In Florida, cancer is a qualifying condition for medical marijuana use. Medical marijuana is a potential drug alternative for cancer patients. Owing to its active ingredients, it can ease various cancer symptoms. According to the National Institute of Health  medical marijuana can help manage anxiety and nausea. It can also induce hunger and ease pain. However, to consume marijuana, you must obtain a marijuana card in Florida. A marijuana doctor in Sarasota can help you in this regard.

This article discusses how medicinal marijuana can help manage cancer symptoms. It also provides information about the use of marijuana for chemotherapy side effects.

What is Cancer?

Cancer is a debilitating condition where malignant cells aggressively impact various body systems, resulting in significant disruptions to normal bodily functions. Furthermore, cancer can adversely affect vital organs like the lungs, heart, brain, skin, blood, and more.

However, surgery, chemotherapy, and bone marrow transplants are typical treatments. Targeted medication therapies are also an option for cancer treatment. The treatments can halt the spread of cancer partially or entirely. Nonetheless, even after establishing remission, cancer might return.

chemotherapy side effects

Signs of Cancer

Cancer causes abnormal cell growth in the body. Cells affected by cancer behave abnormally, multiply, and develop uncontrollably. Furthermore, they begin to affect how the body works. Some common indications of cancer include:

  • alterations in bowel habits
  • Cough
  • difficulty swallowing
  • nausea
  • breast tumors
  • uncommon bleeding
  • tiredness
  • unexplained weight loss
  • Wounds that do not heal

Medical intervention is necessary to manage the symptoms of cancer. Moreover, you must consult a qualified healthcare expert if you or a loved one develops any of these symptoms.

Conventional Treatment Approaches to Cancer

In recent years, alternative therapies have limited the scope of surgical intervention in cancers. However, surgery is still the most traditional and effective form of cancer therapy. Some other treatments include:

Radiation Therapy

Based on research, around half of all patients with cancer get radiation therapy. However, the most popular method is surgery. In radiation therapy, high doses of radiation are used to damage the cancer cells.


Some medicines in chemotherapy are used to kill cancer cells.  These medications travel through the bloodstream to attack tumor cells wherever they are growing. Also, this process is different from surgery or radiation therapy.

However, alternative drugs have gained attention in recent times. Medical marijuana is a reliable drug alternative known for its healing nature. Medical marijuana has therapeutic and anti-inflammatory effects. Furthermore, its components can help manage concurrent cancer symptoms.


How can you use Medical Cannabis for Cancer?

Cannabis plants contain active constituents called cannabinoids. THC (Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD are the main cannabinoids present in medical marijuana.

THC is responsible for the ‘high’ associated with marijuana. Contrarily, the other is CBD (cannabidiol), which has analgesic properties. Subsequently, it can reduce pain and anxiety, increase appetite, and influence symptoms like seizures.

Marijuana Compounds 

Both compounds of medical marijuana can help with a few cancer symptoms and signs. Moreover, they can aid in addressing the adverse effects of chemotherapy.

Interestingly, medical marijuana is a viable drug for managing various cancer symptoms. Studies reveal that THC and CBD contain anti-cancer properties. It can prevent the growth and division of cancer cells.

Nonetheless, exploring the impact of marijuana on cancer patients requires more research. Cannabis and other medications can help many cancer patients manage their condition. Medical marijuana can help with cancer in a variety of ways, including:

Management of Pain

Cannabis can reduce pain signals in the brain. When conventional medications are ineffective or have adverse side effects, medical marijuana may help reduce cancer-related discomfort. Moreover, it has remarkable anti-inflammatory effects. Consequently, it can help manage cancer-related pain.

Neuropathic pain

Cancer and its treatment can cause neuropathic pain. It typically manifests following particular therapies, including chemotherapy. Numbness, weakness, and tingling in the hands, feet, and other organs are possible neuropathy symptoms.

Nonetheless, medical marijuana can aid in managing cancer patients’ neuropathic pain. Marijuana cannabinoids can reduce neuropathic pain by attaching to the receptors of the brain and peripheral nervous system.


Patients who receive chemotherapy often experience chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting (CINV). FDA-approved synthetic cannabinoids, dronabinol and nabilone, are good options for reducing chemotherapy-related nausea.

Moreover, other marijuana products like vapes, edibles, tinctures, and sprays are also widely used. However, more researches needed to learn about the role of marijuana in cancer.

Why should you obtain a Valid Marijuana Card?

Medical marijuana can manage some cancer-related health issues. Thus, you can talk to the best marijuana doctor. Furthermore, we can guide you in choosing suitable marijuana products based on your health.

In Sarasota, you can search for the top marijuana pharmacies in your area to buy marijuana products. Nonetheless, you must have your marijuana card in Sarasota to purchase medical marijuana from the best marijuana dispensary.

Safety Considerations for Marijuana Use

Considering medical marijuana for health purposes involves expert guidance. Thus, you can contact us in Naples, Sarasota, Hialeah, Melbourne, St. Petersburg, and Jacksonville. After thoroughly evaluating your condition, we can offer personalized guidance and a treatment roadmap.

By using the correct strain and dose of marijuana, you can ensure its safety and legal compliance. However, you must note that medical marijuana should not be self-medicated. It can lead to health risks if taken without expert guidance.


Using medical marijuana to manage cancer requires expert guidance and administration. My Florida Green can help you get a customized treatment plan. We guide patients based on the body’s requirements and health condition. Our team of competent doctors can recommend the right dose and marijuana products. You can contact our Marijuana doctor Sarasota, to discuss your health and start your treatment journey soon.