Sciatica is a common and painful condition produced by an irritated nerve that causes severe pain in the sciatic nerve. The pain travels down the spine towards the lower body, particularly the back side of the leg, sometimes radiating to the foot and the toe. It may cause inflammation and swell along the nerve pathway leading to discomfort and extreme pain in some cases. Sciatica nerve pain, and numbness, accompanied by tingling in the lower back, can significantly affect a patient’s everyday life, making normal daily activities a challenge to complete. Sciatica pain can be due to an injury or inflammation or when a nerve in the lower back is pinched or compressed. People whose work requires them to do heavy lifting or prolonged sitting and those with underlying conditions such as diabetes or are overweight are at a higher risk of developing Sciatica.

As sciatica is a common condition affecting a large population, it is no surprise that different treatment options are available. More research is being done to discover safer and more efficient remedies. However, nerve pain is difficult to treat, and traditional medications’ ineffectiveness in managing Sciatica has propelled scientists to explore alternative options that can effectively manage the patient’s pain and discomfort. Medical Marijuana Naples has emerged as an alternative to conventional medication, owing to its excellent pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. If you want to add Marijuana products to your sciatica treatment regime, you should seek the expertise of a Marijuana physician. We have an extensive network of state-licensed Marijuana experts in Naples, Sarasota, Melbourne, and St. Petersburg, helping new patients complete their Marijuana Certification. Once the patients have their Marijuana Cards, they can buy Marijuana products from licensed dispensaries in Florida.

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How Intense is the Sciatica Pain?

Depending on the reason and underlying cause, different people describe sciatica pain differently based on their unique experiences. The pain can range from mild for some people to constant discomfort and a sharp pinching sensation for some. The pain’s nature and severity vary; some individuals experience sharp episodes of pain if their posture is not correct while moving or standing; sneezing, coughing, or any rapid action may trigger pain for people.

How Sciatica Affects Lifestyle

Sciatica, in some cases, can significantly reduce the patient’s quality of life, making daily activities a challenge. Some of the effects of Sciatica may include: permanent nerve damage, slipped disc, loss of bowel and bladder functions, weakened legs, and inability to perform daily chores. It also helps with symptoms of menopause.

People with Sciatica may not be comfortable standing for prolonged hours and may experience persistent pain and numbness when coughing or sneezing. Individuals with such conditions are likely to avoid walks, activities involving prolonged standing, and excessive body movement, restricting their lives to staying home. This further deteriorates their physical and mental well-being, and if it’s not treated can increase the risk of other debilitating conditions.

What are the Causes of Sciatica?

There may be several factors responsible for Sciatica pain. Some possible causes of Sciatica are:

  • lower back’s herniated disc
  • congestion of the spinal canal
  • Slipped and displaced vertebrae or spondylolisthesis.
  • spine degeneration
  •  bone fractures
  • tumors, or a cyst in the spine

However, getting surgery or medication is dependent on the underlying health condition. Some people may face severe pain, while others may have slight discomfort. The medication and treatment depend on the underlying cause, and proper guidance from a specialist is required to get the most appropriate treatment. If you want to use Cannabis for your Sciatica pain, you can seek the assistance of our experts, and they will help you navigate your Marijuana journey.

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How Marijuana alleviates Sciatica Pain?

People who have severe Sciatica have often been prescribed opioids and other pain-relieving medications. These drugs have adverse effects, including the risk of dependency and damage to organs after prolonged use. However, research suggests that Marijuana is a safer pain-relieving agent. With fewer side effects when taken under the guidance of a Marijuana physician. Cannabis extracts have miraculously medicinal properties; they help in pain management, improve the quality of sleep and appetite, can help with mood, stress, and anxiety, and give patients a sense of soothing calmness. It not only helps reduce the severity of pain and associated symptoms but improves the overall quality of the patient’s life.

Many patients want to know how Cannabis helps reduce pain effectively; the answer is in its interaction with the endocannabinoid system. CBD, and THC, two of the most common cannabinoids, target the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which consists of cannabinoid receptors and fat-based neurotransmitters. The ECS is responsible for managing the pain sensation, maintaining homeostasis, decreasing inflammation and proper body temperature, and regulating the immune system. CBD’s interaction with ECS lowers stress and anxiety, improves sleep quality, and reduces stress and depressive symptoms. Marijuana weakens the connections between the areas of the brain that process emotional and sensory information, resulting in reduced pain. Its anti-inflammatory characteristics also decrease the irritation linked to Sciatica, making it an excellent alternative.

The success of the Cannabis treatment depends on the Marijuana strain, dose, and route of administration; hence, you must speak to our team of qualified physicians before you add Cannabis to your sciatica treatment.

How can you add Cannabis to your Sciatica treatment?

At My Florida Green, we evaluate each patient carefully to understand the root of pain before prescribing any Cannabis medication. Our experts are experienced and reliable with a proven track record of successfully treating patients with their tailored Cannabis prescriptions.

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