Persistent pain, lingering disability, recurring relapses, and incurable symptoms are daily struggles for many patients suffering from chronic health conditions. These diseases take a toll on the patient’s personal and work life, making small joys of life a challenge. Symptoms of chronic diseases can increase the risk of numerous complications that can threaten a patient’s quality of life. Recent advancements in science and the pharmaceutical industry have discovered many treatment regimes and drug combinations that these patients use, but these drugs have adverse effects which add to the patient’s suffering.

Medical Marijuana has been a focus of research and debate amongst different fraternities for decades and is being considered as an alternative to traditional drugs, especially for pain-relieving medications. Cannabis is by far the most widely debated drug, with people having polarized views on its effectiveness and adverse effects. Many cohorts still have apprehensions about its efficacy as a drug, but this opinion is steadily changing. Countless studies and clinical trials have established that Marijuana can help patients of many serious health conditions when taken under the guidance of a qualified Marijuana physician. However, the debate on whether Marijuana is a dangerous drug or one with therapeutic capabilities rages on. More research is being conducted and funded to unravel the immense healing properties of Cannabis.

Since the legalization of Medical Marijuana, many patients are looking at Marijuana to get relief from their chronic illnesses. My Florida Green understands the struggle that patients with chronic health conditions and injuries deal with on a daily basis. We strongly believe that Medical Marijuana can help qualified patients improve their overall quality of life. At My Florida Green, we strive to help these patients get the relief that they deserve under the guidance of a state-licensed Medical Marijuana physician. Our physicians give Marijuana recommendations with access to the strain, dosing, and delivery method that works best for these patients.

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The Toll of Chronic and Debilitating Illness

Unless people experience it personally, they do not understand the physical, emotional, and mental strain that poor health and chronic disease can inflict. The risk of complications from these conditions threatens a patient’s quality of life and happiness. Chronic conditions like cancer, chronic pain, autoimmune disease, neuromuscular illnesses, and others can cause endless suffering. These patients carry an immense emotional burden which can lead to isolation, anxiety, depression, poor quality of sleep, and self-care. They become less productive at work, cannot concentrate on education, and get detached from family and friends.

When each day is a struggle, it is not surprising that patients suffer from a high risk of mental, emotional, and physical complications. With Marijuana treatment legalized in Florida, patients have an option to improve their lives and reduce their suffering by adding Medical Cannabis to their treatment plan. At My Florida Green, we educate and empower patients who are suffering from a qualifying condition, answer their inhibitions, and help them navigate their journey. We enable them to get a Medical Marijuana Card Naples and a Marijuana recommendation from an experienced physician in Florida.

Marijuana Relieves a Range of Symptoms.

Marijuana Relieves a Range of Symptoms

Medical Marijuana is a remarkable healing herb because of its ability to work on endocannabinoid receptors. The human endocannabinoid system plays a pivotal role in maintaining the body’s homeostasis, which simply means that it helps the body to keep everything in the right place. It tries to keep your internal environment stable and optimal no matter what’s going on in the environment around you. Marijuana has different natural cannabinoids, which act on these cannabinoid receptors to show their effect Hence, they can treat many symptoms caused by chronic conditions such as pain.

Recent studies are unraveling new benefits of Marijuana, and patients taking Marijuana are revealing remarkable results. Many patients in clinical trials have stated that Marijuana not only reduces the severity of their debilitating symptoms but has changed their entire outlook on life. They are able to carry out their routine activities with ease.

Medical Marijuana has emerged as an excellent alternative option for cancer treatment and management. However, it cannot cure cancer; some research and clinical studies suggest that it can help reduce debilitating symptoms of cancer. It may even help reduce the growth and spread of certain cancer cells, especially when used with other established cancer treatments. THC and CBD may have anti-cancer effects; although more research is required to prove this, many patients using Marijuana in conjunction with other treatments show promising results.

Chronic pain and cancer coexist, and many cancers cause physical and neuropathic pain. Cancer and cancer treatment cause inflammation, weight loss, insomnia, recurrent infections, stress, and many other side effects. In addition to reducing chronic pain in cancer patients, Marijuana is helping patients overcome issues associated with chemotherapy, poor quality of sleep, and loss of appetite.

Marijuana is also showing extraordinary results in patients with anxiety, depression, and especially in patients suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. PTSD patients are often anxious, and this anxiety and fear can get triggered at the slightest provocation. Anxious feelings are associated with the endocannabinoid system, which directs the body to respond appropriately to events, inciting emotional responses. When Marijuana was added to patients’ treatments, many stated that it produced a soothing calmness and a feeling of contentedness, overshadowing the anxious feeling the patient usually experiences. It also improved the quality of sleep, hence improving their mood and overall productivity.

Even though the science has established enough evidence to back the use of Marijuana as an effective treatment for many conditions, its use is regulated and monitored strictly by the policymakers and states. You need to have a valid Medical Marijuana Card to legally consume and purchase Marijuana from licensed dispensaries.

We, at My Florida Green, are helping many qualified patients get Marijuana certification by giving them access to the most qualified and experienced Marijuana physicians in Florida. Our patients are showing remarkable results and giving great feedback, which we are consolidating on our platform. Patients have reported marked improvement in their sleep, mood, better anxiety management, and a significant reduction in pain with the Marijuana recommendations of our experienced physicians.

Does Medical Marijuana have side effects.

Does Medical Marijuana Have Side Effects?

Impressively, Marijuana patients report very few side effects to Marijuana treatment, none of which are damaging to the body and cause any irreversible harm. These side effects are only seen when a large quantity of Marijuana is consumed frequently and regularly in some patients. It’s imperative that Marijuana is taken under the guidance of a specialist so the dose is managed and monitored regularly. The recommended process is to start with a small dose, to see how the patient responds before increasing the dose to the optimum level. Our services include consultations with the most experienced Marijuana physicians that access each patient carefully as each case is unique. After a careful examination of the patient’s condition, their present and past medical records, and their current prescription, our experts determine the Medical Marijuana strain and product most suited for their illness. Hence; their recommendations give our patients access to the dose, Marijuana strain, and delivery method that works best for them.

Simple and Advance Marijuana Card Certification Process

At My Florida Green, we have developed an enhanced process to ensure that our patients get premium high-quality service, with the help of advanced technology and experienced resources. You can reach out to our expert who will guide you at each step of your journey. You have to:

  1. Complete an intake form on our website to schedule an evaluation.
  2. At your evaluation, our experienced physicians will discuss your symptoms and review your records. If the physician feels that Marijuana may help you, they will send in their recommendations immediately.
  3. Once you receive the approval email from the state, registration will need to be completed online.

The complete process can take less than two weeks if you have all the required documents. You can speak to our experts today to take the first step in your Marijuana treatment.