Lyme disease is an ailment caused by the bacterium, Borrelia burgdorferi that affects several individuals globally. Although conventional treatment approaches focus on antibiotics, some patients seek natural ways to deal with the signs of this disease. Medical marijuana has gained popularity as a possible supplementary treatment in recent years. The healing traits of marijuana can be attributed to its various ingredients, including CBD and THC. These constituents can manage the signs of Lyme disease and offer effective outcomes for those who seek natural solutions. However, possessing a medical marijuana card in St. Petersburg is essential to using this drug.

In this article, we explain the use of medical marijuana for Lyme disease as a natural treatment option.

A Complete Guide

Lyme disease: A Comprehensive Guide

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection transmitted to people by bitten by infected black-legged ticks or deer ticks. People who often visit tick-infested places risk unintentionally contracting the condition, which can spread throughout the body and result in some health issues.

Lyme disease must be identified early and administered with antibiotics immediately to be appropriately managed. Most people fully recover when given the proper care. However, more rigorous therapy may be needed to address chronic symptoms if the infection is diagnosed late or left untreated for a long time.

What are the signs of Lyme disease?

The signs of Lyme disease may vary from individual to individual. Some common symptoms of this disease include the following:

Erythema Rash

The emergence of an oval- or circular-shaped rash known as erythema migrans is the distinguishing symptom of Lyme disease. After a tick bite, it often manifests 3–30 days later. The rash may have a central clearing that resembles a bull’s-eye or target-like design as it progressively spreads outward. However, not everyone who has Lyme disease gets this rash.

Flu-like symptoms

Flu-like symptoms, including fever, chills, exhaustion, headaches, muscle and joint pains, and enlarged lymph nodes, can occur in the early stages of Lyme disease. Early diagnosis might be difficult since these symptoms can match those of typical viral infections.

Neurological Symptoms

Various neurological symptoms might manifest if the infection extends to the nerve system. Severe headaches, neck stiffness, facial paralysis, tingling or numbness in the limbs, shooting sensations, and trouble focusing or remembering things are a few of these symptoms.

Joint Pain

Lyme disease has been linked to periods of severe joint pain and swelling, especially in knee joints. Redness and warmth may accompany the pain, moving from one point to another.

Heart and other symptoms

In some cases, Lyme disease may cause heart issues such as an irregular heartbeat and inflammation of muscles. Eye inflammation, liver inflammation, and overall discomfort are some other less frequent symptoms.

The severity of these symptoms might vary among individuals. Early diagnosis can help find the best course of therapy. Moreover, natural remedies like medical marijuana-based treatments can help manage the symptoms of this disease. We can help you with our marijuana services in various Florida locations, such as Sarasota, Jacksonville, St. Petersburg, Naples, Hialeah, and Melbourne.

Is Medical marijuana suitable for Lyme disease?

Along with conventional Lyme disease therapies, including antibiotic therapy.  Marijuana has potent antimicrobial properties and can assist with many symptoms of this disease.

According to a study on cannabis’s use in dermatology, it can help with Lyme disease and several other skin conditions. Cannabinoids’ antibacterial and anti-inflammatory characteristics make them extremely helpful in addressing bacterial illnesses and rashes. Additionally, cannabis can assist with many of the typical signs and symptoms of Lyme disease, including tiredness and headaches.

Marijuana use and effect in body

How does Medical Marijuana affect the body?

Lyme disease patients may benefit from medical marijuana’s medicinal benefits particularly those of its CBD and THC constituents. Following is an overview of the potential physiological effects of medicinal marijuana on Lyme disease:

Pain Control

The symptoms of Lyme disease include chronic discomfort. The primary active ingredients in medicinal marijuana, THC, and CBD, possess analgesic effects. CBD works with the pain receptors to reduce both pain and inflammation. By attaching to cannabinoid receptors in the central nervous system, THC can also manage pain perception. Together, these compounds may aid people in controlling discomfort brought on by Lyme disease.

Anti-inflammatory effects

Lyme disease frequently causes inflammation, which results in a variety of other symptoms. The anti-inflammatory qualities of CBD show that it can assist in reducing swelling and pain. CBD may help reduce inflammation related to Lyme disease by controlling the immune system and reducing pro-inflammatory chemicals.

Potential for Neuroprotection

Lyme disease can affect the nervous system, and lead to in neurological issues. Both CBD and THC have demonstrated neuroprotective qualities, which may help to preserve nerve cells and reduce the inflammatory effects of this disease. These marijuana constituents work with the brain receptors to affect neurotransmitter release and promote general neurological health.

Immune System Modulation

The immune system is critical for managing Lyme disease and its co-occurring symptoms. CBD can alter the immunological responses and helps to balance the immunological function. It may assist in controlling immunological responses that contribute to Lyme-related inflammation by regulating cytokine production and fostering immune system balance.

Sleep Enhancement

Lyme disease can interfere with sleep cycles, which can cause insomnia or poor sleep quality. CBD concentrations can aid in managing sleep issues. CBD shows promise in lowering anxiety and enhancing relaxation, which can support more profound sleep.

Backed by latest research, medical marijuana can be effective for managing Lyme disease. However, getting support from the medical fraternity and contacting certified marijuana specialists can be helpful. Our experienced team can guide you through the step-by-step procedure to get your medical marijuana card and use this wonder drug for your health.

The Bottom Line

My Florida Green is a state-licensed medical marijuana services provider. Our qualified doctors are well-researched in marijuana administration. You can contact us for your medical marijuana card in St. Petersburg and begin your path toward wellness.