In Florida’s Medical Cannabis (Marijuana) market, there are hundreds of doctors offering medical marijuana certifications, but do they know anything about cannabis as medicine? Can they describe the differences between indica and sativa? Do they know why CBD can help you relax if you get “too high” from your THC products?

There are also many non-doctors building websites, clinics, and offices. Are they qualified to handle your health records? Are their websites hosted on HIPAA-compliant servers? Do their leaders have proven backgrounds?

These questions and more should be asked. Don’t let your pain push you into making a snap decision with the wrong partner in your health.

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Good Doctors Making Bad Cannabis “Prescriptions”

If you’ve been to one of our offices, you know that we invest in our patients to help them get educated on medical cannabis.

All of our patients learn about the human endocannabinoid system, a complete breakdown of all available products, and how their Florida Medical cannabis recommendation works. This recommendation states that they should start low and gradually “titrate” higher doses.

A typical “microdose” protocol might look like this: a few drops from a sativa tincture in the morning to ease your pain while maintaining high mental energy, a low-psychoactivity 1:1 in the afternoon for balance, and a sleep-inducing indica before bed.

This allows for safe patient experimentation as you find the right dose, strain, and product.

Many other doctors are still writing “prescriptions” with dangerous side effects. Recently we had a 70+ year old cannabis-naive patient that called us because she’d had a bad experience.

Her “marijuana doctor” had recently “prescribed” her two 50 mg edibles per day! If you know anything about dosages, you know this is a major dose. Not surprisingly, she was practically paralyzed by the effects!

Surely her doctor is an intelligent person, who’s worked hard in school and life, but he or she is hazardously uneducated on medical cannabis and is putting people’s lives at risk.

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Greedy Doctors Over-Charging Patients

In Florida, you are required to see the doctor in-person every 7 months to maintain your license. And every 70 days, your recommendation must be re-loaded via computer. That’s it. You are not required to see the doctor and pay for in-person visits every 30 days or even every 70 days to maintain compliance.

At My Florida Green we play by the rules and only schedule in-person visits as required by state law.

If your doctor is telling you differently, it’s time to find a new doctor that is honest and not taking advantage of you.

Amateurs Running Cannabis Clinics

Another common issue we’re seeing from medical marijuana patients in Florida is poorly-run medical marijuana clinics.

If their website looks cheap or disorganized, their doctors aren’t clearly displayed, or your gut just doesn’t feel right, don’t trust them with your health!

We’re even still seeing examples of virtual clinics offering cannabis via webcam telemedicine visits! This is illegal. If you got your certification from a medical marijuana doctor via telemedicine, your certification could be at risk. We suggest demanding a full refund and changing doctors immediately.

When we consult with these doctors and businesses to bring them onto our platform. Patient records are not organized in a secure platform, patients end up modifying their own online profile in the buggy-at-best Florida Medical Marijuana Use Registry, and putting their compliance at risk. Harvard also Endorses Medical Cannabis.

MY FLORIDA GREEN delivers the knowledge and technology to bring consistency and certainty to this chaotic and fast-growing market.

Choosing The Right Medical Cannabis Doctor

Whatever Florida Medical Marijuana Doctor you choose be sure that they use HIPAA-compliant technology, that the doctors know the difference between prescriptions and recommendations, and the leadership have proven professional backgrounds.

If you want to discuss your conditions or get started with natural alternatives to synthetic drugs call us at 833-MMJ-EASY or find a Medical Marijuana Doctor near you directly.

“I’ve seen patients hurt by inexperienced staff, poorly handled records, anti-patient regulations, and worse. It has taken me and my team a tremendous amount of work to navigate the muddy waters, partner with physicians willing to learn, and simplify the tedious process for both patients and physicians.

Like anything worthwhile in life, it’s been challenging at times, but we’re delivering incredible results, and we will never stop fighting for our patients. Your results, testimonials, and tears of joy inspire us to carry on. My Florida Green is Florida’s gold standard for Medical Marijuana care, compassion, and compliance. Together we are changing history.”

-Nick Garulay, My Florida Green Founder and CEO