Florida Medical Marijuana Cards


People congratulate us for stepping up to make getting your Medical Cannabis (‘marijuana’) Card in Florida easy. While we appreciate your appreciation, you should get the credit.


You educated yourself on the truth. You chose to exercise your Amendment 2 rights. You chose to confront skeptics. You are the champion of this story. If you’re reading this, but you’re still in the shadows and afraid to speak out, here are some brave souls who might inspire you. Step out of the ‘green closet’,  it’s a lot more fun than the fear!

Medical Cannabis Cards Helping Patients Get Off Opiates

Out of respect of medical laws, we make no claims that getting Medical Cannabis Card will “get you off opiates.” But we can gratefully say that we have many patients who’ve been able to do exactly that.

Here is a brief list of a few who have felt the amazing effects of cannabis in their lives. A complete list can be viewed on our Patient Testimonials page.





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About My Florida Green

About My Florida Green

MY FLORIDA GREEN was founded to give people suffering from a variety of health conditions fast, easy access to natural medicine that works in a manner synthetic chemicals cannot. Our focus is to deliver premium care and build lasting relationships with our customers by offering the best service in the business. 

We have been helping patients navigate the uncharted waters of medical marijuana in Florida since the passing of Amendment 2 in November 2016 and have already helped over 26,000 qualified patients obtain their Florida Medical Marijuana Cards. We have done this by partnering with the most experienced medical marijuana doctors in Florida and building a world-class HIPAA-compliant software platform that empowers medical marijuana patients with education and makes the certification process fast and easy. 

Experience the MY FLORIDA GREEN difference by establishing care with a premier medical marijuana doctor today!

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