Medical Marijuana is an excellent plant that has been used for thousands of years to treat various ailments. According to ancient texts, the use of Cannabis by the Chinese in traditional medicines dates back more than 4,000 years. Today, Medical Marijuana is used by many countries worldwide as a therapeutic option. THC and CBD are the main components of Cannabis that can ease symptoms of various diseases in an extraordinary manner.  Therefore, it is an effective treatment for numerous conditions. It can be used for several conditions after you receive your Marijuana Card Bonita.

In the USA, My Florida Green is a health center that helps patients to get their Medical Marijuana Card before they begin using Cannabis. The qualifying conditions to get a marijuana card include diseases like cancer, chronic pain, and neuropathic pain. You can get your treatment plan only after you qualify for one of the set conditions.

In this article, we elaborate on Sickle Cell Anemia (SCA) as a condition that can be treated using Marijuana and how it can help minimize symptoms and the side effects of this condition.

Sickle Cell Anemia

Sickle cell anemia is a hereditary blood disorder that causes sickle-shaped red blood cells. Individuals with SCA can experience painful episodes called crises that can happen frequently, often multiple times throughout their lifetime. In this condition, the red blood cells, which transport oxygen to each part of the body, are affected.

The healthy red blood cells are round and flexible and they flow through veins easily. But, in SCA they become sickle-shaped and lead to issues with blood regulation within the body.

This disease can be attributed to several hereditary red blood abnormalities and in most cases persons with sickle cell anemia are incurable. However, medical treatments and alternative drugs can help reduce disease-related symptoms.

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Symptoms of Sickle Cell Anemia

Sickle cell anemia symptoms often show at an early stage of development in young children. They can, however, vary from person to person. The symptoms of SCA include:

Anemia: This causes the cells to die at an early stage. The normal lifespan of healthy RBCs is 120 days before they can regenerate. However, the SCA causes a lack of RBCs, and these when present can only last for 10-20 days. This can cause fatigue in patients due to a lack of oxygen in the body.

Episodes of Discomfort: Another sign of sickle cell anemia is recurrent episodes of excruciating pain, sometimes known as a pain crisis. Red blood cells with sickle shapes block blood flow to your joints, belly, and chest, which can lead to pain that may last for hours or days.

Only a few pain crises occur for some people each year. Some people have twelve or more a year. A hospital stay is necessary for a serious pain crisis.

Swelling: Sickle red blood cells hinder blood flow to the hands and feet often leading to swelling of these body parts.

Infections: The spleen is often damaged by sickle cells, making it more vulnerable and prone to infections. 

Delayed Development: The red blood cells control the body’s oxygen and nutrients for development. A lack of healthy RBCs can prevent teens from going through puberty and leads to improper development in children.

Sight Issues: The sickle cells clog the tiny blood arteries that are crucial for the eyes. This can harm the retina, and cause vision problems including glaucoma.

All these symptoms can adversely affect an individual going through this medical condition. Thus, medications and proper treatment must be received to avoid the symptoms. Medical marijuana can do wonders in this regard by offering pain relief and therapeutic characteristics.

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Medical Marijuana Use for Sickle Cell Anemia

SCA disease is hereditary and is passed down to an individual by affected parents, each having one copy of the sickle cell gene. The alteration of the gene that instructs the body to produce hemoglobin causes issues with blood circulation. Thus, patients with sickle RBCs suffer from issues with blood supply to various parts of the body.

However, the excruciating pain and other symptoms of this disease can be managed using marijuana. When the cannabinoids of the marijuana plant, known as THC and CBD, interact with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain, they help minimize inflammatory issues within the body.

Although many investigations on the use of Medicinal Marijuana for Sickle Cell disease concentrate on its capacity to lessen inflammation and chronic pain, it also has a wide range of other advantageous properties that can aid patients. For example, it can assist with mood and quality of life to stop the emergence of new disorders.

The patients of SCA frequently experience depressive symptoms due to their illness. However, Medical marijuana can assist in this regard, as it has strong mood-enhancing properties. THC is a crucial component of Cannabis that can interact with brain receptors and produce dopamine to lessen the signs and symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress.

Additionally, medical marijuana may help patients with disturbed sleep cycles due to SCA. Owing to its antioxidant and antibacterial characteristics it can help reduce the incidence of infections in patients which can keep their health from deteriorating any further.

Which Marijuana Product is Best for Patients of SCA?

There are many different variations of Cannabis products available from Florida dispensaries. These products contain different strains of Marijuana with varying potencies; hence, they can have different effects on individuals. The right product must be selected, and this can only be chosen by an experienced Marijuana physician. You can get the assistance of our specialists, who have years of experience in administering Marijuana to many patients and know exactly which product will work for which condition. They are always meticulous in ensuring the safety of the treatment and will continuously monitor the dosage.

You must not add Cannabis to your treatment without consultation, marijuana intake can result in severe repercussions. Thus, reaching out to Medical Marijuana experts is highly advised.

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