When Marijuana was discovered several years back, it was primarily used for food in some parts of the world before its healing abilities were discovered. Hemp gives a good aroma to food when used as an ingredient, and that was probably an essential benefit attributed to Marijuana then. The cultivation of Marijuana Perception spread from the Arab world to America, and around the 1840s, pharmaceutical companies incorporated Cannabis in some medicines, but it was primarily smoked. It was not until 1996, when California recognized the health benefits of Marijuana and legalized its use to treat some conditions such as chronic pain, depression, and anxiety disorders, did scientist cohorts began researching more into its benefits.

Soon after, about 23 states, including Washington, DC, followed suit and approved the use of Cannabis for medicinal use, owing to its remarkable healing abilities. These approvals were followed by more funding for research and clinical trials to study the healing properties and effect of Marijuana on the body. During these times of research and in-depth analysis, it was found that Cannabis can provide relief to patients with chronic pain, sleep disorders, seizures, anxiety, and symptoms of other health conditions. However, there is not much data and evidence to provide information about the effective dose required for improvements in patients with qualifying conditions. Since then, patients have been allowed to titrate their doses till the desired improvement is achieved, with consultation and guidance of a qualified Marijuana physician.

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If you qualify for Marijuana use, you should consult one of our specialists. We have established Marijuana centers in Medical Marijuana Sarasota, Naples, Melbourne, and St. Petersburg, where our team of experts helps qualified patients complete their certification. We provide access to the most qualified Marijuana physicians in Florida with years of experience in administering Cannabis. Once you get an initial evaluation with our physician, they can enter you into the Marijuana registry if they determine that Marijuana will benefit your health condition and symptoms. Our physicians allow access to various treatment options to ensure you use the Marijuana product most suited for your symptoms and brings you maximum relief.

Many patients are still not convinced that Marijuana can help them, as there is too much-unverified information. If you want to know more, you must seek experts’ assistance before deciding on perception. If you live in Florida State, you can visit our centers; our experts can answer all your questions, address your apprehensions, and share the latest research with you, in addition to providing patient testimonials so you can make an informed decision.

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How is Cannabis Beneficial?

As California and other states in America legalized the use of Medical Marijuana. The public gradually accepted the treatment as an alternative choice. As positive reviews and evidence of Marijuana’s effect on patients increased. More patients started to feel comfortable with trying Marijuana as an alternative drug. There was an immediate surge in research and increased funding to learn more about Marijauan’s effect on the body. And on different health conditions. Some clinical trials on patients with Multiple Sclerosis stated. That Marijuana Perception significantly improved patients’ mobility. And they were able to perform activities they couldn’t before. Further research established that Cannabis is an effective alternative for improving mood. Reducing pain, and enabling the patient to move freely, hence enhancing the patient’s quality of life.

During many clinical trials and studies, the closely observed patients showed improvements in pain management, appetite, and sleep quality. Today, many more authors have published evidence supporting the benefits of Medical Marijuana in treating serious medical conditions. Marijuana’s ability to work on the human endocannabinoid system and receptors cause these positive effects we see in patients. Marijuana derivates can work with the endocannabinoid receptors and augment the natural system with its properties, hence reducing many symptoms and improving patients’ lives.

Even though we have many established trials and studies giving evidence of the benefits of Medical Marijuana. There is still no consensus on which Marijuana combination is the most suited for each condition. The clinical treatment dose for each medical condition is not fixed yet. Requiring patients to visit an experienced Marijuana physician before starting Medical Marijuana treatment.

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Can Marijuana Use be Harmful?

The current pushback on the use of Cannabis is due to the perceived risk of harm associated with its consumption. The psychoactive component in Marijuana, THC, is known to elicit some adverse effects in some patients. As it can cause a high feeling when taken in large doses regularly. Moderation is the key, and the inability to moderate the consumption of Medical Marijuana. It continues to fuel the pushbacks and the negative perception of the herb. All medications and drugs Perception can lead to adverse effects if they are not taken as per the prescription. These adverse effects can be averted if Marijuana is consumed responsibly under the guidance of an experienced Marijuana physician. At My Florida Green, we ensure all our clients are carefully examined before Cannabis is prescribed to them. They get a tailored Marijuana prescription with the right Cannabis strain, dose, and route of administration.

However, to help mitigate the risk of harm from Medical Marijuana use. States that have approved Marijuana use have laws and regulations that guide the possession and consumption of Cannabis. Patients must be qualified and undergo some pre-requisite steps. Before they can get a certification to use Marijuana for medicinal use.

The certification process for a Florida Medical Marijuana Card is straightforward if you engage the expertise of our specialists.  You should save yourself from the stress and anxiety of certification. While our experts will help you navigate your Marijuana journey. Starting from a free eligibility check to getting a Medical Marijuana recommendation from an experienced Marijuana physician, we have all the answers for you.