The debate on the safety, efficacy and potential harmful effects of consuming Cannabis has been ongoing for years and continues. There are many differences of opinion; many believe that Cannabis is the miracle drug we all have been waiting for, while others are still apprehensive of its medicinal effects and believe that it causes serious side effects. While the ongoing discussion is raging on, several research studies and clinical trials are giving excellent results on the healing abilities of Marijuana. Many believe that when Cannabis is consumed in small amounts, under the guidance of a trained Marijuana physician, its benefits outweigh the risks.

However, when people, especially teenagers and young adolescents, start consuming large amounts of the drug, it may lead to adverse effects on some users, including memory effects. There have been some cases where the excessive intake of Marijuana has led to addiction, poor academic performance, and impaired brain development and memory.

Cannabis must be taken only after it is legally allowed and once the user completes the Marijuana registration. If you are in Naples, Sarasota, Melbourne, and St. Petersburg, you can consult the specialists in My Florida Green. My Florida Green is helping new qualified patients that want to add Marijuana to their treatment complete their certification with an easy and efficient process. They also give tailored recommendations to the patients so they can get the most out of the medicinal healing properties of Cannabis. The instructions and prescription given by the doctor must be followed at all times, and never should one take Cannabis without checking with the doctor first.

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Can Marijuana Affect Human Memory?

Many researchers are trying to understand the effects and interactions. Cannabis instigates in the brain and how it can impact our ability to remember things. No correlation yet shows that Marijuana use can be linked to memory loss; however, prolonged use of THC, Cannabis’s principal chemical, can excite and overwork the human brain when taken in excess, and over time, the brain’s functionality begins to depreciate.

It has been discovered through many studies that not all of the components of Marijuana are psychoactive, it contains more than four hundred chemical compounds, out of which only Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is responsible for the euphoric feeling of Marijuana. Thus, THC is psychoactive while CBD is not; in fact, it can balance the euphoric effect of THC. Hence when only THC is taken, it can intoxicate and give a high feeling without the patient feeling drowsy or sedated. It also helps in Sleep Apnea.

A recent study has highlighted that Marijuana could be beneficial and help memory retention in patients. Depending on their age and diagnosed disease. The Society for Neuroscience recently made this discovery, however, there needs to be more qualified research done and evidence collected that supports this theory.

Effects of Marijuana on brain Disease

In patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, Marijuana can improve the brain memory and reduce some of the associated symptoms of the disease. Considering the different conditions through which Marijuana can either improve brain function or impair brain function. Patients receiving medical Marijuana treatment should consult with their physicians to remain within the safe limits of Marijuana.

A state-licensed Marijuana physician will comprehensively evaluate your body, symptoms, family history. Past medical records and treatment regime before making recommendations to you. They also monitor your progress with Marijuana consumption and halt the intake when they observe an unusual reaction to Marijuana. The merits of having an experienced Marijuana physician monitor your Marijuana intake can’t be over-emphasized. The regulatory bodies have put enormous responsibilities on physicians to ensure only approved and qualified patients get Marijuana treatment. This action shows the precautions that must be put in place before taking the herb. You can speak with one of our experienced physicians today. And they will help you at each step of the certification and treatment journey.

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Can Marijuana Diminish our Brain’s Capacity?

Just as there have been studies showing that prolonged and excessive usage of Marijuana can cause addiction. And deteriorate the brain’s ability to focus and think. Researchers believe that Marijuana is safe, when taken with the necessary precaution. It can, however alter the effects of other drugs that it is taken with. Most people ingest Marijuana alongside other drugs. And there is a possibility that those drugs could react with Marijuana to cause damage. Which may not happen when Marijuana is taken without them. This is again just a theory that needs to be backed by concrete evidence. The issue of Marijuana affecting the brain and memory still needs a lot more research. As we are still in the phase where we are unraveling its healing ability.

It is also important to note that the damage caused by Marijuana to the memory depends on the dosage. The duration of use, and the components of the Marijuana being ingested. Some products and modes of administration can give potent doses of Cannabis. And if they are consumed frequently over an extended period of time, they may lead to harmful health issues. Therefore, it becomes imperative that everyone seeking to use Cannabis for medical purposes. He must see a specialist before adding Marijuana to their treatment.

Marijuana Affects Differently

Another important point that must be remembered is that Marijuana affects each one of us differently; what works for one person may be harmful fr the other. Hence, all Cannabis treatment needs to be tailored to each person’s physiology.

We, at My Florida Green, have access to physicians who can quickly identify the Medical Marijuana strain suitable for your medical needs. They do an in-depth evaluation and only recommend Marijuana if it is safe and beneficial for you. The souls also ensure that you do not have any adverse effects, and they do this by continuous monitoring. You can get the care plan that works for you and bespoke prescriptions directly from the experts by just calling or completing the intake form on the website. Our team will guide you and book an appointment with a physician nearest to you.