A step-by-step on how to renew your MMJ-Card

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27 August

A step-by-step on how to renew your MMJ-Card

Don't let your medical marijuna card expire

The Florida state law requires patients to renew their Medical Marijuana card every year with the OMMU. (The office of Medical Marijuana Use) Per state law, the patient is required to be seen “physically” by the certifying physician every 7 months. This means you have 2 expiration dates to monitor. NOTE: This is a mass email blast to all patients. Below is a step by step explainer on how to renew your Medical Marijuana card with the state of Florida.

Log into your state Medical Marijuana profile on the OMMU website. GO HERE If you do not know your password, use the “forgot password” feature.

Click on Renew My Application.

Find the Proof of residence tab and upload your driver’s license or 2 proof’s of residence. If your camera takes photo’s large, take a photo with your phone or ipad and resize with the “crop” option on your device.

Sign your first and last name at the bottom and click “Submit My Card Application”

Wait approximately 5 seconds for the green button to appear. “Click Here to pay on line”

Enter your Credit card or bank information here and click “Continue”

The button below is a link to the Patient Guide on the OMMU website

Patient Guide
Have you downloaded our app yet?

We urge all patients to download THEDOCAPP which is our custom designed and developed patient management application. THEDOCAPP is one word when searching your App Store.

APPLE IOS USERS click here

This will make your life a lot easier moving forward.

In the app, we’ve implemented technology to track your 7 month and state card expiration.

Regardless of where you are in the state of Florida. Click on the arrow for a google map to guide you in to the dispensary closest to your current location. Never look for a dispensary again on google, We’ve got you covered!.

We are honored to have you as a My Florida Green Patient. Happy Healing!
Happy to Help.

If you have questions or need help, we are here for you.



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