Medical Marijuana, even though legalized in many states in America today, is still perceived as a controversial drug. Most patients shy away from revealing their use of Medical Marijuana even if they take it for medicinal use because of the stigma and perception that encompasses the use of Marijuana. The stigmas and stereotypes surrounding Marijuana users are obscuring the fact that many patients suffering from serious medical conditions from many different walks of life are now using cannabis for beneficial health purposes. These misconceptions and wrong assumptions stem from a lack of education and misinformation, hindering many from seeking this safer and more effective treatment option.

Recent research, physician testimonials, and patient experiences are helping to shatter these stigmas and changing the narrative. Now that there is more evidence to back the remarkable healing effects of Marijuana, there is a new wave of acceptance in many cohorts. Today, more and more people are choosing Marijuana as an alternative treatment for their medical conditions in Florida.

We, at My Florida Green, are working hard to contribute to this changing discourse by educating the public and potential patients about the benefits of Medical Marijuana treatment. We are one of the most trusted Medical Marijuana service providers in Naples, Sarasota, Melbourne, and St.Peters-burg. We offer premium services to our patients, with a network of the most experienced Marijuana physicians in Florida and experienced patient advocates assisting many to obtain a Medical Marijuana Card. 

Why is there a misconception of Marijuana

Political influences have played a significant role in spreading misinformation on Marijuana use to the general public without supporting it with factual data. The debate between US states for the legalization of Medical Marijuana has contributed to the social stereotypes and misinformation associated with the drug. This misinformation threatens to hinder prospective Marijuana patients from seeking medical treatment. Most people get information and gather knowledge from news and media outlets, primarily subjective views of people without credible research to support these views and claims.

If patients believe this narrative about Marijuana, they are likely to avoid a treatment option that could potentially improve their lives. Stigma can be countered effectively through awareness and education on Medical Marijuana. At My Florida Green, we have a compassionate, experienced team of patient advocates that are helping qualified patients navigate their Medical Marijuana journey. When Medical Marijuana is taken responsibly, under the guidance of a professional Marijuana physician, it gives remarkable effects and can change your quality of life completely.

Marijuana Marijuana

Marijuana stigmatization stems from some users’ side effects from the chemical component found in Marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC manipulates the human brain’s function by attaching to cannabis receptors to control pleasures, concentration, movement, and coordination. When some people take THC, they can lose control, focus, and concentration. These adverse effects are mostly seen in people who self-medicate and take THC in large amounts frequently. You must consult a Marijuana specialist before taking any Medical Marijuana product to ensure it’s the most suited for your health condition, your life situation, and daily activity. Using Marijuana irresponsibly harms the person consuming it and also contributes to the wrong perception of the drug. This leads to many focusing on its adverse effects while neglecting its potential medical benefits and its capacity to improve lives.

The effect of stigma on Medical Marijuana consumers

Due to the stigma of Medical Marijuana consumers, many people refrain from accepting Marijuana treatment, while those who receive the treatment do so quietly, not disclosing it to friends and families. The stigma around the use of Marijuana is a challenge that will gradually fade away. Till then, patients should brace up and take a significant role in educating the public about its benefits. When more information backed by credible research is made available, society will gradually accept Marijuana as a remarkable healing herb and will encourage more patients to benefit from its use.

How to manage Marijuana stigma?

The legalization of Medical Marijuana has empowered patients to exercise their right to a choice of treatment. Obtaining Medical Marijuana Cards can help patients become more confident about using Medical Marijuana as alternative medicine. You can show your Marijuana card to your colleagues, peers, and friends to assure them that you are eligible for Marijuana use and can buy Medical Marijuana legally from a licensed dispensary.

A state-licensed Medical Marijuana professional guides and recommends Marijuana treatment once your Medical Marijuana Card application is complete. An initial in-person assessment of your health condition is a prerequisite to issuing the card. A qualified physician evaluates your condition and verifies you for Marijuana use. Many do not understand this process involved in the legal use of Marijuana and still perceive it as a recreational drug. You can break the stigma by educating the people around you, talking to your physician, and talking to experts that can enlighten you on the remarkable benefits of this naturally healing herb.

Our experts are helping new patients every day, answering their questions, addressing their fears and concerns, and are enabling many patients to take the first leap of faith. Talking to an expert will address your inhibitions about Marijuana use and will enable you to make an informed choice about your health, your life, and the lives of those around you.

Speak with your doctor and discuss your condition. If your doctor determines that adding Medical Marijuana to your treatment plan will benefit you, they can recommend the most suited Marijuana product and will carefully manage the dosage and side effects. If you are a resident of Florida, My Florida Green has the most experienced Marijuana physicians across many cities in Florida State. You can get a consultation with one near you.

Medical Marijuana patient.

Join a Medical Marijuana patient group. When you stay among people in the same situation as you, who are not judging you, you will become comfortable and secure in your Marijuana journey. This will reduce the pressure of the stigma Marijuana carries and empower you to embrace your treatment choice.

Talk to people who are using Medical Marijuana, and read our patient’s testimonies on the website. Talking to others who are taking Medical Marijuana will help you manage your journey better and will give you the encouragement and comfort you need.

At My Florida Green, we understand the physical and emotional turmoil many people are suffering from but are too scared to use Marijuana because of its stigma. We are helping many overcome their fear and are empowering them to turn their lives around by choosing Marijuana as alternative medicine. We give access to Medical Marijuana Card  educational materials, and our experts are always available to address your apprehensions. Our patient-centrist services are dedicated to making your health and wellness our priority.