Many patients suffering from chronic pains and other severe illnesses are turning to Cannabis to relieve their debilitating symptoms. Marijuana possesses remarkable healing abilities, which are supported by research and trials. Marijuana contains many cannabinoids, but the two most effective and widely used are THC and CBD. THC is known to give a ‘high feeling’ and causes sensations of excitation. Although Cannabis is safe when it is taken under the guidance of specialists at medical marijuana Naples, it will give an invigorating, euphoric feeling when it is taken in high doses. On the other hand, micro dosing of Marijuana has been proven to be very effective in relieving chronic pains, alleviating depression, improving mood, appetite, quality of sleep, and making the quality of a patient’s life.

Research has proven that when Cannabis is taken responsibly, under the guidance and recommendation of an experienced specialist, its benefits outweigh the risk, and very rarely do patients complain of adverse effects. Some patients complain of some side effects, Most patients who usually complain that the drug is affecting them may be taking higher doses than they actually need or self-medicating. This is one of the reasons our experts scrutinize and evaluate every patient’s medical records thoroughly to understand the individual needs to determine the right dose, delivery method, and potency of Cannabis to be given.

So, most patients are now asking if smaller doses of Marijuana are beneficial? This article is structured to alleviate patients’ fears about Marijuana and enlighten them about the efficacy and benefits of taking small doses of Cannabis.

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How Should Patients take Marijuana?

Patients that need Marijuana for their illness are not encouraged to self-medicate even though they take Marijuana in small amounts. This is because they may not know the concentration of THC and CBD in the strain of Marijuana that they take. Recently, patients that take Marijuana are getting used to the term ‘Micro Dosing.’ This means consuming a minimal amount of Marijuana daily to achieve desired results without the ‘high effect’ that comes with Cannabis.

Research is also suggesting that Marijuana does not need to be taken in large quantities to have an effect. Small doses do not reduce its ability to provide relief from symptoms and illnesses. Micro dosing Cannabis can be equally effective; in fact, many individuals who have integrated micro dosing Cannabis into their routine report being more active, improved relational skills, having higher levels of creativity and focus, as well as reduced anxiety, stress, and even depression. Some patients are also saying that they feel more focused with a heightened awareness.

So, does this mean that, as a patient, you can take little doses of Marijuana on your own without consulting a doctor? No, self-medication is not effective, and may not produce the medicinal effect the patient wants or needs. It is also essential for an expert to determine the right micro dosing amount based on your body mechanism. Finding the Marijuana strain that can give you the effect you seek with micro dosing, is a key step in a successful treatment. The human body and its mechanism differ from one person to the other, and as such, micro doses of Marijuana that each patient should take cannot be the same. Get in touch with a qualified Marijuana doctor for necessary assessments and evaluations to ascertain the right micro dose requirement.

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THC The Most Effective Chemical Content of Marijuana

Different Marijuana strains contain THC and CBD in varying concentrations. Although THC is the most effective chemical content of Marijuana. Some patients may not require marijuana strains that contain more THC but need the drug with more CBD. The medical conditions of some patients may not allow them to take marijuana strains with a higher quantity of THC. Therefore, contacting medical doctors experienced in using Marijuana to treat patients will ensure that patients take the appropriate micro doses they need.

Nevertheless, some studies recommended that patients who need Marijuana and intend to start taking micro doses. For their illness can abstain from taking Marijuana for a day or two. After that, the patients can take 1 milligram to 2 milligrams of Marijuana daily. For the next few days while documenting changes in the body, especially the drug’s effect on the illness. When the desired results are achieved, the appropriate micro dose for the body has been determined. This may not be an easy fit for patients with a busy schedule. And for patients not capable of keeping track of the documentation needed for the process. Again, this is another reason why qualified doctors should be contacted for a personalized care plan. That includes recommending the right number of doses of Marijuana that patients should be consuming.

Are Micro Doses of Cannabis Effective?

Patients suffering from chronic pains, anxiety attacks, general body weakness, depression, etc. They have testified that their health conditions improved. And they felt better while taking little quantities of Marijuana without experiencing any euphoria, confusion, or lethargy. This proves that micro dosing could provide the desired relief for the patients while improving their quality of life. This is possible because only a tiny amount of THC and CBD is required to add to the natural cannabinoids. That already exist in human organs and optimize the functioning of the endocannabinoid system. Micro dosing also helps in Neurodevelopmental Disorders.

Which is responsible for the overall well-being of the body. In addition, the human brain contains cannabinoid receptors. That combine with the body’s chemicals to regulate and balance the whole human body system. So, add a small amount of THC and CBD. It behaves like the artificial THC and CBD from Marijuana to the body system. It will help improve patients’ lives.

At My Florida Green Clinic, we have qualified doctors who will meticulously prescribe a micro dose of Marijuana strains. That contain the right amount of THC and CBD to relieve chronic pains, illnesses, and disturbing symptoms of the patients. If you want to try micro dosing, get in touch with our experts in medical marijuana, and they will give you a bespoke Cannabis recommendation most suited for your condition.