The Medical Marijuana landscape in Florida is rapidly changing, and new products are being developed to cater to the increase in demand. The growing number of people using Medical Marijuana in Florida is attributed to the increasing acceptance of Marijuana as a treatment for chronic diseases such as cancer, certain neurological disorders, mental health issues, and chronic pain. Even though the traditional methods of marijuana consumption are smoking and vaping, Marijuana sublingual products are the fastest-growing and most popular option today. If you are a patient with a valid Medical Marijuana Card Naples, you can use this remarkable healing herb.

You can start with a free eligibility check and speak to our experts who will assist you in every step of your journey. We are helping people with qualifying conditions to obtain a Medical Marijuana Card, allowing them to use some of the amazing and diverse Medical Marijuana products available in Florida. There are many licensed dispensaries with an overwhelming variety of Marijuana products to choose from;  every product has a different route of administration and action in the body.

There are myriad ways to consume Medical Marijuana, from smoking to having cakes, each having its own unique advantage and effects. You must wonder why consuming a marijuana-infused cake feels different than placing a few drops under your tongue; the answer is in the route of administration.

Both sublingual and oral consumption deliver Marijuana through the mouth, but despite having similar routes, they result in significantly different duration, onset, and intensity of effects. The sublingual route delivers Marijuana directly into the bloodstream, with faster absorption, and the effects are similar to the ones users get by smoking Marijuana. In contrast, the oral route has a longer onset, prolonged effect and the ingested Marijuana goes through the digestive tract involving degradation during the process.

You should always consult a Marijuana physician, after you have qualified for a Medical Marijuana Card, to guide you on the best product with the route of administration most suited and beneficial for your condition. If you are in doubt and are overwhelmed with the different types of Medical Marijuana products available, seek guidance from one of our experienced physicians.

Benefits of taking Oral Medical Marijuana Products

Oral or Marijuana edibles refer to drinking, eating, or swallowing Marijuana-infused food products. Some people prefer to bake Marijuana-infused brownies, cakes while others take marijuana tablets.

Irrespective of how it is taken, all orally consumed cannabis (derivatives of cannabis) end up in the stomach; instead of directly entering the systemic circulation, they go through the first-pass metabolism. This route involves processing in the liver,  where detoxifying organ degrades THC into 11-hydroxy THC, which is more potent than THC. The oral route of administration leads to 20% absorption, but still, Marijuana edibles result in a much more powerful effect, which stays for a longer duration.

 Some of the benefits of taking edible Marijuana include:

  •  Increased potency: People choose marijuana edibles for their potent effects, more than the effect other marijuana products give.
  • Prolonged onset: Oral Marijuana and edibles take a longer time to show their effect, as the chemicals travel through the gut and liver. Some people prefer to take Marijuana edibles for the late-onset as it suits their needs more.
  • Longer duration: Effects after ingesting Marijuana edibles take longer to set in, but once they do, they provide a longer-lasting effect. Overall, the experience tends to last for 6–8 hours, which is pretty long compared to the other products whose effects wear off very quickly.

The Advantages Of Taking Sublingual Medical Marijuana products.

The sublingual route refers to placing a substance under the tongue. The question you might have is why not just swallow it. The reason is that the tissues under the tongue allow molecules like THC to defuse quickly into the capillaries hence entering the bloodstream faster. This gives cannabinoids immediate access to the systemic system, thus increasing the bioavailability of Marijuana significantly. Sublingual Marijuana comes in different forms, from tincture to oils, sprays, and strips to tablets that dissolve under the tongue. The sublingual route bypasses the digestive system, unlike the oral intake, and gets absorbed in the blood vessels under the tongue, cheeks, and gums. The sublingual route allows quick absorption, and the effects are felt much faster.

The popularity of Sublingual Marijuana products is rapidly increasing due to some of its amazing benefits.  You can benefit from these products with a Medical Marijuana Card and a recommendation from a Marijuana expert

  • Rapid onset: Similar to smoking and vaping, the sublingual route takes effect within a matter of minutes. This is ideal for people who do not want to smoke Marijuana but want to feel the effects almost immediately after taking it.
  • More Accuracy: Sublingual products offer more accuracy, as you know how much dose will get absorbed in your bloodstream, while this is not the case with Marijuana edibles. You also know that whatever you took will not be converted into a more potent derivative in the body; hence there won’t be any unpredictable side effects.
  • Short duration: Some people may not want to have a prolonged effect, and want to use Marijuana for a short time. Sublingual Marijuana products provide a good option for those who wish to have the quick
  • effect that wears off fast.

Choose Sublingual Marijuana products

Oral vs Sublingual Cannabis, which one to choose

Oral and sublingual routes offer two completely different user experience and effects of Medical Marijuana. Sure, they both involve taking Marijuana through the mouth, but the similarities end here as each has a completely different absorption path.

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In the end, it really is about which product offers you maximum relief from your symptoms and your personal preference. You should always choose the product most beneficial for your condition, your lifestyle, and your daily routine. Once you have qualified for a Medical Marijuana Card, you should discuss all options with a licensed Marijuana physician.

Apply for a Medical Marijuana Card and try these Marijuana products

Oral or Sublingual? This question should be answered by a Marijuana expert, after a complete evaluation of your condition. After you have qualified for a Medical Marijuana Card, you should seek a recommendation from a licensed Marijuana physician in your area. We, at My Florida Green, have partnered with licensed physicians in  Sarasota, Naples, Melbourne, and St.Peters burg who can give a recommendation that best suits your condition.