Medical Marijuana history started in Central Asia long before it became known in the US. And then was legalized for medical treatment. Knowledge of the plant’s medicinal benefits passed from one region to another. And as it did, more potentials and healing power of Marijuana were discovered. From Africa up to Europe and America, Medical Marijuana was cultivated as the wonder herb and miracle cure for various health conditions.

The cultivators of Medical Marijuana identified that all the parts of this plant are beneficial and possess some form of healing ability, from the seeds to the leaves and flowers; all the parts can be processed and transformed into medications that can be taken to treat different diseases. As the knowledge about its healing spread, scientists and medical fraternity started researching it. To establish if it can be used as an alternative treatment option. They discovered that the Cannabis plant contains various chemical components; the two most recognized today are THC and CBD.

Revolution of cannabis


Some Nomads, commonly known as the Scythians, were the first to handle and propagate the herb. And as they moved from one place to another, they took their knowledge of Marijuana with them. As the Scythians travelled, they planted Medical Marijuana in areas where they briefly stopped to dwell. They are generally believed to be responsible for the presence of the Marijuana plant in the Middle East. Which eventually spread to Africa and the United States. Medical Marijuana reached the United States of America in the 20th century, and  its benefits became the focus of discussions and research. The plant’s rapid growth in America is attributed to the work of various scientists. They took interest in the herb and started researching to unravel the healing attributes. Various researchers have spent valuable time and money in unravelling Marijuana’s role in managing many serious, chronic and debilitating health conditions.

In addition, government approval and acceptance of the plant contributed significantly to the rapid growth. And also in transfer of knowledge and the overall Marijuana industry. Even though not all the states in the US have legalised the use of Medical Marijuana, it is evident that more patients are seeking information about the opportunities with the plant in areas where it has been legalised.

debilitating disease

Use of Marijuana as a healing agent for medicinal use.

There is an increase in Marijuana’s use as a healing agent and an alternative treatment option, recently after the legalization of the herb. Marijuana owes its healing nature to the different active components it naturally possesses. Earlier, many believed that the plant can intoxicate and cause a high form of euphoria in patients. That can affect their emotional and cognitive capacity. However, it was soon discovered that this is because of THC, and this effect can be controlled by the regulated use of Marijuana. As further research studies were conducted, they found that the herb effectively treats and manages some mental health conditions like PTSD, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, tremors, neuro and musculoskeletal disorders, certain skin conditions, and many others. The discovery of these potentials in Medical Marijuana endeared more patients to subscribe to Marijuana treatment.

Following all these discoveries, some states in the US legalised the use of Medical Marijuana for treatment purposes. Some of the medical conditions approved to receive treatment with Marijuana are discussed below. It must be noted here that every patient needs to have a valid Marijuana Card to receive Marijuana treatment.

Parkinson’s Disease:

Parkinson’s is the most common debilitating and frustrating neurological disorder. Patients with Parkinson’s suffer from severe tremors, rigid muscles, and instability, which develops gradually. It can deteriorate to patients having difficulty maintaining balance while walking, frequent shaking, and stiffness of the muscles. Parkinsons has no cure, treatment is offered to manage and reduce the intensity of tremors.

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Marijuana is proving to be a remarkable agent in managing the symptoms of this debilitating disease. The active components in Medical Marijuana have been discovered to provide relief to patients, significantly improving their quality of life. The mechanism of action of Medical Marijuana is beneficial to diverse health conditions, primarily through the activities of the CBD and THC components. The CBD component is non-psychoactive and gives neuroprotective benefits to patients. THC exhibits its effect on the body by interacting with the cannabinoid type 1 receptor found in the Central Nervous System and the Cannabinoid type 2 receptor found in the immune system cells. So, it can improve Parkinson’s disease through its activities on the CB1 and CB2 receptors.

Recent studies have found that patients experience relief of some motor and non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease from using Medical Marijuana. Many patients also reported that using Marijuana reduced symptoms, leading to improvement in their daily lives.

Migraine and Headache:

Migraine and headaches are often overlooked as trivial medical conditions. They can affect a patient’s ability to complete daily activities. When you consume Marijuana, the THC and CBD chemical compounds interact with some brain and body receptors to reduce inflammation and pain. The mechanism through which Medical Marijuana reduces migraines and headaches is still not known. Still, it is being studied that CBD interactions with receptors linked to pain and inflammation result in a reduction of symptoms.

How can you add Marijuana to your treatment?

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