There has been a growing debate and ongoing discussion on the health benefits and healing properties of Marijuana amongst different stakeholders and medical cohorts for many years. There are strong viewpoints of both parties, those who still believe Marijuana cannot be used for medicinal purposes and those who think it has immense healing properties. However, as more research is being done to understand the healing nature of this remarkable herb, there is a gradual shift in people’s mindset, and many today are considering Marijuana as an alternative treatment option for many chronic and severe health conditions.

Since the legalization of Medical Marijuana, patients with qualifying diagnosed diseases and infections have benefited from using Medical Marijuana. Scientists have discovered that when Marijuana is taken with the recommendation and under the guidance of an expert. It has immense benefits in managing pain, sleep, eating disorders, PTSD, many mental health issues including anxiety, depression, and psychosis. However, not all the benefits of Marijuana have been discovered. Studies are still ongoing to identify more cannabinoids and their potentials. The Marijuana plant contains hundreds of different chemicals and cannabinoids, more than just THC and CBD. Which are being studied now. As more research is being done, we will be able to unravel more healing properties. Further widening the medicinal prospect of Cannabis.

Medical Marijuana is changing the lives of many Patients in Florida

The medicinal properties of Marijuana are changing the lives of many patients in Florida. Patients have been suffering from debilitating symptoms, with no respite, but now by adding Marijuana to their treatment, they can live healthier and happier lives. The process to add Medical Marijuana to your treatment is well-laid out and involves consultation with a Medical Marijuana physician. At My Florida Green, we have access to the most experienced Marijuana physicians in Naples, Sarasota, Melbourne, and St. Petersburg. Our physicians are helping qualified patients complete their Marijuana certification and help them obtain their Florida Marijuana Card Naples.

Your health condition doesn’t have to be very serious ill. Like terminal cancer, HIV, and ALS before you qualify to receive Medical Marijuana treatment. Patients with skin infections, depression, anxiety, sleep and eating disorders, and other conditions have benefited from Marijuana. Our physicians can recommend you for Marijuana treatment after a comprehensive evaluation of your symptoms. Medical history, and treatment plan if they think you will benefit from using Marijuana. Our experienced patient advocates and physicians stay abreast of the recent research and clinical trials. So that their patients receive the best Medical Marijuana products for their treatment purposes. You can fill out an intake form today and one of our experts will reach out to you.

What are the Prominent Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana?

In the recent past, especially after the legalization of Marijuana in many states in America. There has been an increase in research, studies, and clinical trials to understand how best to use Marijuana as a medicine. Since then, many healing advantages of Marijuana have been discovered, some of which are mentioned below:

Medical MarijuanaMarijuana Provides Relief from Chronic Pain

Today many people use Medical Marijuana because of its pain-reducing properties. Especially for terminal patients who are suffering from severe persistent pain. Marijuana, due to its effect on the endocannabinoid system, is very effective in managing chronic pain. And also improves patients’ sleep and appetite in addition to pain relief, allowing patients to improve their everyday life. An important factor that adds to Marijuana allure is that it is a lot safer than other pain-reducing opiates. Which can be addictive and damaging to internal organs. In addition, Cannabis is excellent in reducing pain caused by nerve damage, which many other traditional drugs are not able to do effectively.

Medical MarijuanaMarijuana is an Effective Muscle Relaxant

In addition to the pain-relieving properties, research has found Marijuana to be an effective muscle relaxant. It is established that Marijuana can lessen tremors caused by Parkinson’s disease. Marijuana has shown remarkable results in lessening the severity and occurrence of tremors, tics, and seizures. The properties of Marijuana have even demonstrated the potential to slow the progression of many neurological diseases.

Marijuana helps to Improve Sleep Quality

Cannabis contains different naturally occurring chemicals that help improve the natural sleep cycle in individuals. The two most essential components affecting sleep are cannabinoids and terpenes. Studies show that THC has sedative properties that make it easier for people to fall and stay asleep. Recent studies have shown that THC alters the time spent in each stage of the sleep cycle, and increases the time spent in the slow-wave stage, and decreases the time spent in REM sleep; hence reducing the occurrence of dreams. By limiting dreams, individuals who suffer from anxiety disorders and PTSD can avoid frequent night terrors, which include traumatic memories, consequently improving their sleep cycle. My Florida Green has diverse specialists across all specialties who will offer expert advice on using Medical Marijuana to manage your symptoms.

Marijuana helps to Manage Diabetes.

The regulating effect that Medical Marijuana has on insulin directly plays a significant role in preventing diabetes. Marijuana can prevent type 2 diabetes since it happens when the body resists insulin or doesn’t produce enough insulin in the body. Therefore, when your Physician prescribes the correct Medical Marijuana product, it will help stimulate insulin production. American Alliance for Medical Cannabis (AAMC) researched how Medical Marijuana stabilizes blood sugar, and they discovered that Marijuana doesn’t only stabilize blood sugar levels in the blood; it also improves blood circulation and lowers blood pressure. However, you must seek the expertise of an expert before you add Marijuana to your diabetes treatment.

Medical MarijuanaMarijuana’s Role in Managing Depression and Anxiety

Medical Marijuana has proven to produce a soothing and calming effect within our body, and when taken with recommendations from a Marijuana expert, it can be very beneficial in reducing stress, improving sleep and mood, and promoting a more relaxed and positive state of mind. These positive effects of Marijuana are due to its cannabinoids, mainly THC and CBD. They are similar to our body’s endocannabinoids, therefore are able to attach to certain receptors within the human endocannabinoids system. This interaction releases neurotransmitters in the brain. Which are responsible for regulating things like our concentration, appetite, moods, stress, sleep, amongst other things. This interaction is what enables Medical Marijuana to be able to play a role in improving symptoms of anxiety. When CBD is given in the right combination with THC, it will help control the patient’s cognition, emotions, and behavior.

Marijuana helps to Manage ADHD and ADD

Marijuana has shown great potential in managing many mental health disorders including ADD and ADHD. People with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and attention deficit disorder frequently have difficulties focusing or recognizing the feelings or needs of others. However, Medical Marijuana can help patients manage some of its symptoms, including agitation, irritability, and lack of restraint, most associated with the disease. In addition, patients have given positive reviews about Medical Marijuana treatments; they have also reported improvement in their appetite, sleep, anxiety, and pain relief.

Medical MarijuanaMarijuana Provides Relief for Glaucoma Patients

Glaucoma is a complex eye condition that can damage the optic nerve, reduce peripheral vision, and result in blindness if left untreated. When a patient is administered Medical Marijuana, the active components reduce the eye pressure and the pain, providing relief to the patient. Scientists have recorded the capability of Marijuana to reduce the pressure by 25%, but the relief is short-lived.

Consequently, the Physician’s prescription in My Florida Green clinic must be followed to regulate the intake of Treating Glaucoma by adding Medical Marijuana to the treatment requires careful evaluation and monitoring Marijuana. by an experienced physician. The pressure in the eye must be managed 24hours a day to ensure Glaucoma is treated effectively. Hence, it is pivotal to the success of the treatment that you consult with an experienced ophthalmologist who has successfully treated Glaucoma with Medical Marijuana, before making a decision.

Take Medical Marijuana with an Expert’s Advise

Notwithstanding the health condition, whether it’s severe or mild, treatment with Medical Marijuana must be under the supervision of an experienced Marijuana physician. At My Florida Green, we have an invaluable pool of Marijuana specialists that are knowledgeable and can give you the Marijuana product most suited for your need. If you are looking to start your treatment with us, contact our expert today and take the first step in changing your life.