Forgive Them Lord, They Know Not What They’ve Done

Skeptics and critics of Medical Marijuana are quick to condemn the plant and the patients that utilize it as criminal drug seekers just seeking a high.

They often make quick judgements from memories of hippies who abused the medicine and old propaganda like Reefer Madness.

Here at MY FLORIDA GREEN we’ve spent the last 13 months (as of November 2017) helping nearly 1,000 qualified Floridians successfully navigate the labyrinth of medical marijuana regulations and know this to be false. People need this medicine and the program is giving qualified people in pain incredible results and relief.

Solving A Synthetic Problem With Natural Alternatives

Anyone that doubts the reality of the pain, suffering, and disease we help patients eliminate on a daily basis should spend an hour speaking with the people we’re helping.

Come listen to the stories of the parents of a 7 year old child suffering from leukemia, or a military veteran with PTSD, or a working mom with chronic pain issues and tell me that this plant isn’t doing wonders in the real world.

Not only are our clients who microdose medical marijuana highly qualified under the law, they’re also not seeking a powerful “high.” They are regular people like you and me that just want to enjoy life, take care of their families, and themselves. They’re tired of synthetic drugs that either don’t work, lead them on “side-effect roulette” with additional medications, or have incredible risks of life-ruining addiction.

Despite a long and ever changing list of frustrating regulatory changes and medical checks, determined souls are breaking free from synthetic drugs and access natural medicine. As of November 2017, over 59,000 Floridians have gotten their Medical Marijuana cards. Congratulations!

As we know from hearing their first-hand testimony, many of these people experienced major difficulties, uninformed physicians, and expensive approval processes to get their Florida Medical Marijuana certifications.

Here at My Florida Green, it is our mission to help all qualified Floridians access their medicine safely, quickly, and easily. If you are struggling we can help.

Can Less Equal More?

“Most people don’t know about microdosing,” says Dr. Michelle Ross, neuroscientist and founder of IMPACT network, a nonprofit organization that uses empirical medical   research to find new cannabis-related treatments for patients. “They just blast their system with cannabis or high amounts of THC, and that is not always the best approach.”

A micro-dose is the lowest possible dose to achieve an effect that does not influence your mindset or ability to perform. It’s a “relief” dose.

2012 study on cancer patients who were unresponsive to opioids were given low, medium, and high doses of a THC/CBD compound. Surprisingly they found that patients who were microdosing medical marijuana showed the greatest reductions in pain, while those who got high doses had increased pain levels.

Another 2014 study done on prisoners with PTSD treated them with 4mg of a synthetic cannabinoid (although beneficial in this case, the author does not recommend synthetic cannabis) and found significant improvements in PTSD-associated insomnia, chronic pain, and nightmares.

“When you raise the dose sometimes you get diminished benefits, and sometimes you get the opposite of what you are looking for,” says Dr. Dustin Sulak.

This is all great news for patients seeking relief with medical cannabis. By utilizing small “micro doses”, patients legitimize cannabis as medicine, maintain their desired state of consciousness, and receive the benefits of the plant.